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Color laser printers are becoming increasingly popular compared to classic ink printers. In particular, the longer usable toner and the improved durability of the print are among the great advantages of laser devices. In the test, we show which models are particularly worthwhile for prospective customers and what you should pay attention to when buying a printer.

Especially in office environments, printers are still an indispensable tool. Despite the increasing digitalization, important documents have to be available in physical form. When choosing between ink and laser printers, you will benefit in particular from the lower printing costs and an improved durability of the printing. You will find out in the following why and what exactly the advantages and disadvantages of laser machines are. First of all we would like to offer you the top models of our color laser printer best list to introduce. During the work center 6515 DN particularly impresses with its excellent print quality, the models from Kyocera and Ricoh score with particularly low printing costs. Also the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M 477 fdn should not go unmentioned due to its high printing speed.

Especially with regard to the print quality, certain dimensions and technical terms from printer jargon are used. The terms “dpi” and “ppi” stand for matrix printers, for example, for the “dots per inch” for printing and for the “pixels per inch” for scanning. The ADF (“Automatic Document Feeder”) is also an automatic document feeder, which under the name RADF can also go hand in hand with the turning of the document. In this way, entire stacks of paper can be copied directly without your own intervention. Should younger readers scratch their heads when it comes to the term “faxing”, our useful practical tip will help determines further.

color laser printer in comparison

Top model Printing Cost Tip # 1 Printing cost tip # 2 Speed ​​Tip

Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

Ricoh SP C 262 SFNw

HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M 477 fdn

Price (approx.)

330 Euro

360 Euro

460 Euro

410 Euro


1st place

Place 2

Place 3

4th place

test rating

Good (1.6)

Good (1.8)

Good (1.8 )

Good (1.8)

Quality (30%)

Very good (1.0)

satisfactory (3.3)

Good (2.5)

Good (2.4)

Printing costs (30%)

satisfactory (2.9)

Very good (1,2)

Very good (1.0)

Good (2.4)

speed (15%)

Good (1.8)

Very good (1.3)

Sufficient (3.8)

Very good (1.0)

Furnishing (15%)

Very good (1,2)

Very good (1.3)

Very good (1.0)

Very good (1.1)

Ergonomics (10%)

Very good (1.0)

Very good (1.3)

Very good (1.0)

Very good (1.1)

Costs (SW / color)

2.5 / 14, 9 cents

1.6 / 10, 7 cents

1.7 / 9.6 cents

2.2 / 14, 2 cents

Price Estimation

Attractively priced

Attractively priced


Attractively priced

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Top model: Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

  • Source: BestCheck

    Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

    As the best laser printer in the test, the Workcentre convinced with its outstanding print quality and top equipment as well as a fast pace. The rather high printing costs can be a problem.

Brisk work pace
Very good print quality
Extensive equipment ng
Printing costs a bit too high

The current leader of our color laser printer best list , of the Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN , convinced in the test not only with a high print quality, but also scores with a brisk work pace and extensive equipment. Although laser printers usually offer better printing costs than ink devices, they are somewhat high here.

In detail, it is the Workcentre 6515 DN by one washable multifunction printer that is also suitable for scanning, copying or faxing documents. The scanner offers a resolution of 600 ppi and copied even color documents in only 13 seconds. The print quality can convince in all areas and is very good for text and graphic printing – the clearly best results of our Leaderboard with a print resolution of up to 1. 200 x 2. 400 dpi. The print speed is also impressive: A color document is already in 15 seconds finished, a black and white Pressure takes about as long.

The functions of our test winner are also impressive and shine with a specially designed equipment for office use. These include, for example, its interfaces for a USB 3.0 or a network connection. This means that mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks can also send and execute print jobs easily via the Internet. After a short setup, features such as scan-to-email, copying via ID card and scan-to-USB are also available. The practical RADF feeder with automatic document turning and the 250 Sheet paper cassette (550 leaf additionally by extension) also like.

Although laser printers in particular are known for their low printing costs, which result from the comparatively cheap and longer-lasting toners, the Xerox Workcentre can only convince to a limited extent here. While the purchase price is around 330 Euro still within limits the page price is not too short: A printed black and white page costs an average of 2.5 cents, a color page even around 14, 9 cents. Compared to the other models in the leaderboard these costs are average at best, but are far from our price tips below.

The replacement toners on the Xerox Workcentre last a long time, but are not necessarily cheap. Image: Xerox

To test the Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

Favorable in the long run: Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

  • Source: BestCheck

    Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

    An enormous printing speed and the very low printing costs make the Ecosys a clear laser price tip. The quality is only satisfactory, but good equipment and ergonomics are still offered.

