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Content based on the test results from AllesBeste

Die besten DECT-Telefone

The landline phone still has its place even in times of mobile radio and wireless DECT phones do not lack comfort. Especially in connection with the home network router, the devices show what they are made of. Our partner AllesBeste has 22 Popular and current models of cordless phones tested and recommended by the AVM FritzFon C6. For around 65 Euros you get the best addition to the FritzBox router. But there are also good alternatives for Telekom's Speedport router. The price tip Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG you also get for around 40 Euro.

The test was carried out by our partner AllesBeste and last in February 2020 updated.

You can read that in our article: We will show you an overview of the top recommendations from the test, then present the models in detail and give you a general price estimate. Then we explain our partner AllesBeste's test procedure and give you more information about DECT phones. In our general purchase advice we finally explain what is important when buying a cordless phone and answer open questions.

These are the best DECT phones 2020 in the test

The best DECT phones according to AllesBeste

Test winner: AVM FritzFon C6 (test winner)

  • Source: AVM

    AVM FritzFon C6

    The AVM FritzFon C6 is a high-quality DECT phone with convenient operation and many functions – but only in connection with a FritzBox.

High-contrast color display
Comfortable control
Good voice quality
Many functions only with FritzBox
No certification fated CAT-iq support
No extras like Bluetooth

The AVM FritzFon C6 is the test winner among the cordless phones. The phone can be connected to all DECT-capable routers, but the full range of functions is only available with the FritzBox. The phone does not have its own base station and built-in answering machine, the FritzBox router does this for you. The interaction between the two devices offers a lot: Stored contacts can be arranged, copied and selectively transferred from the router to different handsets. It is also possible to synchronize with the stored contact data from providers such as Google or GMX. Personalized caller photos can be assigned to the contacts.

The color display of the FritzFon C6 is easy to read, you can change the font size and contrast. The menu navigation is understandable, the speech quality is good and the battery almost lasts 300 hours in standby. In combination with the router, various functions such as e-mail, internet radio and smart home control are available. The FritzFon can also function as a baby monitor. 30 Ringtones are saved, in the FritzBox you can also upload MP3 files and assign them to individual contacts. The ringtone volume can be adjusted in ten steps. In connection with the FritzBox, the FritzFon C6 is perfect, but the cheaper predecessor C5 is hardly worse. And if you use a different router, the range of functions is very limited: There is no certified CAT-iq standard for smooth contact management.

Das AVM FritzFon C6 belongs to the upper price range. The price is worth it if you own a FritzBox and can use all functions. The predecessor FritzFon C5 is an alternative. Without FritzBox only the phone works, the FritzFon C6 is too expensive.

Among the DECT phones, the AVM FritzFon C6 stands out for its quality. Image: All the best

Good & cheap: Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG (price tip)

  • Source: Panasonic

    Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG

    The DECT phone Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG is not quite at the top level, but works with all routers and offers solid quality and a color display for a small price.

Color display for a small price
Harmonized with FritzBox
Many ringtones
display with low resolution
Ringtones quite loud
Soft keys a bit small

The Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG is a cheap solution for all routers. The DECT phone works well with devices from other manufacturers, but also has its own base station. You can therefore make calls independently of the router. And further DECT handsets can be connected to the base station, Panasonic also offers packages with three telephones. Although the device has not certified the CAT-iq standard, it can access the FritzBox phone book. The base station is also available with an answering machine, which only costs a little more. The Panasonic is a convenient alternative regardless of the router, but harmonizes best with the FritzBox.

The handset has a bright color display, but with a somewhat low resolution, so that Font appears quite large. You can choose between 40 Select ringtones and adjust the volume in six levels, whereby the lowest level is still too loud. The keys can be felt well, but are a bit small. The volume buttons on the side are practical. Overall, the service is good, if not at the top level. The battery lasts around standby 250 hours through, which is also strong. As a total package, the Panasonic shows a good price-performance ratio.

With the Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG not all functions of the router can be used, but you get a solid device for a small price: It is used for around 40 Euro offered. If you also want an answering machine in the base station, you pay only slightly more .

The Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG is a cheap, yet powerful DECT phone with a base station. Image: All the best

For Speedport router: Telekom Speedphone 12 (Telekom tip)

  • Source: Telekom

    Telekom Speedphone 12

    The DECT phone Telekom Speedphone 12 is the ideal addition to the Speedport router and offers many functions and good ergonomics.

Very good service G
CAT- iq-2 support
Many additional functions
Limited equipment of the handset
Little color in the display
Ringtones quite loud

If you use the Telekom Speedport router instead of the FritzBox, you can use the appropriate Telekom Speedphone 12 to buy. The range of functions is not quite as large as in the combination of FritzBox and FritzFon, but still extensive. And above all, the Speedphone also has full CAT-iq-2 support. You can use it to easily access the saved contacts of other routers. If you use the Speedport router, you have full control. Telekom does not build an answering machine in the router or in the speedphone – 12 – series, but relies on the digital voice box that all telecom customers is available. The function of the base station is taken over by the Speedport.

The display of the Speedphone is good, but despite the color display, little color is used. After all, it is very contrasting. When navigating through the menu, you can switch between graphic and list view so that you can select the appropriate variant. The phone can be used as a baby monitor or alarm clock, the voice quality is good. You can choose between 30 Select ringtones and assign different ringtones to individual contacts. However, a headset cannot be connected and volume buttons on the side are missing. Even if the ergonomics are right, the equipment is rather spartan. In standby, the device stops 200 hours through.

As an ideal addition to the Speedport router, you pay for the Telekom Speedphone 12 round 40 Euro. If you are looking for a DECT phone with its own base station, you can go to Predecessor Speedphone 11 to grab.

The DECT phone Telekom Speedphone 12 fits the Speedport router perfectly. Image: All the best

With large buttons : Gigaset E 290 HX (Seniors Tip)

  • Source: Gigaset

    Gigaset E 290 HX

    The Gigaset E 290 HX with its large buttons and simple operation is ideal for seniors – there is a lack of comfort and additional functions but something.

Very large buttons
Two direct selection buttons
Easy to read display
Little comfort
Hardly any additional functions
time is deleted when switched off

The Gigaset E 290 HX is a DECT telephone with large dial keys and two direct dial keys for the most important telephone numbers – therefore primarily intended for seniors. The menu navigation is also kept very simple. Nevertheless, the Gigaset has CAT-iq-2 support and can usually be easily connected to all routers. The device does not have its own base station and answering machine. In general, the DECT telephone for seniors is designed for simplicity and therefore offers hardly any additional functions. The testers complained that even the time is deleted when the handset is switched off completely. The senior device is compatible with hearing aids.

The design of the Gigaset looks very old-fashioned. The display is large, but monochrome and has a low resolution. The font is displayed very large for easy readability, but with a very low pixel density. Therefore, not much can be shown on the display. A connection to the saved contacts and the answering machine in the router is possible. To avoid confusion, the detailed settings are hidden in the menu. 21 Ringtones are available and in standby the handset keeps around 200 hours through. That could have been a little more. The ergonomics of the Gigaset are good and the workmanship is high quality. It is suitable for seniors.

The phone Gigaset E 290 HX is for round 35 Euro available. That is cheap. The range of functions is also not very large, but tailored to seniors. If there is no router, there is the variant Gigaset E 290 A with answering machine – but then CAT-iq-2 support is missing.

Seniors are with the easy-to-use DECT phone Gigaset E 280 HX be satisfied. Image: All the best

For all routers: Gigaset CL 660 HX (Allrounder)

  • Source: Gigaset

    Gigaset CL 660 HX

    The Gigaset CL DECT telephone 660 HX not only works with all routers, it can even be connected to the computer via USB to synchronize contacts.

