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Content based on the test results from AllesBeste

Buy digital photo frames: you should pay attention to this

Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones, most people nowadays have a flood of digital images for which they are often no longer used. Printing them all out and pasting them into albums or hanging them up at home would be tedious and would consume a lot of material. For those who still want to present their photos in the house, a digital picture frame is a simple and practical solution. The frames with digital display can alternately show all your favorite pictures in a slideshow. In the meantime, such devices are available in all kinds of shops, sometimes even at discounters. However, there are major quality differences.

Our partner AllesBeste has 12 digital photo frames tested , The test was carried out in September 2019 carried out and published. In it we recommend the test winner the NIX X 10 H with its good picture quality and intuitive operation. It costs around 80 Euro.

You can read this in our article: We will show you the three recommendations from our partner AllesBeste in an overview and then in detail. You will then learn which criteria were used in the test. We also give tips for buying and using digital photo frames.

As best digital picture frame convinces the NIX X 10 H , which delivers excellent results in all evaluation categories. The Nixplay Seed offers as smart picture frame is an even higher quality alternative, which is also reflected in the price. Who wants to access in the cheaper category and does not have quite as high demands, is with the digital picture frame adequately served by SSA .

The best digital photo frame in the test of AllesBeste

Test winner: NIX X 10H

  • Source: NIX

    Test winner: NIX X 10H

    The digital picture frame NIX X 10 H convinces with great image quality and some practical extra features.

Super picture quality
USB stick included
Individual settings
With stand to set up
Rise very steep right, not suitable for low tables

Our test winner, the NIX X 10H has a 10, 1-inch display with HD resolution (1280 x 800 pixels).

  • Playback and handling:

    In the The test impressed him above all with his high-quality image quality and beautiful color rendering. The transitions between the images are fluid and the menu is easy to use. In addition, a stand for installation is already integrated and a suitable USB stick with eight GB of storage capacity is included. However, you should not set up the device on low tables, as the built-in stand is very upright and you cannot see anything at the steep angle.
  • Processing:

    With the test winner, the user has little to be desired. The frame looks well crafted and valuable and the small square remote control is also good in the hand and can be operated perfectly. There are various setting options for brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, so that you can stage your pictures individually.
  • Other features:

    This device offers some special functions. For example, in addition to images in a slide show, it also plays videos from three seconds to a whole day's display – and even with sound. The picture frame also functions as a digital clock or calendar display, as required. Practical and energy-saving are the adjustable sleep mode and a motion sensor, which ensures that the screen only turns on as soon as someone is in the room

The NIX X 10H is a very good digital picture frame, the only drawback is its steep angle. With a price of round 80 Euro it belongs to the upper midfield of our test.

Smart alternative: Nixplay Seed

  • Source: Nixplay

    Smart alternative: Nixplay Seed

    The Nixplay Seed is a smart picture frame that can be played and controlled via an app.

App and frame easy to use
Good picture quality
Angle individually adjustable
Stand integrated in the power cable
No SD card slot
No USB connection
Comparatively expensive

You can find an even higher quality device with the Nixplay Seed. The matt screen provides good image quality with an HD resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) via 10,1 inch.

  • Playback and handling:

    The photos and videos are played back in playlists or albums. These cannot be transferred to the device via USB sticks or SD cards, but via WiFi and your own app. The free app works perfectly and is very clear, but the use is probably a matter of taste. As a gift for the grandparents, the frame may be less suitable. But if you are mobile-savvy, you can easily control the frame via smartphone or tablet.

  • Processing:

    This slightly more expensive digital picture frame is from the frame beyond the power supply up to the remote control processed in high quality. What is particularly clever about the design of the picture frame is that the power cord also functions as a stand.
  • Other features:

    In addition to sorting the media in playlists or albums, the Nixplay Seed also shows the time when required. The app also controls the brightness and volume and a snooze mode is also integrated.

With a price of round 170 Euro belongs to Nixplay Seed to the expensive devices in the test. But you also get a modern and high-quality device that can be controlled quickly via a smartphone.

Price tip: SSA digital picture frame

  • Source: SSA

    Price tip: SSA digital picture frame

    This digital picture frame from SSA offers a cheaper alternative with all the necessary basic functions.

