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Are you tired of your old smartphone tariff and need a new cell phone again? Then start again! With the deals from MediaMarkt you will find exactly the right offer for you. In the smartphone tariff bundle you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 together with the Green LTE 16 Secure UK tariff.

Mobile phone tariffs for every type of surf and phone

Cheap cell phone tariffs can now be found everywhere. But tariffs that really have it all and are also something for every type of surf and phone are rather rare. That is why MediaMarkt has developed a comprehensive tariff pool, in which customers can choose from a range of products 37 different tariff options can choose the right tariff for you , This is ideal for everyone who is looking for the optimal tariff for their mobile life: Because with MediaMarkt you can easily keep an overview, because mobile phone tariffs await you in all networks – from the comfortable term contract with all-round carefree flat to the prepaid tariff for beginners. But what should you think about before choosing the mobile phone tariff so that you can find the tariff that suits you?

tariffs and options

  • Allnet Flat: Unlimited make calls at a fixed monthly base price. An Allnet Flat covers the cost of all domestic calls to German landlines and all German mobile networks. Exactly the right telephone flat rate for everyone who likes to make calls across all networks.
  • Free minutes: Call without Sweating: smartphone tariffs with free minutes already contain plenty of talk time in all German networks. And are thus the golden mean between an Allnet flat rate and a mobile phone tariff that calculates each minute individually.
  • SMS-Flat: Here A text message and a text message. All day long: with an SMS flat rate, it's very relaxed. Because no matter how many short messages you send, all are included in the monthly price. And that in every German mobile phone network.
  • LTE: You want too Surf the Internet on the go at high speed? Then a tariff with LTE is just right for you. Because LTE enables the highest maximum surfing speed as the latest mobile radio standard – perfect for the unlimited multimedia possibilities of current smartphones and tablets.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to back up with the deals from MediaMarkt

This week MediaMarkt has strong deals for you again. Today the Samsung Galaxy Note is waiting with an exclusive tariff recommendation on you. With a one-time device price of 1 euro and a monthly basic price of 36,99 Euro you will not only get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but also the green LTE 16 GB mobile phone tariff for LTE surfing with a maximum bandwidth 21, 6 Mbit / s. The tariff on top is equipped with FLAT telephony and SMS in all German networks as well as with a freenet hotspot flat.

The details at a glance:

  • Operating system: Android 9.0
  • Processor: Exynos 9825
  • Storage capacity: 256 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Camera resolution: 12 Megapixels (Wide); 16 Megapixels (ultra wide angle); 12 Megapixel (Tele)
  • Video quality: UHD (16: 9) Recordings
  • Dimensions: 151 x 71, 8 x 7.9 mm
  • Weight: 168 grams
  • Screen size: 15, 94 cm / 6.3 ″
  • Contract period with smartphone: 24 months

Now Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to back up!

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