Suitable for all routers
CAT-iq- 2 support
Contact synchronization via USB
No automatic synchronization
Connection to the router somewhat sluggish
storage space limited

The Gigaset CL 660 HX wants to offer flexibility through its network options. The CAT-iq-2 standard is supported and even without it the phone connects to common routers such as FritzBox or Speedport and can access contacts and answering machines. USB is also on board to connect the phone to the computer and to transfer contacts using the QuickSync app. The address book can be copied from Windows, iOS or the Google account to the DECT handset. However, there is no automatic synchronization, the process must be repeated if changes are made. It's a viable solution to have the same phone book on all devices, but it's more convenient on a smartphone. Calling up the phone book entries is quite sluggish.

A large 2.4-inch color display is available for operation, the graphic menu navigation is good and the handset is modern in general . Find in internal memory 400 Entries space and each contact can be assigned up to three phone numbers. Uploading photos for contacts or your own ringtones via QuickSync takes up space and leaves less space for entries. Are pre-installed 22 ringtones. The call quality with HD Voice is good. In standby the battery life is around 280 hours, that's ample. The Gigaset CL 660 HX not, the abbreviation HX always stands for full router compatibility with CAT-iq 2.

Because of the additional network functions that is Gigaset CL 660 HX somewhat more expensive, but can be used flexibly. You pay around 55 Euro. The model Gigaset S 850 HX also offers Bluetooth connectivity.

The Gigaset CL DECT telephone 660 HX offers practical additional functions for synchronization. Picture: Gigaset

Models with their own answering machine

DECT telephones normally connect to the router or the base station supplied by the network operator. The popular FritzBox has an answering machine that is accessed by the landline phone. In the case of Telekom's Speedport router, the digital voice box is available and is free of charge for all Telekom customers. However, if you do not have an answering machine in the router and your landline provider does not offer a corresponding mailbox service, a DECT phone with an integrated answering machine is useful. Most of the time, this is at the same time in its own base station.

Since AVM at FritzFon and Telekom at Speedphone rely on solutions without answering machines, you have to resort to other providers: You get our price tip in the variant Panasonic KX-TGH 720 GS also with answering machine still very cheap for around 40 Euro. The senior telephone is also available in a version with a base station and answering machine. You pay for the Gigaset E 290 A round 45 Euro. The complete networking with base station, internet connection, WiFi, Bluetooth, synchronization of contacts from smartphone and answering machine is available with the Gigaset SL 450 A Go . However, the extensive combination device also costs around 145 Euro.

How much do I have to spend on a good DECT phone?

You get a solid cordless phone with good call quality for calling only from around 30 Euro. It is even cheaper, but here you are restricted in the operation. The slimmed-down devices with a black and white display usually offer only a few setting options. From around 40 Euro there are helpful additional functions and mostly a conflict-free interaction of telephones and routers from different manufacturers. You can get premium devices with the full range of functions from around 60 Euro. If the device has a built-in answering machine, you usually pay more. The strikingly more expensive DECT phones usually offer special functions such as Bluetooth support or a large touch display. This is only relevant in exceptional cases.

There is now a wide variety of shapes among DECT telephones. Image: All the best

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Cordless phones in the test: How were the products rated?

Our partner AllesBeste checks the cordless phones in connection with a current FritzBox router, lastly the AVM FritzBox 7490. All DECT phones can handle this. Some of the devices have their own base station. If the telephone and router support the CAT-iq 2 transmission standard, communication between devices from different manufacturers should be possible without any problems. This applies to pure phone calls. The testers have different experiences when using extra functions of the router, such as phone book or answering machine.

The voice quality is at least satisfactory for all devices, real HD audio also depends on Network provider. In addition, the general functional scope, the readability of the display, the menu navigation and the operation via the keys are assessed. Some ringtones and wallpapers can be selected, or photos can be assigned to the contacts. Technically, the devices also differ in battery life, but since the DECT phones are usually located on or near the charging station, this is a rather minor criterion.

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What are DECT phones?

