Consumer tip: If you want to save, you have to remain flexible

You are a good customer – it's time to stop

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Do you compare prices when shopping online? CHIP / MyOffrz

Buying something online is completely normal for you. You are good at it. You know what you need and where you want to buy it – quickly and efficiently. You can usually get the new Nike sneakers from Zalando, and you can usually order your next smartphone and other small items via Amazon. You have had good experiences here and would be happy to buy from these shops again. This makes you a good customer for these shops. A loyal customer. A trapped customer.

Caught in the double trap of shopping

  • Shop loyalty: You shop very often, if not always, in the same online shop. Often even without comparing prices or even considering other retailers. Why? Because you were happy before, you will probably be happy in the future. The result: you will probably pay a good price for a product at your favorite retailer – but not necessarily the best price. If you're not comparing more, you're pretty much paying bit by bit a little more than you should.
  • Brand binding: With your smartphone, your perfume and even your butter, you generally always use the same brands. Why actually? Usually it can be traced back to the habit, good experience and good marketing of the brands. Here you believe you are in good hands and stick to your choice. But is that clever? At which points are you still critically questioning your purchase decisions? Where do you compare products for their quality and price – and why don't you do it more often? How much does the brand binding apply to you?
The CHIP savings alarm shows you discount vouchers for many online shops. CHIP

CHIP Savings Alert: It's time to break your buying habits

The CHIP economy alarm is now part of the CHIP family: The free browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox is specially designed to offer you practical offers and show discounts that you’re currently interested in. It helps you to put the blinders back on and save money. Keeping an open eye can save you hundreds of euros a year.

Our CHIP economy alarm becomes active exactly then when you are on the Internet again looking for a product and an alternative offer is really relevant for you. The savings alarm helps you to take advantage of offers from other shops that you would otherwise have overlooked. Quite often we have an exclusive discount voucher for you for numerous shops that offer a similar or the same product. Do the test: With our “CHIP Sparalarm” extension you get a better deal in many cases. Do not worry, we only include certified dealers in our selection who have proven correct processing in terms of payment, shipping and customer support.

2 free audiobooks of your choice: how it works

Enjoy two free audiobooks of your choice Audible

Install the CHIP savings alarm now and you will benefit directly from suitable voucher codes. So with Audible. Upon completion of the trial subscription via the savings alarm, you will immediately receive an audiobook credit – each free of charge – the second credit will be available after about five minutes.

The offer is only valid for new customers as part of this promotion and is redeemable only once per person. There are no minimum terms for the audiobook subscription: you can cancel at any time. Each user can only use the trial month once.

Your data stays with you!

Valid offers are now saved in the add-on so that you can access them at any time afterwards. At CHIP, we attach particular importance: data protection. The program is based on the highest data protection standards. As a user, you are always anonymous. This means that we do not create a profile of you and do not save any personal data on a server. Sparalarm works exclusively locally in your browser and you have full control. The software completely dispenses with the use of user-related or related data. This means that your data cannot be passed on or sold.

This is what CHIP stands for

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