Facebook did not buy Giphy to get your data, according to the director of Instagram

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Luis Miranda – May 18 , 2020 – 21: 10 (CET)

The data of more than 700 million users per day does not They were motivation for Facebook, says Adam Mosseri, who sponsored the purchase of Giphy.

Facebook no compró a Giphy para obtener tus datos, según el director de Instagram

The purchase of Giphy by Facebook lit red lights in many that anticipate a greater flow of data for technology. Given this, Adam Mosseri, head of the Instagram division, said that the acquisition has nothing to do with the data .

In a series of tweets, Mosseri revealed the advantages of having paid 335 millions of dollars for Giphy. “We bought GIPHY because it is a great service that needed a home, they have an amazing team and a community of expressive creators. Period.” mentioned the head of Instagram.

Adam Mosseri said that he was the sponsor of this agreement and that the data was not the motivation . “Yes, the data is valuable, but GIPHY has little user data,” he said. The executive mentioned that data on competitors is limited to how often people search for GIFs and what they search for.

“The information that is valuable is understanding world trends. Instagram is about culture, and understanding what's hot. Yes, it is helpful to know, and it will help improve both GIPHY and Instagram.”

Mark Zuckerberg's plan is to integrate the entire library of GIFs to Instagram and other applications . As with other applications of the company, Giphy will operate in a similar way, maintaining its brand and team.

The purchase of Giphy is something that Facebook planned for months . The 50% of traffic The GIFs service comes from company applications, such as Instagram. Integrating them into stories and direct messages is perfect, as is the data from 700 million daily users.

Facebook will be able to track how and where you share a Giphy GIF


According to Owen Williams, content manager for Shopify, each search and GIF you send with Giphy allows the company to track how and where it is shared the image, as well as the sentiment expressed. The format and JavaScript code that is integrated into the gif allows Giphy to know where it is loading.

Williams wrote an entry in Medium where he explains how Facebook would collect user data . “Giphy can track every keystroke searched for using the tools,” he says. Developers who integrate Giphy into their applications must give the service access to the device's tracking ID. This access would allow Facebook to know the identity of a user through the applications they use on their phone.

Jake Moore, ESET cybersecurity specialist, commented to Forbes Facebook has impressive access to richer data. Facebook would better understand the behavior of its users in applications to enhance its advertising tools . The company would know how you use the images and how often in order to target ads.

Facebook said that Giphy's APIs will continue to be available to developers and they do not rule out forming new associations in the future. The impact of this purchase will not be immediate for users, although some have already started deleting the Giphy app from their phones in protest.

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