The term DECT stands for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications”. DECT is the radio standard with which the audio data is transmitted digitally between the handset and base station. Cordless phones displaced by this standard from the middle of the 90 years the wired predecessor. The phone has to register electronically with the base station and the data is transmitted encrypted. The originally used by DECT for this 64 – Bit key has been criticized by experts because it can be cracked relatively easily and conversations can be overheard. Many manufacturers are now using AES encryption with 128 bit. New standards such as CAT-iq enable a higher data transfer rate for HD audio quality, Internet functions and smooth collaboration between devices from different manufacturers.

The DECT standard enables communication between the telephone and the base station. Image: All the best

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What types of cordless phones are there?

  • With and without base station: DECT phones need a base station to be connected to the phone network. This role is played either by the home internet router or the simple base station, which is usually provided by the fixed network provider. DECT telephones can be connected to all common router models. For those cases in which neither router nor base station are available or cannot be used for other reasons, there are DECT telephones with their own base station that can be connected directly to the telephone socket.
  • With and without answering machine: The answering machine was a separate device for a long time, then it moved into the base station of the cordless phone, However, it has now found a new home again: either the answering machine is in the router or the telephone provider provides a virtual mailbox that records missed calls, as with mobile communications. If neither is the case, you need a DECT telephone with its own answering machine. As a rule, these models have a combination of a full-fledged base station with built-in answering machine.
  • Senior phones: The DECT telephones, which are regarded as “senior models”, differ from the “normal” models in that they have larger buttons, the display is easier to read and the devices overall are easier to use. Other aspects include quick selection buttons for emergencies and a long battery life. Often, additional functions are then missing that are considered less important for seniors. You can make calls with the devices – more is often not possible.

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What should I watch out for when buying a DECT phone?

  • base station & router

    The DECT telephone requires a base station that enables access to the telephone network. Your landline provider will usually provide you with a suitable device or you can rent it, either a simple DECT-capable base station or a router. Regardless of this, you can of course also buy your own router. If you have a landline connection but there is no base station or router, you need a DECT telephone with a built-in base station, which you connect directly to the telephone connection. The product description usually shows what device the offers are, especially if the provider advertises with the router connection or sells a base station with several handsets.
  • Transmission standards & CAT iq

    Buy a DECT phone from your router manufacturer, so For example FritzFon for the FritzBox or Speedphone for the Speedport, you can rely on being able to use all functions. This is not always the case with different manufacturers. The DECT standard basically only ensures that you can use the device with any base station to make calls. The access to the saved contacts or the answering machine in the router depends on other factors. The CAT-iq standard and especially CAT-iq 2.0 and 2.1 are intended to ensure this, so you are already on the safe side with a CAT-iq-compatible telephone. However, the base station or router must also support the same standard. With the FritzBox, for example, this is not entirely the case. Since the FritzBox router is so popular in Germany, most manufacturers of DECT telephones make sure that the communication between the two devices works without any problems.
  • display & voice quality

    Almost all DECT phones have a display for making settings. With cheaper models, however, you often get a black and white display that only shows text. A color display with a graphic display is much more convenient for menu navigation. If the display is large enough, you usually have the option of assigning a photo to the stored phone number. So you can see who is calling. In terms of voice quality, there are hardly any outliers technically, current telephones sound at least satisfactory and generally even offer high-definition telephony. With HD Voice, the sound is transmitted in high quality over the telephone network, but this depends on the fixed network provider. Even if the DECT phone has HD Voice, HD quality is only guaranteed between conversation partners in the same network. Most devices now also deliver good sound quality when talking hands-free via loudspeakers.
  • Ringtones & Volume

    DECT phones offer a range of preset ringtones, mostly between 20 and 40 under which you can choose the one you want Can select sound. If you have the option of sending larger data to the handset via the router or an app, you can often transmit your own ringtones in MP3 format. Background images can also be changed in this way. So you can set up your phone individually. The volume can be adjusted via the menu or special buttons, whereby most DECT telephones cannot be set really quietly. If there is an audio output on the handset, you can connect a headset, some devices even offer Bluetooth.
  • Phonebook & additional functions

