E-scooter test 2020: the best electric scooters with street approval

Which scooter is the best and who can drive it where?

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E-Scooter Egret TEN V4 in review

E-scooter in the test: Since summer 2019 electric scooters are officially approved in Germany, and more and more models with a street license are commercially available. We have already tested seven of these e-scooters. You can find the result here: For the current test winner, the Egret Ten V4 (see in the video), you have to get around 1. 650) Euro. Other models usually move beyond the 1st. 000 – euro mark. But cheaper models are also entering the market.

In addition to the expensive top models, there are now also significantly cheaper e-scooters from 500 euros on the market. We explain in the following text whether they can keep up with the more expensive ones and where the differences lie. After the presentation of the individual models we also answer all important questions about electric scooters and the legal situation in Germany.

This is the best e-scooter in the test

We have tested a total of seven street legal e-scooters – you can see the test results in detail in our Leaderboard which we will order in the coming weeks and months further models will be expanded.

The result of the e-scooter test: The “Egret Ten V4” convinced with the grade “Good” (CHIP rating: 1.9) in all categories. Also recommended is the “Metz Moover” scooter manufactured in Germany (CHIP rating: 2.0) and the off-road scooter “IO Hawk Exit-Cross” (CHIP rating: 2.0).

The following table shows a compact overview of our top recommendations.

The best e-scooters 2019

1. Egret Ten V4 (test winner)

  • Ten V4


    Ten V4

    Lush equipment, very good workmanship, strong battery, but difficult and long braking distance.

Lush equipment
Very good workmanship
Strong battery
High weight
Long braking distance

The Egret Ten V4 is the best e-scooter we tested and convinced as a real all-rounder: it is ahead of the competition in almost all categories, so everything is right. The scooter is well made and leaves little to be desired in terms of equipment. There is also an odometer, a speedometer and a side stand, as well as a height-adjustable handlebar. The accelerator is accelerated in six speed steps using the finger throttle, and the handles can also be folded. The disc brakes round off the sumptuous equipment.

Its handling and suspension are also good, only the braking distance is 1.9 meters relatively long. This is certainly due to the weight, with 18, 6 kg is comparatively heavy. But the battery lasts a long time. 556, 8 watt hours are lush, the range of 44, 5 kilometers is more than sufficient. With 404 minutes (about 6.5 hours), the lithium battery charges relatively long. It is also a shame that it is not removable and has no recuperation, i.e. energy recovery.

However, the best e-scooter in the field has a very high price: it currently costs Egret Ten V4 around 1. 650 Euro.

Egret Ten V4: The best all-rounder among e-scooters. CHIP

. 2 Metz Moover (The Luxury Model)

  • Moover



    Top equipment and great driving characteristics, but with a weak battery and a high price.

High quality and workmanship
Good range
Strong brakes
Pretty hard
Long charging time

The e-scooter Metz Moover is manufactured in Germany and was one of the first e-scooter that you were allowed to drive on the road in this country. The model convinces in the CHIP test with good workmanship, but the many extras and the approval have their price: 2. 000 Euro costs the e-scooter – enormous for one 20 km / h fast means of transportation.

You can definitely consider the Metz Moover as a luxury scooter, because the scooter offers a stable, galvanized frame, comes with two strong disc brakes, a non-slip wooden tread, built-in LED lights, pneumatic tires and even has a small luggage rack. The significantly cheaper models and the E-scooters from the sharing services cannot keep up.

The luxurious equipment also means that the scooter with its dimensions of 117, 5 x 51 x 100 cm looks a little oversized, with 16 Kilogram is quite heavy and can be tough n Acceleration often cannot keep up with sporty cyclists. Switching to wearing mode is also unnecessarily complicated, which makes it very annoying to carry it with you every day in the S-Bahn. In addition, the scooter is comparatively large and bulky even when folded.

