Download GTA V free for PC at the Epic Games Store

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Ebenizer Pinedo – May 14, 2020 – 17: 41 (CET)

Yes, starting today you can download GTA V for free from the Epic Games Store. The offer will be valid throughout the week.

Descarga GTA V gratis para PC en la Epic Games Store

The rumors that have emerged in recent days have come true. GTA V is the free game from the Epic Games Store this week. It is, of course, the most important video game offering that has emerged during the quarantine. To download GTA V free for PC you must go to the following link and claim your copy; you will keep it forever in the platform library. Of course, you must be registered in the store.

Probably when you go to the web you will encounter an error (500 or 504), but don't lose your cool. Right now millions of people are trying to download GTA V for free for PC, so Epic Games servers must be saturated. Be patient and keep trying ; Remember that you have the whole week to take advantage of the bargain and there is no download limit.

Another fact to keep in mind is that Epic is giving you the Premium edition from Grand Theft Auto V . What is different about the normal version? In addition to the standard copy of the game, it includes a bonus of GTA $ 1. 000. 000 to spend on GTA Online , the multiplayer mode of the title. You will also have access to “Criminal Business Starter Pack” , which gives you properties , businesses, weapons, vehicles and cosmetic objects valued at more than GTA $ 10. 000 . 000.

Rockstar describes it as “The fastest way for new Grand Theft Auto Online players to give their criminal empires a boost,” and they are absolutely right. Your adventure will be significantly easier if you have the Premium version . Please note that GTA Online is still one of the most played multiplayer games available today . In other words, you will meet many players in Los Santos. Now that it is possible to download GTA V free for PC, the number of users will surely grow exponentially.

The previous year, Grand Theft Auto V was ranked as the third most successful game in history with 115. 000. 000 million units sold . Only located below Minecraft (176. 000. 000) and Tetris (170. 000. 000)). In fact, since its launch in 2013 it has remained at the top 10 of best-selling games almost everywhere in the world. Much of its dominance is due to GTA Online , as Rockstar Updates its contents constantly.

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