Electric grill test: Big differences in comparison

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Holzkohle-, Gas-, und Elektrogrill im Vergleich

Your home game is celebrated by the electric grills on the balcony or in the apartment: they don't smoke and can even be used in closed rooms. Die-hard grill fans, on the other hand, turn their noses up: what is an electric grill good for? We have tested eight models for you and show you which electric breeder is recommended.

If it pours outside, but you don't want to do without barbecuing, an electric grill is the ideal instrument – because coal and gas grills are only allowed to be used outdoors . The electric grill is also recommended on the balcony at home, because it does not smoke and is usually very space-saving. For our test, we focus exclusively on standing electric grills. These are the classic garden and patio grills that you can use to supply all guests at a large family celebration in parallel. But the models are also compact enough for the balcony. However, we would only consider even smaller variants for later tests.

Eight well-known brands have made it into our test field this year: Char-Broil, George Foreman, Outdoor boss, Severin, Steba, Suntec, Tefal and Tristar. As with the gas grills we are working on closing gaps in this new leaderboard in the future.

In this test you read: First we introduce the test winner and the price-performance winner . Then we tell you how much money you should spend on a good electric grill. Then we go into our test methods and explain what is important with an electric grill – and what is not. Finally, we summarize the lessons from this in a buying advice.

You can see all test results and the entire ranking in our Electric grill best list .

Electric grill test: The best electric grills

Test winner Price Tip


Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240

Tefal Aromati-Q BG 9168

overall grade

1.4 (very good)

1.4 (very good)


1.0 (very good)

2, 1 (good)


1.5 (very good)

1.0 (very good)


1.7 (good)

2.8 (satisfactory)


round 250 Euro

round 200 Euro

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Not only with gas: We also tested around half a dozen electric grills. Picture: Simon Kirsch / CHIP Studios

test winner: Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240

  • Patio Bistro 240 Electric (schwarz)

    Source: offer

    Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240

    Note: 1.4 (very good); Great Grill result thanks to cast iron grate. But the grill is also very expensive.

Cast iron grate
Great heat distribution
Clean processing
High price
Long heating-up time

Among the tested electric grills, the Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240 some special features. Above all, the cast iron grate, for whose brave use you can only applaud the manufacturer. On the one hand, the solid material ensures excellent heat distribution: The heat radiates finely from the center to the outer edges, so that on the medium-sized grill surface (1st 452 cm²) only cooler areas on the edges. These can be used by the clever grill master as resting areas in addition to the required warming level. In addition, the rust burns chic patterns in the food.

The material requires a lot of patience. Only after around 18 minutes the grate reaches 200 degrees, for 250 degrees you have to wait half an hour. Here the measured 2.0 15 Watt just not. In addition, the construction is difficult to clean, has to be set up for a long time and you will hardly be able to get by without an extension cable. well processed and is the only one in our test field the grade “very good”; Hinged lid, material, stand – everything is just right here. Because of its total weight of over 20 It is also the only grill with wheels and kilograms has an otherwise rarely represented thermometer in the lid.

However, the price is steep: 250 Euro you have to pay for the grill. At this price you already get a good gas grill .

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At least “good” in each category: Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240 Image: Char-Broil, CHIP

Price-performance tip: Tefal Aromati-Q BG 9168

  • BG9168 Aromati-Q

    Source: offer

    Tefal Aromati-Q BG 9168

    Note: 1.4 (very good); Dominates indirect grilling and smoking, offers a stainless steel grill – and is still quite cheap.

Great grilling performance
Smoking and baking option
handling could be better

Also Tefal's electric grill has a few tricks up its sleeve. If you want to grill indirectly, for example, this can be done easily with this device. In addition, the Aromati-Q comes with a small smokehouse. Using beech chips, you can give your food a suitable charcoal note.

The stainless steel grate cuts a good figure overall and distributes the heat fairly evenly over the entire if also relatively small grill area (1st 134 cm²). Smaller cool spots form around the edges. The grate is heated up extremely quickly (in 3 minutes on 200 ° C, in 4 to 5 minutes on 250 ° C) and the entire grill is well made.