Good picture quality
Easy handling
Solid stand
With hanger
No color and brightness settings
Jerky slideshow

If you are not quite as deep in that Want to grab a bag, the digital picture frame from SSA offers a cheap alternative, which in the 8-inch version also offers HD picture quality with 1280 x 800 pixels.

  • Playback and handling:

    This frame is easy to use and can be set up and hung up thanks to the integrated stand and a hanging device. He also plays photos, videos and even music, just like the other two recommendations. However, the slideshow effects do not always run smoothly and you cannot make color and brightness settings. The menu is easy to use, but offers only a few functions.

  • Processing:

    The processing of the picture frame is solid.

  • Other features:

    The SSA picture frame also comes with an integrated Alarm clock, a clock and a calendar. In addition, headphones and speakers can be connected via a jack connection.

If you do not have too high demands on a digital picture frame and just want to have your pictures presented in a simple slideshow , will be satisfied with this device. In terms of price, the digital picture frame from SSA is round 50 Euro.

Digital photo frames: 12 devices in the test

In addition to our three recommendations, nine other picture frames passed the test. Four more are currently available.

The Halma Slim Steel offers an integrated stand and extensive configuration options. In addition, it is of high quality. Nevertheless, the angle is very steep, which is why you cannot admire its content from every perspective. It is also very slow and sometimes struggles with reading SD cards. It costs round 80 Euro.

The digital picture frame from Tens Wall can be easily hung up and operated, is stable and offers good image quality. Unfortunately, the sound quality during video playback is poor and the slideshow stops. The bezels are also old-fashioned. It costs round 70 Euro.

The Braun DigiFrame 1890 is stable and offers a large display with good picture quality. Unfortunately, that also makes it extremely bulky. It does not recognize all SD cards, the software is out of date and the slideshow is not smooth. Therefor the price of round 300 Euro simply too expensive.

The Intenso Photobase scores with its eco mode. Unfortunately it is cheaply made and does not look good. The image quality leaves something to be desired and the slideshow is slow, faltering and old-fashioned. It costs round 40 Euro.

How much do I have to spend on a good digital photo frame?

Digital photo frames are already available for around 40 Euro. Our test field moved in price between around 40 and 300 Euro, but the models at the ends of the spectrum were not convincing. The cheapest Intenso Photobase we criticized the cheap processing and the blurred image reproduction. The other extreme, the expensive Braun DigiFrame 1890 , however, does not recognize all SD cards and is very bulky. The slideshows on both frames often stall. The price is therefore not an indicator of a good device – after all, our recommendations range between around 50 and 170 Euro.

Digital photo frame test: How everything tests the best

Our partners from AllesBeste tested a total of twelve digital picture frames based on different criteria.

  • Processing quality: The testers got that Frame constructed and evaluated how well the individual components (picture frame, remote control, power supply) are processed and how valuable they appear.
  • Operation and menu navigation: Another evaluation criterion was how easy it is let the devices operate, how the menu is structured, how quickly the frame is ready for use and how well it responds to commands from the remote control. It was also relevant whether the settings all work as intended.
The different picture frames in the test showed some serious differences. All the best
  • Storage media: The evaluation included which storage media the picture frame can be fed with. The devices typically have an SD card slot. Some also have a USB connection and especially modern devices work over WiFi with an app.
  • Display quality: Since the main task of a digital picture frame is to present your photos beautifully, that is Quality of the ad is particularly important. The testers evaluated the image quality, the color rendering, the brightness and the transitions between the images. In addition, the viewing angle stability and any reflections in the display were included in the evaluation.
  • Furnishing: If a picture frame had an integrated stand for installation or a hanging device, this was noted positively. Just like the storage media already included in the scope of delivery or extras such as a motion sensor.

What types of digital photo frames are there?

There are no fundamental differences between digital picture frames. Depending on the model and brand, you get different functions included.

  • Video:

    Some digital picture frames can not only play pictures in a slideshow, but also play videos and even sound files.

  • Organization:

    There are also picture frames with integrated clock and Calendar settings.