    If the DECT phone supports the CAT-iq standard, you can access the router's saved contacts and sometimes even copy them. In any case, the handset also has its own phone book, the size of which depends on the internal memory of the device. Depending on the model, you can choose between 100 and 500 Save entries and often assign multiple phone numbers to contacts. The other functions are either integrated in the device or depend on how well the phone works with the router. This includes calling up the answering machine from the router or from the mailbox of the telephone network, various Internet and multimedia services, baby monitor function, phone number blocking to block unwanted callers or smart home control. Many tasks can be done more comfortably with the smartphone or tablet.
  • battery life

    Since the DECT phone is a cordless device, the battery is of course also important. However, since the charging station should always be within range and the handset can be charged at least overnight, the battery life is not quite as relevant as, for example, with mobile devices. DECT phones generally allow a talk time of at least 10 hours, but it can also be up to 30 hours be. Since the handset is more likely to be in standby when in doubt, this runtime is probably the more important value: 200 hours are the norm, 300 Hours and more are excellent. A long standby time is particularly useful for senior phones.

Display quality and range of functions fluctuate in comparison between the DECT phones. Image: All the best

What are the alternatives to the cordless phone?

Telephony over the fixed network is reliable and stable, fluctuations in the call quality hardly occur. If the router takes over the role of the base station, you usually use the DECT telephone to make calls over the Internet, ie “Voice over IP” (VoIP) or IP telephony. And VoIP software solutions such as Skype, iChat or Google Talk are now widely used. You do not need a telephone connection or a telephone number for this, just a user account, which is usually free of charge for private individuals. You only pay the cost of your internet connection.

In contrast to telephony over the fixed network or the IP telephony of the fixed network provider, VoIP communication always overflows when using internet services the provider's web server. This can pose a security risk, especially for foreign providers. The data transfer between the conversation partners is encrypted, but can be read out through program back doors. Failures are also possible; the reliable functioning of VoIP is not guaranteed, especially with free services. Companies therefore often resort to paid VoIP services. Many text messaging services also offer telephony functions.

  • Source: AVM

    Test winner: AVM FritzFon C6 (test winner)

    The AVM FritzFon C6 is a high-quality DECT phone with convenient operation and many functions – but only in combination with a FritzBox.

  • Source: Panasonic

    Good & cheap: Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG (price tip)

    The DECT phone Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG is not quite at the top level, but works with all routers and offers solid quality and a color display for a small price.

  • Source: Telekom

    For Speedport router: Telekom Speedphone 12 (Telekom tip)

    The DECT phone Telekom Speedphone 12 is the ideal addition to the Speedport router and offers many functions and one good ergonomics.

  • Source: Gigaset

    With large buttons: Gigaset E 290 HX (senior tip)

    The Gigaset E 290 HX with its large buttons and simple operation is ideal for seniors – but there is a lack of comfort and additional functions.

  • Source: Gigaset

    For all routers: Gigaset CL 660 HX (Allrounder)

    The Gigaset CL DECT telephone 660 HX not only works with all routers, it can even be connected to the computer via USB to synchronize contacts.

Which DECT phone is the best ?

In the test of the DECT phones, the AVM FritzFon C6 convinced on most. You get the ideal complement to the FritzBox for around 65 Euro. The Telekom Speedphone is also suitable for owners of a Speedport router for round 40 Euro. The price tip is the Panasonic KX-TGH 710 GG.

What does DECT mean?

DECT has been in the middle of the 90 years the standard for cordless phones, the abbreviation stands for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications”. This regulates the radio transmission with which the audio data is exchanged digitally between the handset and base station during a telephone call.

How do I connect a DECT phone?

The cordless DECT telephone needs a base station that is connected to the telephone network via a cable. This is often done by the home Internet router. In order for the handset and base station to be paired, you must press a button on both devices that is usually labeled “DECT”.

What is the CAT-iq standard?

“Cordless Advanced Technology – internet and quality” and is an improved radio standard for DECT phones. CAT-iq improves the data transfer rate for high quality calls, makes DECT phones internet-compatible and ensures compatibility between different devices.