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Death Stranding (offizieller Trailer)

For PlayStation 4 owners, Kojima Productions ’Death Stranding is now almost an old hat. With a slight delay, PC gamers will join in a few months when it comes to saving the world we know from the consequences of so-called death stranding.

Since an apocalyptic disaster, large parts of the world have been impassable and populated with invisible horrors that lurk for easy prey from nowhere. Courageous “postmen” like that of Norman Reedus ( The Walking Dead ) played Sam Bridges are supposed to make the depopulated regions passable again and face the threats fearlessly. At the 02. June 2020 the former PS4-exclusive game then appears finally also for PC (Steam, Epic Store) and shows itself to be well polished for the upcoming relaunch. A new photo mode, higher frame rates and ultra-wide support are just a few of the features that players want to use to make the new PC version palatable. As a special extra, the new edition even brings content from one of the most iconic series in game history: Half-Life. The release date trailer now gives a first taste of the new content.

What Death Stranding is exact, Hideo Kojima, who is currently rumored to be trying on a new Silent Hill should work, even in words: “ Death Stranding is a completely new kind of action game , which is about reconnecting isolated cities and jagged society. All elements, both the story and the gameplay, are connected by the so-called 'beach'. As Sam Porter Bridges, it is up to us to build a bridge between these units in order to form alliances with other players around the world. Hopefully when you play and explore, you will realize how important it is to forge connections with others. ”Since 08. November is Death Stranding already available for PS4.

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