There are two more Negative points, the mere existence of which we simply do not understand: On the one hand, the 1.2 meter short cable is extremely impractical. On the other hand, there is only a very shaky holder for the grill lid – on the back of the grill. With thick barbecue gloves, it is difficult to hook the lid on, on a small balcony you also have to reach over the hot grate to remove the lid.

The price is more than appropriate for the offered performance: In the price comparison you will find the Tefal Aromati-Q BG 9168 already for 190 Euro.

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Small weaknesses in handling, but an excellent grill result: Tefal Aromati-Q BG 9168 Picture: Tefal, CHIP

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This is how CHIP tests the electric grills

The overall rating at The electric grills are divided into three categories: equipment, grilling and handling.

Test category: grilling

The most important category for a grill is of course the grill rating. After all, what is the best touch when it comes to operation when there is no proper heat on the grate? And there are already some total failures: Two grills ( Severin PG 8541 , Suntec BBQ – 9462 ) no temperatures above 200 ° C for a longer period, but only exceed this limit briefly when heating up. Even worse is the George Foreman 22460 – this reaches the 200 ° C at no time. At these temperatures your money is better in a Induction hotplate and a good pan.

The other grills heat up very quickly: 200 ° C are usually reached in three to seven minutes. Only the cast iron Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240 clearly requires longer (more details on this above). In general, however, we advise giving each grill ten minutes regardless of its speed. This will not only make the grill hot, but also the cooking space. Only reach two grills via 250 Degree (Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240, Tefal Aromati-Q BG 9168 ), and only one cracks and holds the 300 Degree ( Outdoor boss P – 420 E ).

One problem with electric grills is the uniformity: heating coils give off heat selectively. This means that only the meat is cooked correctly directly above the element. A good rust is worth gold here. Grills with solid cast iron or stainless steel grids are the only ones in our tests to offer balanced heat distribution. A thin, enamelled grate or a grill plate made of die-cast aluminum, on the other hand, is significantly inferior. At this point, one can almost speak of misleading, because poor rust severely limits large grilling areas. A good example of this can be seen in the following picture.

For the heat distribution we spread slices of toast on the wire rack and try to burn in grill patterns. A thin grate only gets hot along the heating element. At the Tristar BQ – 2816 gets hardly any heat from the middle of the grill .

Great grill extras are rather rare in our test field and are spread over two devices: The Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240 has a warming level, and the Tefal Aromati-Q BG 9168 not only allows indirect grilling, but also offers a smoking option.

We use a thermal imaging camera to identify the heat distribution. It is even easier with slices of toast, the degree of browning of which confirms the camera data. Image: Leopold Holzapfel / CHIP

Test category: Equipment

Also for purists among the grill masters A good equipment rating is not unimportant – because here, for example, the number of grill levels counts. For the most part, however, we evaluate and weight the available equipment. This includes the type of grate, and whether there are shelves, side cookers, a thermometer or other special equipment.

We pay the most attention in this category to the processing quality . Ten CHIP colleagues scrutinized every grill and put their subjective impressions into figures. Is the gag shaking, is the grill stable, does the material please and does the lid sit firmly? The processing grade is calculated from the average of the ratings. The Char-Broil-Grill also wins in this sub-note: It is the only one to get the rating “very good”.

Not all grills have a thermometer in the lid – and even less are able to give precise degrees. Picture: Rian Voß / CHIP

Who grills best? Charcoal, gas and electrical in comparison

test category: handling

In the handling evaluation falls everything that makes the barbecue experience more pleasant. This includes, for example, the set-up time: Unsurprisingly, the smaller grills are ready for use faster than the extensive competitors. We also positively evaluate a grill tongs holder, transport rollers and whether the device can be converted into a table grill. The type of lid is also not unimportant, because a few products completely dispense with a storage method (George Foreman) or only offer a shaky, hard-to-reach holder (Tefal). If in doubt, you have to hold the lid in your hand when putting it on and turning it over.

In contrast to other types of grill, a special component is added to an electric grill: the power cable . A long cable is particularly important for stand grills that are sometimes used in front of the front door. Many manufacturers save at the wrong end and require an extension with lengths of just over one meter. After all, some manufacturers offer comfortable three-meter cables.