Up to 25 km range promises Metz, in the CHIP test when driving on flat terrain we come up with 23, 5 kilometers. The battery has a capacity of 216 Wh, but is permanently installed and can not be removed , In our test it takes 3 hours and 26 minutes until the scooter is fully charged. The engine has a continuous output of 250 Watts, the peak power for acceleration is 500 Watts.

. 3 IO Hawk Exit-Cross (The Offroad Scooter)

  • Source: CHIP

    IO Hawk Exit-Cross

    Comparatively cheap and also suitable for off-road routes , but quite heavy and unwieldy.

Strong battery
Very long range
Offroad-compatible tires
Especially difficult
Folded up very chunky

The IO Hawk Exit-Cross is not so much made for the urban hipster, but rather for all those who are off the beaten path Want to drive. The air-filled rubber tires with their strong tread, which want to feel the dirt underneath, are particularly helpful. And so that you don't get stuck in nature at some point, IO Hawk has installed a strong battery here, which outperforms the competition for miles. Whole 748, 8 watt hours are in the lithium battery, so it creates a range of almost 60 kilometers. This is the best value in our test. The charging time is 9 hours, unfortunately the battery is not removable and has no energy recovery.

The off-road features then come back to us in handling. With 19, 8 kilograms the EXIT-Cross is currently the heaviest model in our leaderboard (as of October 2019). With a length of 120 centimeters and a height of 50 centimeters in the folded Condition is relatively bulky and large. The big running board (22 on 54 centimeters) is a matter of taste, rather unsuitable for the city but ideal for long journeys.

The Exit Cross cannot keep up with the equipment of the Metz Moover, but it also costs significantly less: With around 1. 100 euros he moves in price in the middle of our leaderboard .

IO Hawk Exit: off-road! CHIP

. 4 SoFlow SO2 (The cheap endurance runner)

  • SO2 E-Scooter mit Straßenzulassung

    Source: bestcheck .com

    SO2 e-scooter with street approval

    The SoFlow SO2 impresses all thanks to its long range and conveniently exchangeable battery – and at a very reasonable price.

Long range
Replaceable battery
Relatively inexpensive
Weak electric motor
High handlebar clearance
No manually adjustable speed steps

The SoFlow SO2 is the best e-scooter under 1. 000 Euro and especially impresses with its high range of 32 kilometers and its easily replaceable battery. This can be removed with little effort and charged independently of the scooter – practical if you live on a higher floor.

In the three other test categories handling, driving characteristics and equipment, however, the SO2 does not come out as “satisfactory”. The driving behavior of the scooter is rather lean, especially the decelerated and sluggish acceleration plays a major role here. The electric motor is definitely a bit too weak, especially for the approved 120 Kilogram total weight. The SO2 reaches its limits very quickly, especially uphill.

The processing of the SoFlow is also below the average of the competition models. One of the culprits is the loose handlebar: Even when fully engaged, the handlebars give way too much to the front and back. This must not be the case and, in the worst case, can pose an actual security risk.

Anyone who pays particular attention to the price when buying an e-scooter is certainly well advised with the SoFlow SO2. Nevertheless, users should consider before buying whether they should not invest a few hundred euros more and buy a better scooter.

SoFlow SO2: Goes far, costs little – but also has minor weaknesses.

. 5 SXT Buddy V2 (The lightweight)

  • Buddy V2 - eKFV Version 650W 20 km/h


    Buddy V2 – eKFV version 650 W 20 km / h

    e in a small, light e-scooter for minimalists with point deductions in battery performance and equipment.

Small battery
Moderate equipment

If you like it simple, easy and uncomplicated, you should take a look at de n SXT Buddy V2 throw. It convinces with its low weight and small size, making it ideal for urban use. You have to cut back on the equipment of the SXT e-scooter. For us, the model is still relatively cheap (approx. 1. 300 Euro) and cuts straight in the test still good.

The battery is a bit slimmer compared to the competition. With a capacity of 374, 4 watt hours you can create a range of 22, 5 kilometers. That is rather little. In itself, this would not be a problem if the battery were removable – but it is not the case with the Buddy V2. With a charging time of around 6.5 hours, we devalue this with an overall rating of 3.2 in the battery category.