  • Energy saving features:

    Also particularly practical is a sleep mode in which for example, the device automatically goes to sleep at night to save energy. This function is perfected with a built-in motion sensor, which switches off the screen when nobody is in the room.

Buy digital photo frames: you should pay attention to these features

Even with a seemingly banal product like a digital picture frame, you run the risk of making a wrong purchase. Therefore, you should consider the following aspects in the wild:

  • display size and resolution : Screen resolution is not the same as screen resolution. Depending on the size of the picture frame, the picture quality can vary significantly with the same number of pixels. Popular sizes for digital photo frames are 7 or 8 inches. In this size, the picture frames should have at least HD resolution. That means: at least 720 pixels (pixels) in width, and at least 1280 pixels in length. Full HD is one step higher: Here you have 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Suitable image format: Modern digital picture frames often use the modern 16: 9 aspect ratio. This is mostly suitable for displaying photos from modern cell phone cameras or digital SLR cameras. However, photos in the classic 4: 3 or 3: 2 image formats, such as those shot by many digital cameras, are distorted or displayed with black borders on the sides. Therefore, consider the aspect ratio of the images to be presented.

  • Sufficient storage capacity : It is worth buying one before buying Take a look at the internal memory of the photo frame. If you load pictures directly onto the frame, they are down-calculated to its display resolution and adapt optimally to the device. Two GB are already a very good value for the internal memory. Nevertheless, there should also be the possibility to expand it with SD cards.

For optimal image quality, the resolution should match the size of the frame. All the best
  • power consumption : The manufacturers of digital picture frames usually also state the power consumption of the devices. At about 10 Watts in operation and 3.5 watts in standby mode, digital photo frames generally consume very little power , Nevertheless, you can make sure to buy a model with a particularly low wattage. Devices with snooze mode and motion sensors are particularly energy-saving in the long run. It is also practical if a frame can not only be operated using mains power, but also by battery or batteries.

  • Optimal viewing angle : Think beforehand where the picture frame should be. No frames that are very upright are suitable for low tables or shelves, since the viewing angle from above is often poor. It is best if the stand is adjustable and the frame can be adjusted depending on the installation location. Also nice is a holder for hanging on the wall.

This is the best way to stage your digital picture frame

Digital picture frames are not only a great way to present your favorite memories in a space-saving way, they can also complement the lighting of a room. Many digital picture frames have an illuminated background. Especially dark and small rooms or corridors can be brightened unobtrusively. If you want to adapt the picture frame perfectly to the environment, you can create slideshows for different color schemes or moods and use it on the frame. Videos for a special ambience, such as a fireplace, can also be played using many digital picture frames.

How to maintain your digital picture frame

If your frame is in the house or hanging on the wall, the screen may become dirty over time. This can damage the device and makes your pictures appear less beautiful and colorful.

Specific maintenance instructions can be found in the operating instructions for the device. Basically, you should pull out the power plug before cleaning and possibly remove rechargeable batteries. Then you can carefully clean the display with a damp cloth. Do not use too much liquid and make sure that no water gets into the SD slots or USB ports in order not to damage the electronics.

If your frame does not If it works more properly, it is best to contact the manufacturer or the seller. Otherwise, you can also ask for advice in an electronics store.

When cleaning the picture frame, make sure to protect the electronics. All the best

The most important questions about digital picture frames at a glance

What is a digital picture frame and which models are there?

A digital picture frame is a screen that allows photos and videos to run continuously in a curated slideshow. There are different models, for example with LCD or TFT displays, with USB, SD card or WLAN interface. Most are digital photo frames between 8 and 10 inches tall.

What is the best digital photo frame?

The best digital picture frame in the Test is the NIX X 10H. He measures 10, 1 inch, has an HD resolution and comes with a USB and an SD card interface. The menu is also easy to use.

Which functions does a good digital picture frame need?

An electronic picture frame should display pictures well and smoothly. It should also be easy to use and offer internal storage. Depending on whether you want to hang the picture frame on the wall or set it up, it also needs appropriate devices.

This entry was created by CHIP authors and is based on the results of the article “ The best digital photo frame “from All the best. The content is the version of 20. 09. 2019. The CHIP-test Center Was not involved in the investigation.

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