“Dark Patterns”: Beware of these nasty cost traps

How to make money with dark pattern

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Phishing-Attacken: Diese Virenscanner sch├╝tzen am besten

Often, inexperienced users of so-called “dark patterns” are tempted to make a purchase that they can hardly reverse afterwards. Since they have little or no idea about internet security, they are more likely to fall victim to fraud. We'll tell you what warning signals you need to watch out for on the web.

Leveraging internet security through fraud

In principle, making a website user-friendly is good. After all, people should be encouraged to stay longer on the website. However, many users overlook how manipulative programmers implement so-called “dark patterns” to get people to buy.

  • With Dark Patterns (German: Internetmuster, -designs) the creators of a website want the Get people to do activities that are against the interests of the user. These activities are then regretted by the users.

  • Especially young people and seniors as well as all other inexperienced internet users are most often affected , They are often not aware of the risks lurking on the Internet or when using an app.

  • Dark patterns are like advertising of a psychological nature, whereby dark patterns manipulate users by means of technology. Usually, the user hardly notices the dark patterns because they run concealed.

Do you know which “invisible” sources of danger are lurking on the Internet? Photo: Silas Stein / dpa / dpa-tmn

How dangerous are dark patterns?

Dark patterns are mainly used in online trading. They are also used for various online services such as email providers, download portals and search engines. Social networks are not spared either.

  • Dark Patterns are designed to entice users, put them in and exert emotional pressure , Although the user wants to perform a certain action on the website, the dark pattern leads the user to take an unintended action. A good example of this is the switch to Windows 10. For example, the Update Center under Windows indicated that a necessary update had to be carried out. Instead, it was a matter of installing a new operating system.

  • In addition, dark patterns are also used in advertising. The advertisement is camouflaged, so that users think it belongs to the content of the page. This is often the case with download portals. The advertising is declared as a download button. Users then think that they can download something there, instead they are redirected to an offer on the download portal to conclude a subscription.

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