Some grills do not have a hinged lid or a practical suspension. This is annoying, because if in doubt you have to hold the lid with one hand while turning the food. Picture: Rian Voß / CHIP

Out into the green: Camping grills put to the test

Buying tips: The path to becoming an electric grill master

Finally we reveal You still important tips for the grill purchase.

pan or electric grill?

What distinguishes an electric grill from a pan? In both cases, with similar performance (around 1. 800 up to 2.300 Watt) odorless and tasteless heat generated under the metal. An electric grill should, however, distribute this heat over the grate, characteristic of the grill, and thus give off more energy along the struts.

The whole concept will of course be obsolete if the grate is a thin grill plate and hardly differs from a pan. The large area means that much of the already limited energy is lost and a real grill pattern can hardly be created even with ripples in the plate. Even worse: a correct hotplate generates more even heat than a heating coil. A cheaper alternative to the cheap grill is a simple pan and a electric hotplate – this gives you the same results.

Materials are like the Steak Cooking Degree: A matter of taste

As already mentioned, ten CHIP colleagues rated the processing of the grills. The opinions about what is good and what is bad partly differed and were sometimes even contradictory. For example, some have disrupted a high-quality plastic handle on a metal lid, while others have not. So if you have decided on some grills in question, you should take a look at a built model yourself. This is the only way to be sure that you will like the device.

Strong pattern: If you want to have correct prints in the food, you should get a cast iron or stainless steel grate. Image: Leopold Holzapfel / CHIP

Rust material: enamel, iron or stainless steel?

grillers can arguing forever about which rust material is the best. Some will prefer solid cast iron, others stainless steel. And maybe there are even those who prefer enamelled components because they can also achieve good results and the grate is usually lighter – and therefore easier to clean.

Ultimately, the grill can have a big impact on the grill result – but does not have to. Especially with electric grills, which due to safety reasons cannot keep up with the power of a gas grill, a great grate pays off umpteen times. As a rule, you should rather use cast iron or stainless steel, because the material is fundamentally more massive. This is desirable because a thick grate stores, distributes and releases temperature better. Means: The heat is potentially distributed over the entire grill grate – and not just here and there a spot directly above the heating element. In addition, the grate does not cool down as soon as you put a piece of meat on it. A solid grate accordingly creates a characteristic pattern, which not only looks nice, but also brings more roasted aromas. Enameled materials are also usually less durable.

In comparison between cast iron and stainless steel, the main difference is that a steel grate usually dries up faster, while the dark cast iron with less contamination still works picobello.

Beefer & Co .: You have to pay attention to this when buying a high temperature grill

Cleaning: Rarely a problem

bei Most grills make it easy to remove, brush, wipe or scrub all of the elements in and below the cooking space. An exception in the test is the test winner: At the Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240 the heating coil must be professionally removed before you can clean the grill completely.

Always up to date: The best electric grills in the test

Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240 Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Grilling (1,5)
  • Handling (1.7)

Tefal Aromati-Q BG9168 Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (2.1)
  • Grilling (1,0)
  • Handling (2.8)

Outdoorchef P-420E Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (2.2)
  • Grilling (1,7)
  • Handling (3.0)

Steba VG 350 Big Offer from BestCheck

Overall grade



  • Facilities (3.1)
  • Grilling (2,5)
  • Handling (2.5)

Severin PG 8541 Offer from BestCheck

Overall grade



  • Facilities (3.6)
  • Grilling (3,4)
  • Handling (1.6)

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What is the best electric grill?

The best electric grill in the test is the Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240. Thanks to the cast iron grate, the grill offers a very good grill result and is well processed. Because of the rust and the typical limited heating power for e-grills, the heating-up time takes a very long time. In addition, the grill is quite expensive.

How many watts should an electric grill have?

The higher the wattage, the more powerful the grill can heat up. The thermostat then regulates the output to maintain the set heat. Most electric grills offer around the 2nd 00 0 watt power, some also 2. 500 Watt. Values ​​above this are rare because the typical fuse sets limits on consumption.

Can you leave the electric grill outside?

Only rarely are electric grills intended for unprotected storage outside. The instructions provide information, which you can usually see on the manufacturer's website for the corresponding model.

Why does water come into the electric grill?

If an electric grill should have a water pan under the grill element, this serves two purposes: First, the water drips down grease, which reduces the cleaning effort. On the other hand, the water cools the downward heat faster.

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