Are there any good e-scooters around 500 Euro? Technostar TES 200 & Trekstor EG 3178 in check

E-scooter around 500 Euro

  • TES 200 E-SCOOTER E-Roller (8.5 Zoll, Schwarz/Gunmetal/Rot)

    Source :

    TES 200 E-SCOOTER E-scooter (8.5 inches, black / gu nmetal / Red)

    Very affordable e-scooter with good handling but poor driving characteristics.

  • EG 3178 E-Scooter mit Straßenzulassung


    EG 3178 E-scooter with street approval

    Identical to Technostar TES 200, currently a bit more expensive.

The Trekstor EG 3178 and the almost identical Technostar TES 200 (the exclusive sale of Media Markt and Saturn) are by far the cheapest e-scooters with road approval that we were able to test. Both primarily target the buyers who are only interested in the 500 want to spend euros on an e-scooter. The question is: Is such a cheap scooter worth it?

In our test, the models performed exactly the same because of their almost identical construction. It is striking that the two models of the Trekstor and Technostar brands clearly differ from the competition in some aspects. So you have a significantly lower battery capacity, which then also leads to a very short range. We came with both in the test with one battery charge 23, 5 kilometers away. Also in terms of driving performance and driving behavior, they can't keep up with more expensive models: Their braking distance, for example, is clearly the worst at 3.1 meters.

All in all both models have an overall rating of 3.4 with a “satisfactory” rating. So if you want to buy your own e-scooter for as little money as possible, you can definitely access it here. However, for the purchase we recommend the better placed models, which we introduce above. Alternatively, you can also click on one of the E-scooter sharing services fall back in more and more Cities are available.

How much e-scooter do you get for the money?

The prices for e-scooters are falling, because in the meantime there are also several cheaper models under 1. 000 Euro get a street license in Germany. Nevertheless, you should be sure that you actually need the scooter and will use it often. If possible, you should definitely try the electric scooter with one of the sharing services ( here our test of the services in Munich ).

Then it is also worthwhile to calculate how many trips you can get away cheaper with a purchase scooter than with a rental model. Think about how often you would rent a scooter, how high the fees are at the provider of your choice and how long you want to drive it, and do that against the purchase price of your preferred e-scooter. (As electricity costs for charging you can – rough guideline – around 5 euros each 100 add kilometers to the purchase price.)

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Background to the e-scooter test: Why you can trust our results

For our test of the e-scooters, we tested four models that already have a road registration in Germany, which you can legally drive in public. We are continually expanding this test with new models as soon as they also receive approval.

The most important test criteria are the battery and the driving characteristics, each 30 make up percent of our overall rating. In the evaluation of the battery in addition to the battery capacity and charging time, the engine power and range are also included, which we test on flat terrain with just a few braking maneuvers. We also evaluate whether the battery is replaceable and can be removed for charging, and whether the scooter offers recuperation (energy recovery when braking).

Die We evaluate driving characteristics with test drives around our office building in the east of Munich and on the slopes of Munich's Nockherberg. Our testers personally evaluate driving behavior and suspension, and we also measure turning circle, braking distance and how quickly the e-scooter drives a 393 meters long Incline.

A quarter of the overall grade makes the Handling out. Weight, size and payload are included here, as well as the type of gas (thumb, finger or rotary throttle grip) and the number of speed levels. We also evaluate the illumination of the headlights, whether the bell is easy to reach, whether the range is displayed and the handles can be folded in.

The remaining 15 Make percent of the overall grade equipment out. We evaluate the processing of the e-scooter, whether the handlebar is height adjustable and which brakes are installed. There are also points for luggage racks, rear-view mirrors, indicators, odometer, speedometer or whether the e-scooter can be locked with a normal bicycle lock.

The detailed results can be found in the CHIP best list of e-scooters .

