Convertible Notebook Test 2020: 2-in-1 models compared

Notebook + Tablet = Convertible

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Notebook + Tablet = Convertible

The number of convertible notebooks that can be converted into a tablet in just a few steps is also increasing thanks to the touch adjustment of Windows 10 steadily. Convertibles are versatile, they meet the requirements of a notebook and a tablet at the same time. We will show you the best convertible notebooks in the test. What you should pay attention to when buying, we say in the video.

2-in-1 laptops: The best convertible notebooks in the test

Convertibles with a Windows operating system have several advantages over conventional tablets and notebooks: The devices shine with flexibility, because you only need one device at home and on the go. At the same time, you save the data synchronization between Android / iOS and the Windows PC, which is often necessary when using a tablet. A major disadvantage, however, is the somewhat weaker mobility compared to real tablets: the hybrids are usually heavier and larger. In addition, a pure mobile system such as Android or iOS is better adapted to finger input.

Convertible notebook – the best models in the test: In the following we present three recommended hybrid models with different priorities. At the end of the article you will find our always current best list with the strongest convertibles tested by us.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: The maximum solution

The leader of our leaderboard was able to convince in almost all areas. Equipped with a quad-core Intel Core i7 – 1065 G7, 16 GByte RAM and the 256 GByte-sized flash memory, the Surface Pro 7 enables top performance without any major drawbacks Add battery. In the test, he brought it up without a keyboard unit 08: 36 hours and fully recharges within two hours. The 12, 3-inch screen with its resolution of 2. 736 x 1. 824 pixels with a pixel density of 267 ppi and a maximum brightness of 422 cd / m² also convince. The Surface Pro 7 only left a bad taste in terms of price, because the keyboard unit has not been included since the sixth generation and has to be bought later.

With a price of approx. 1 . 549 Euro ( for price comparison ) without keyboard, this is suitable Surface therefore especially for frequent users.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 in the test

The front runner Microsoft Surface Pro 7 in the test

Bright display
Super Performance
Good equipment with USB-C
Without keyboard unit
No Thunderbolt 3
Shorter Battery life as the predecessor

Shop recommendation for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX – 00003)

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX-00003)

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Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 “: Performance convertible

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 “convinced us in the test with its powerful quad-core processor Core-i7 – 8650 U, who of 16 GByte RAM and one 512 GByte large SSD is accompanied. In addition, there is an Nvidia GeForce GTX in the actively cooled keyboard base 1060 Graphics card with 6 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, which ensures decent graphics performance

The display of the Surface Book 2 does a solid job. We like the high resolution of 3. 240 x 2. 160 pixels , however, the maximum brightness of 398 candela per square meter higher and the contrast display turns out somewhat flat.

But the Surface Book 2 shines even more with the battery life, because with 14: 39 hours in the video benchmark guarantee longer runtimes than many notebooks. Another highlight is the so-called studio mode, i.e. the display can be moved around 180 degrees on the dock and can thus be used in many ways. The Surface Book 2 15 “is available from a price of around 2. 250 Euro ( for price comparison ).

Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 inches in the review

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 15″ in the test

Strong processor
Fleet graphics unit
Receiver for Xbox One controller
No USB ports on the tablet unit
Average display only

shop recommendation for Microsoft Surface Book 2 Convertible (FUX – 00004)

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Convertible (FUX-00004)

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Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM: The price-performance recommendation

As a convertible with an unbeatable price-performance ratio, this 350 – Euro model from Lenovo worth a look. So it convinced in the test not only by very good battery life of over 13 hours with continuous video playback, but it offers with the Intel Celeron N 4000 and the 4 GB of RAM also still solid performance. The bright and therefore legible 10, 1-inch display with a resolution of 1. 280 x 800 Pixels were also liked and despite one thick case, the IdeaPad also proves to be extremely mobile. So if you want to spend little money on a new hybrid computer but still want to buy a relatively good device, you've come to the right place.

The IdeaPad is priced from 350 Euro ( for price comparison ) particularly cheap.

Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM in review

The Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM in the test

Very good battery life
Excellent price-performance ratio
Bright display with sRGB cover
display easy to read even in bright surroundings
Good connection variety
Just 64 Gigabyte storage
Slightly too thick housing

Shop recommendation for Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM (81 MD 0006 GE)

Lenovo Ideapad D330-10IGM (81MD0006GE)

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