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Gigantic selection, great download features

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Disney+: Angebot und Preis des Streaming-Dienstes

Disney's streaming service Disney + split film and series fans. Should you really sign up for another streaming platform because of the few titles? Is “The Mandalorians” Baby Yoda really worth the money?

In our test, we found that Disney + offers much more than just Star Wars, Marvel and the essential Disney films. In addition to a gigantic selection of titles and associated bonus material, the platform provides us with great download features and a child-friendly interface in corresponding profiles. It is also foreseeable that the streaming service will provide an app on many platforms – including on Windows desktop. Nevertheless, we noticed some teething problems. But that's criticism at a high level. All in all, Disney has launched Disney +, a very good streaming service and therefore serious competition for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co.

Large selection of films, series and bonus material
Options for quality when downloading
Large selection of platforms, including the Windows app
Children's profiles very user-friendly
Streaming quality cannot be set in the web version
No area for already viewed content
Watchlist in smartphone Apps something hidden

Disney + in the test: simple operation

Disney + pre-order

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Disney + relies on a proven design in its app, similar to the streaming services Netflix or Amazon Prime. In the upper quarter of the app there is a highlighted area that advertises the new, worth seeing series and films. There are films and series in categories: personal recommendations, news, comedies or by image quality. We could only determine whether and how the algorithm for the recommendations works after a longer test.

The makers opted for a reduced menu bar that leads to the start page, the search, the downloads and the personal area with profiles and settings. Both the homepage and the search contain a curated feed. There you can either search for the desired content in the corresponding field, or you can be inspired by the different collections.

If you are not quite sure what you want to see, let the search first. Depending on the category, film or series, you set additional filters for different genres such as animation, drama or comedy. All of this happens intuitively and in a simple, unagitated look. Unfortunately, the personal watchlist in the smartphone apps with the saved tracks is not prominently found on the homepage as with Netflix. There she hides in her personal area. This problem does not exist in the web app.

Disney uses a similar app structure to Netflix, Amazon and Co. at Disney + Photo: Disney

Disney's streaming platform: playback and other features

The playback of films and series runs without problems. Initially, the app indicates the age group for which a film is suitable – for the live action remake of “The Lion King” Disney + warns of scenes that can contain violence (“Long live the king!”).

The operation is still simple. You get the usual buttons: Play, Pause, 10 seconds ahead or back, and audio settings. If you look at the app, you can project both the image via screencast and the sound via airplay on your system.

Currently in the app 14 playback languages and 13 Subtitle languages ​​available, including German, English variants, French variants, Spanish and three Scandinavian languages . A feature similar to Amazon Prime's Xray is missing, in which the actors and voice actors can be checked during playback.

Children's profiles are designed to be age-appropriate and user-friendly. Not only did the creators of the app adapt the design to young users, but also the selection of films and series. Disney + adheres to the recommendations of the voluntary self-regulation of the film industry (FSK).

The detailed view is also clear, Photo: Disney

Offer: the Disney + program

Much of the Disney + program is already far known before the start been. The platform currently offers many films and series from the Star Wars and Marvel universes, as well as classic Disney films and live action productions from the house, such as Cool Runnings. The selection is already gigantic at the start.

The additional content is also great: Many films and series have not only the “Recommendations” tab in the detailed overview, but also “Extras”. Here you will always find the trailer of the content, but sometimes also bonus material such as deleted or expanded scenes.

Disney +: The apps can do this on all platforms

Disney + starts in Germany with a whole range of different apps. In addition to the web app, there is the streaming service for Android, iOS, various TV platforms and a Windows app is also to come. The web version impresses with a simple interface, all films are sorted by brand and easy to find. In addition to the classic search, you can filter by films, series, originals and, as usual from other services, compile a watchlist. Also different user profiles are not missing.

What we still miss in the web version are the settings for streaming quality, which can be found for example at Netflix. The different languages ​​and matching subtitles are exciting, with the latter you can even change the size, color and font.

Offline content is available in the smartphone app. The upcoming Windows version may offer viewing of downloaded series and films on the PC. The list of compatible platforms is encouraging: In addition to PC and mobile, most Smart TVs as well as Chromecast, FireTV and various game consoles are supported.

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