About 1. 000 products per year, over 250 square meter laboratory area , 11 Measurement technician: In the CHIP test center we measure, check and evaluate the quality of the latest models – from cell phones to TVs to fully automatic coffee machines. Specialized editors with years of experience also test the devices extensively in practice, so that we can give you a comprehensive, independent and reliable purchase recommendation.

Who can drive an e-scooter and what driving license do you need?

E-scooters may only be driven by people who have at least 14 Are years old. The maximum speed for approved e-scooters should be 20 km / h. Originally, it was intended that e-scooters from an age of 12 years may be driven if the maximum speed 12 km / h. Now, however, the general age restriction of 14 years.

Since you are with the e-scooter up to a maximum of 20 are allowed to drive kilometers per hour, a driving license is not necessary.

We explain in the article what penalties you face if you are caught with an unapproved e-scooter “E-scooter without street legal: These penalties threaten” .

Have been available in stores for some time are cheap Some e-scooters from Xiaomi or CityBlitz, for example, which, however, are not approved for road use and can therefore only be used on private property in Germany. A selection of these e-scooters can be found in the following overview or under this link .

Recommended price: Cheap e-scooter with street approval

  • Source: Saturn


    This e-scooter has solid rubber tires and reaches a maximum speed of 20 km / h. The scooter is approved for the street. Available from 22. 09.

Where can I drive an e-scooter?

The e-scooters may only ride on bike paths. The following applies here: faster cyclists have to be overtaken without disabilities if you are traveling with a scooter.

If there is no bike path, you have to take the scooter onto the road. This applies both inside and outside of towns. On multi-lane roads you have to keep to the right as far as possible.

In both cases, it also applies that e-scooters have to drive one after the other, that you don't have to attach yourself to other vehicles and not allowed to drive hands-free.

E-scooters are contrary to original plans Not intended for use on sidewalks. Anyone who drives on the sidewalk and is traveling too quickly must fear fines. The fines start from 20 euros and then increase to 75 Euro.

The regulation also leaves a lot of leeway. Cities and municipalities can thus set bans on e-scooters for pedestrian zones, cycle paths and walkways.

Would you prefer an e-bike instead of an e-scooter? These are the best models

Do I have to wear a helmet?

There is no helmet requirement. However, since you can reach speeds like on a bicycle, we recommend that you wear a bicycle helmet.

If you still want to be on the safe side, get worried Knee and elbow pads. On Amazon there is a cheap complete set .

We also recommend a sturdy lock to secure your scooter if you park it publicly. In our bike lock test you will find the most stable solutions.

We will show you how you can generally drive safely with an e-scooter in the following video.

E-scooter: How to drive safely

Do I have to take out insurance?

Yes one Insurance for e-scooters is compulsory.

Before you can take your e-scooter into traffic, you need a insurance plate . This small number plate must be visibly attached to the back of the e-scooter – as with scooters or Vespas. It consists of three digits and three letters.

CHIP asked the three major insurers: What does it cost to insure an e-scooter? Neither ERGO, Huk Coburg or Allianz could provide any information on this. “We are waiting for the final decisions,” it says uniformly.

Our rule of thumb: orient yourself on the applicable tariffs for mopeds. Here the insurance cover is 40 euros per year .

Electric means of transportation without handlebars and poles like this hoverboard are not included in the street approval of e-scooters. CHIP

View e-scooter insurance at “die Bayerische”

What does an e-scooter cost and how far does it go?

The first e-scooters officially approved in Germany cost at least 2. 000 Euro. As soon as all manufacturers have implemented the final rules and converted their scooters accordingly, we also expect cheaper models around the 500 euros on the market.

At Amazon and Bestcheck you will find e-scooters from 300 Euro. The iconBIT Kick Scooter TTv2 is available about for under 280 Euro at Saturn . Caution: These scooters are generally not approved for road use, so you can only drive them on private terrain, not on public roads and sidewalks.

If you want to buy an e-scooter, you should pay attention to performance and range.

The following applies to performance: Only scooters with a maximum of 500 Watts. Sufficient for normal use in the city are already 250 Watt models.

