Dragon Age 4: Release, News & amp; Rumors to continue

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The popular “Dragon Age” series has been thrilling 2009 the fan base. A new and therefore fourth part has already been announced. We release all news and rumors about the release in this article.

About the “Dragon Age” saga

The medieval action role-playing game series “Dragon Age” is published by Electronic Arts (EA) and is created in collaboration with the US studios of Bioware. 2009 came with “ Dragon Age: Origins “the first part of the saga on the game market. 2011 followed “Dragon Age 2”, 2014 came out with “Dragon Age: Inquisition” the third part. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting part four, which, according to futurezone from the developers already at the Game Awards 2018 with a short teaser trailer.

The Dread Wolf as a possible main antagonist

Regarding the plot, a teaser video from Bioware that the Dread Wolf (English: Dread Wolf) could play a central role in “Dragon Age 4”. The hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises appeared there and caused wild speculation among the fans. The fan community already knows the villain from the predecessor “Inquisition”. The Dread Wolf is also known as Fen'Harel. The magician Solas hides behind the elven god of treachery (also god of rebellion).

“Dragon Age” fans still have to wait a while for the next part. Image: EA / BioWare

Tevinter as a possible setting

In addition, rumors have been circulating about the setting for “Dragon Age 4” for some time. Many fans already suspected that Tevinter could be a possible place of action. Tevinter is the longest-standing nation in Thedas. The country is ruled by powerful magicians. The developers of Bioware indirectly confirmed this news. In a tweeted video you can see a map of the Trevinter empire. “Thanks to you, the stories and countries of Thedas are growing from the wide plains to the steep peaks,” says the tweet for the anniversary video.

Since the Tevinter empire is responsible for the demise of the (Dalish) elves, many fans assume that the fourth part of the saga could focus on a revenge story. Many fan theories hope that players can take on a role as an elf slave.

Release of “Dragon Age 4”

Even if “Dragon Age 4” already ends 2018 was announced, there is still no official release date. According to an end 2019 Agenda published by EA-CFO Blake Jorgensen is a publication of part 4 only for 2022 or 2023 targeted. However, Jorgensen does not want to give a binding guarantee for the release dated there.

“Dragon Age 4”: Slow development process

One reason for the missing release date could be the delayed development of “Dragon Age 4”, which turns out to be a bumpy affair. According to reports from the portal kotaku there is disagreement between Bioware and EA about how the game should be designed. While, according to the report, Bioware started developing part four shortly after the release of “Dragon Age: Inquisition” and focused on a strong story, EA wants to build the game as a long-term usable online service.

So started 2017 the development from the beginning. Many Bioware employees left the team after the decision. “Dragon Age 4” is now based on the basic structure of “Anthem” with a large online share. According to this principle, it should be possible to continuously add new game content. According to rumors, Bioware employees describe Part 4 of the saga as “Anthem with dragons” – in other words: as a trivial copy. It remains to be seen whether “Dragon Age 4” really will, or whether it can build on its predecessors in terms of story and structure.

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