Lavish equipment
Brisk printing speed
Low printing costs
Text prints only satisfactory

Even if the Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn with a price of around 353 Euro may initially seem more expensive than our top model, the financial calculation is worth it in the long run. While our test winner in this regard is a whopping 14, 9 cents per color print, come to the Ecosys M 5526 cdn with only 10, 7 cents per sheet clearly cheaper path. Especially in the longer term, the larger investment will have a noticeable impact on the acquisition costs.

Aside from the financial aspect, he was able to rank second our best list but also doing well in the other categories. For example, the printer offers a strong technical equipment with display operation, duplex unit, scan, copy and fax functions as well as an ADF feeder for up to 50 Sheet. The lack of depth of field during scanning due to the CIS technology used (“Contact Image Sensor”) can, however, become a problem with book scans. The big advantage of this technology is the higher scanning speed, which can make color copies within 8 seconds. The volume of the printing process is also pleasant, which can be particularly important in quieter office environments.

The coarsest blunder is the Ecosys M 5526 cdn of all things in terms of print quality. Deficits are particularly evident here in text printing, while graphics are generally output well. Last but not least due to the high printing speed (at least round 26, 1 pages per minute) some letters have a strong toner fog. This can lead to a slight blurring and thus negatively affect the overall picture. Overall, the pressure is okay and we get a “satisfactory”.

Favorable in the long term: Despite higher acquisition costs, the Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn worthwhile in the long run. Picture: Kyocera

To test the Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

Very cheap in the long run: Ricoh SP C 262 SFNw

  • SP C262SFNw

    Source: BestCheck

    Ricoh SP C 262 SFNw

    The lowest printing costs for our owners This list from Ricoh goes clearly to the list. You pay 1.7 cents on average per black and white page and 9.6 cents for a color page.

Extremely low printing costs
Strong equipment
Very high copy quality
Prints comparatively slowly
Graphic- Pressure only satisfactory

The least expensive printer in terms of printing costs, the Ricoh SP C 262 SFNw , may have a higher print quality and top features compared to our previous price tip, but is particularly noticeable due to the low printing speed. The printing of graphics is also not quite as good as that of the competition.

For around 460 Euro counts the Ricoh SP C 262 SFNw to the slightly more expensive devices. But for a black and white page only 1.7 cents is due, and the average price for a colored page is also very low at 9.6 cents – in comparison, the lowest printing costs of the whole Best list offered. The laser printer also cuts a good figure in terms of equipment and print quality: with a resolution of 2. 400 x 600 dpi when printing and ordinary 1. 200 ppi when scanning, the Ricoh model delivers good to very good results, especially for text documents. Only graphics are left behind. Like its colleagues, it also offers an ADF feeder for 50 sheet as well as duplex printing, a fax machine and very good display operation.

All right the motto “Good things take time” disappointed the SP C 262 SFNw in terms of printing speed but unfortunately all along the line. In black and white there are only around 9.4 pages per minute, while for a single color print 41 seconds into the country. The copying process also takes time: 16 seconds a print in grayscale takes here, while the scanning process in full color 24 seconds. In terms of printing speed, it is one of the worst models in our best list .

It doesn't get cheaper: The printing costs of the Ricoh SP C 262 SFNw are lower than any other model in our leaderboard. Picture: Ricoh

Faster than anyone: HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M 477 fdn

  • Color LaserJet Pro M477fdn Farblaser-Multifunktionsgerät CF378A

    Source: BestCheck

    HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M 477 fdn

    While the print quality and d Like the sumptuous equipment, the highlight here is clearly the printing speed. Satte 19, 4 pages / min the printer manages in black and white; for a color print it only needs 14 seconds.

Fast and ergonomic
Decent print quality
Lush equipment
Problems with copying
Average printing costs

The Laserjet Pro reaches in our best list Although only fourth place, it is far ahead of its colleagues in terms of printing speed. It also scores well in the other categories and has no major weaknesses. However, the printing costs also count towards those average ratings.

The HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M 477 fdn prints from all devices of our Leaderboard the fastest and creates a color print like this 14 seconds. In black and white there are whole 19, 4 pages per minute possible – a top value. In addition, he does not take too much time when copying and creates a color copy already around 13 Seconds. The high resolution of the scanner with 1. 200 ppi also likes it. The HP model also offers an ADF feeder for 50 sheet, a duplex print, a fax machine and a scanner. The printing costs are still okay: For a color print, the average 14, 2 cents due, the Black and white printing requires around 2.2 cents. However, the purchase price of around 340 Euro with a strong Price-performance ratio.