Also important: E-scooters only get approval in Germany if they have two independent Brakes for front and rear wheel to have. For e-scooters with only one brake, you can usually retrofit the second with an additional kit. Otherwise you have to wait until the manufacturer brings a corresponding model onto the market.

E-scooters are also subject to light signal regulation. Means: You have to make sure that your scooter front and rear with a light and this of course also works. You attach the light either directly under the handlebar or over the front wheel to the handlebar. Anyone who drives without lights and is caught by the police must 20 Euro fine.

What is the range of an e-scooter? Think about how long you want to be on the road with the e-scooter. The Metz Moover, for example, passed the CHIP test 23, 5 kilometers on one battery charge. We will determine how other e-scooters compare in this regard in our future tests.

If you want to cover longer distances, you should consider an e-scooter, for which you need a moped driving license.

What sharing services are there for e-scooters?

While there are only a few models available in retail that meet the legal requirements, there are already numerous sharing services with their e-scooters in represented in our cities. Several providers are already active in some cities, including Lime, Circ and Voi . Their scooters will be available at various locations in the cities, where they can be activated and used via the app.

The costs are usually billed on a minute basis , usually with a basic fee. The basic fee is usually 1 euro per trip, depending on the provider and city, each minute comes between 15 and 25 Cent. The minimum age to rent the scooter is from the providers 16 years.

Attention: The struggle of sharing providers is currently leading to sometimes opaque pricing. We explain which hidden costs are lurking in this post .

E-scooters: These sharing providers come to Germany

How dangerous are e-scooters?

Unsurprisingly, e-scooters in Germany have also Accidents with e-scooters headlines – about the fatal accident of the British YouTuberin Emily Hartridge. But how dangerous are the e-scooters – how many accidents are there?

Exact numbers are still in short supply after a short time. Loud Information from the Munich police there have been only “a few” accidents in Munich and the surrounding area, reported BR 24 . For comparison: There were more than 1 in the same period. 000 Traffic accidents with cars or bicycles.

The biggest problem so far are Alcoholized e-scooter Driver. More than 100 The Munich police have already reported drunks. If more sharing scooters are provided, an increase can also be expected here.

Reminder: The same applies to the use of e-scooters alcohol limits as in the car .

The most important questions about e-scooters in a nutshell

Which e-scooter is the test winner?

The Egret Ten V4 is the best e-scooter we tested and is convincing as Real all-rounder: He is ahead of the competition in almost all categories, so he does a lot of things right. For those who value good value for money, the SoFlow SO2 with less than 1. 000 Euro recommended. It particularly impresses with its high range of 32 kilometers and its easily replaceable battery.

What does an e-scooter cost?

The first e-scooters officially approved in Germany cost between 1. 000 and 2. 000 Euro. As soon as all manufacturers have implemented the final rules and converted their scooters accordingly, we also expect cheaper models around the 500 euros on the market. E-scooters are only approved in Germany if they have two independent brakes for the front and rear wheels. For e-scooters with only one brake, you can usually retrofit the second with an additional kit. Otherwise you have to wait until the manufacturer brings a corresponding model onto the market.

How dangerous are e-scooters?

Unsurprisingly Since the start of e-scooters in Germany, accidents with e-scooters have also made headlines – for example due to the fatal accident of British YouTuber Emily Hartridge. According to the Munich police, however, there have only been “a few” accidents in Munich and the surrounding area, reports BR 24. For comparison: There were more than 1 in the same period. 000 traffic accidents with cars or bicycles. The biggest problem so far is alcoholized e-scooter drivers. More than 100 The Munich police have already reported drunks. If more sharing scooters are provided, an increase can also be expected here.

Who can drive e-scooters?

E-scooters may only be driven by people who have at least 14 years old. The maximum speed for approved e-scooters should be 20 km / h. Originally, it was intended that e-scooters from an age of 12 years may be driven if the maximum speed 12 km / h. Now, however, the general age restriction of 14 years. Since you can use the e-scooter up to a maximum of 20 allowed to drive kilometers per hour, a driver's license is not necessary.

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