Dishwasher tab test: Winner of the Stiftung Warentest

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Stiftung Warentest checks dishwasher tabs

Dishwasher tabs, also called multitabs, are small powerhouses that clean your dishes, rinse, dry and soften the rinsing water. In addition, they are extremely easy to use: open the metering compartment, insert the tab, close, and rinse off. In February 2020 checked the Stiftung Warentest 14 different dishwasher tabs and notes: Organic is not always better. The supposedly sustainable tabs can destroy the dishes. In contrast, the low-priced own brands from Kaufland, dm and Aldi Süd land at the top of the podium.

Whether high-quality porcelain or inexpensive tableware from IKEA: plates and Co. should be in the Dishwasher get clean and do not discolor. In its test on dishwasher tabs, the Stiftung Warentest unfortunately found that three detergents harmed the dishes rather than cleaning them. The cheap own brands from Kaufland, Aldi Süd and dm convinced for around 3 euros.

You can read this in this article: First of all, we will first show you the test winner tabs and then the further test field in more detail. We then explain the test procedure of the Stiftung Warentest and clarify which type of detergent is right for you. Finally, we answer all the important questions about washing up.

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Dishwasher tab test at Stiftung Warentest: These are the best multitabs

Product score Price To buy

Kaufland K-Classic tableware cleaner tab All in 1

“good” (2.1)

around 3 euros

not online available

Aldi Süd Alio Dishwasher Tabs Complete

“good” (2.2)

around 3 euros

not available online

Own brands Kaufland, Aldi Süd and dm: These are the best dishwasher tabs

All dishwasher tabs rated “good” belong to private labels of German supermarket chains. The top-rated tabs come from Kaufland (“good”, 2.1), closely followed by the Aldi-Süd product Alio (“good”, 2.2). Third place is shared by the dishwasher tabs from dm, Edeka, Netto and Norma with the rating “good” (2.5).

  • Kaufland K-Classic tableware cleaner -Tabs All in 1: “good” (2.1)

    The multitabs from Kaufland achieved in Test almost consistently good ratings. They remove dirt of all kinds well or very well, even stubborn tea edges disappear after washing. They also protect the material mostly, only printed decorations fade over time. The Kaufland tabs only weaken in terms of environmental characteristics: there they only achieved the rating “satisfactory”.
  • Aldi Süd Alio Dishwasher Tabs Complete: “good” (2.2)

    Just behind the test winner from Kaufland are the dishwasher tabs from Aldi Süd. Almost all of them also received the rating “good”. In direct comparison with the winning tabs, however, they don't remove fat quite as well. They also only achieve satisfactory results in terms of environmental properties, moreover they do not protect the material so well and attack silver cutlery somewhat.

Dishwasher test: the winners of the Stiftung Warentest

The best dishwasher tabs: More multitabs in the test

The following multitabs are also “good”:

  • dm Denkmit Dishwashing cleaner Multi-Power 12
  • Edeka Good & Cheap All-in-1 Power Active dishes cleaner tabs
  • Net Priva All-in-1 Power Complete Dishwasher Tabs
  • Norma Saubermax Mega 12 Tableware cleaner tabs

The own brands of the drugstore and supermarket chains each achieved the grade “good” (2.5) , They all had good values ​​for cleaning and rinsing dishes and cutlery, as well as the user-friendliness of the packaging. Only Norma's dishwashing detergent left feathers on the material and only managed the grade “sufficient”.

The dishwasher tabs from Ecover, Frosch and Rossmann have completely failed. These discolored the dishes and therefore only got the mark “poor” (5.0) in the category of material protection.

Dishwasher tabs: which are the best to wash with? Photo: iStock / Jaroslav 74

This is how Stiftung Warentest tests

Over a period of five months, the Stiftung Warentest conducted various dishes and Cutlery types above 10. 00 0 rinse cycles through. This should simulate long-term use of different detergents. The testers checked how well the multitabs clean the dishes , rinse off , prevent limescale deposits , dry and the protect the material . In addition, the laboratories examined how environmentally friendly the tabs and how user-friendly the packaging is.

Hand dishwashing liquid at the Stiftung Warentest: only two are “good”

Dishwasher tabs or normal detergent? How should I clean my dishes

Depending on how hard or soft your tap water is, you should also use yours Adjust detergent. For example, if you live in a place that is supplied with particularly soft water, you do not need a chemical club to finish off leftovers. Dishwasher tablets discharge many chemical substances – such as salts for softening the water – into the wastewater, which are not necessary with lime-poor water. Ask your water company about the water hardness, set your dishwasher accordingly and use the appropriate means. There are powders and solo tabs for every water hardness. Then you have to rinse additionally with rinse aid and regeneration salt.

Dishwasher: refill salt – how it works

The most important questions about dishwasher tabs at a glance

What are the best dishwasher tabs?

The best tabs at Stiftung Warentest are the K-Classic tableware cleaner tabs All in 1 from Kaufland. They were rated “good” (2.1) in the Stiftung Warentest test. The Alio Dishwashing Tabs Complete by Aldi Süd also achieved good values.

Which is better for the dishwasher: tabs or powder?

Multitabs are definitely more convenient than powder. After all, all you have to do is unpack the tabs, place them in the compartment and start rinsing. They contain a number of ingredients that also protect dishwashers against limescale. However, if you use pure dishwasher tabs without additional rinse aid and salt, you have to use the appropriate means to protect the machine, as with conventional powder. However, powder can always be dosed better than tabs.

What is rinse aid good for?

Rinse aid supports the dishwasher when drying the dishes and thus reduces limescale. However, if you use too much rinse aid, streaks can form on your dishes.

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