However, the print quality itself is only moderate with the “high-speed printer”. This is particularly due to the quality of copies, which looks too fuzzy from the letter edges. Here the printer is clearly too thick. The device is convincing across the board in normal text printing and also produces graphics on paper. The high printing speed, the Internet connection via LAN and the low operating volume therefore make him the perfect office candidate – provided that great emphasis is not placed on perfect copy quality.

The fastest printer on the leaderboard: The HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M 477 fdn already round 14 seconds. Picture: HP

To test the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M 477 fdn

This is how CHIP tests color laser printers

The color laser printer is evaluated in cooperation with . Our partner provides us with the necessary measurement data, such as resolution, printing time and quality assessment for text and graphic printing as well as copy quality. CHIP evaluates the measurement data and weights it for a final evaluation in the categories Quality (30%) , printing costs (30%) , speed (15%) , Furnishing ( 15%) and Ergonomics (10%) .

What defines a color laser printer?

In contrast to ink printers, a laser printer does not work with color cartridges, but with so-called toners. These contain a fine powder, the 5 to 30) µm-sized particles are attached to a rotating drum via charge and discharge. The color is then burned onto the paper by the contribution of heat. This unique type of printing brings with it some advantages, but the disadvantages of this technology must also be taken into account.

On the positive side there is the longer durability of the print. This results from the “burning” of the color on the paper in contrast only using liquid ink droplets. The pressure does not blur and the heat-induced curling of the paper is also counteracted. Even special paper such as photo paper is not necessary here and in direct comparison with the ink models, the print quality is usually higher. Not only on paper, but also on the toners that can be used longer compared to ink cartridges, users save a lot of money, especially in the long run.

Disadvantages are shown in addition to the increased power consumption and the slightly higher operating volume, especially in the materials used. The composition of the toners from substances such as synthetic resin, metal oxides and pigments requires the distribution of microscopic particles in the ambient air via the ventilation of the printing device. However, various studies have so far only been able to demonstrate a higher environmental pollution from the particles, but no direct connection with health impairments. However, some manufacturers also offer special filter units for the fans of their laser printers, which are intended to keep emissions to a minimum.

More information on laser printers in general and on the purchase such devices can be found in our extensive purchase advice for WLAN printers of all kinds.

For detailed purchase advice


What is the difference between ink and laser printers?

Ink printers use liquid ink drops during the printing process, while laser printing engraves toner powder from a drum into the paper. Ink printers usually offer a low purchase price as well as high print quality on special paper. Laser printers, on the other hand, sometimes offer significantly better and indelible results on plain paper.

What should I spend on a good printer?

The prices in our leaderboards for ink printers are between 92 and 455 Euro, but our top model already for under 200 Euro is available. Laser printers, however, fall with 310 to 580 a little more expensive. Here you pay around for the top model 330 Euro . How much you should actually invest depends entirely on your own requirements and how you use the device.

What do the printing costs mean?

The printing costs allow a financial analysis of a device also beyond its acquisition costs. Power consumption and the color used play a major role in this. Since the color in the form of the toner is particularly cheap for color laser printers, the laser devices also have a lot ahead of their ink mates here. The printing costs play particularly long term and egg for multiple printers ne important role.

Aren't laser printers harmful to health?

It is true that the materials contained in toners such as synthetic resin, metal oxides and pigments get into the environment through ventilation. Studies have already proven this. However, what they have not yet been able to prove is the connection between that environmental impact and health damage. Many call for more extensive studies with more subjects. As things stand, there is nothing to fear.

What do “dpi” and “ppi” mean?

The abbreviations stand for the “dots per inch” when printing and for the “pixels per inch” during scanning.

multifunction printer (color laser) in the test

Xerox Workcentre 6515DN Offer from BestCheck

  • Quality (1.0)
  • Printing costs (2.9)
  • Speed ​​(1.8)
  • Equipment (1,2)
  • Ergonomics (1.0)

Kyocera Ecosys M5526cdn Offer from BestCheck

  • Quality (3.3)
  • Printing costs (1.2)
  • Speed ​​(1.3)
  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Ergonomics (1.3)

Ricoh SP C262SFNw Offered by BestCheck

  • Quality (2.5)
  • Printing costs (1.0)
  • Speed ​​(3.8)
  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Ergonomics (1.0)

HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M477fdn Offer from BestCheck

  • Quality (2.4)
  • Printing costs (2.4)
  • Speed ​​(1,0)
  • Facilities (1.1)
  • Ergonomics (1.1)

Oki MC362dn Offer from BestCheck

  • Quality (2.6)
  • Printing costs (2.8)
  • Speed ​​(1,9)
  • Facilities (1.6)
  • Ergonomics (1.8)

To the complete leaderboard

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