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Content based on the test results from ÖKO-TEST

Medical thermometer in the test: Most are reliable. Image: Pixabay

If the forehead burns, the judgment after the feeling test is often: fever. Only a clinical thermometer can confirm this. ÖKO-TEST has tested popular clinical thermometers, including contact thermometers and infrared thermometers from the drugstore and branded products from the pharmacy. The cheapest thermometer is already for 3, 50 Euros available – but is it also recommended? ÖKO-TEST carried out the practical test and examined the thermometers for pollutants. The test was carried out by ÖKO-TEST and in the issue 01 / 2017 first published.

Medical thermometer at ÖKO-TEST: Convincingly affordable

A clinical thermometer belongs in every household, even if you rarely need it. But when it is in use, it has to work reliably and measure the temperature exactly. Inaccuracies are a no-go. That is why ÖKO-TEST has checked whether the clinical thermometers also show the correct temperature. In addition, the experts examined the ingredients and checked whether there is, for example, environmentally harmful bromine on the board.

The result: 11 of 16 clinical thermometers got the top grade “very good”. Cheap contact thermometers are just as good as the expensive models. Only pacifier thermometers for babies did not go beyond the “satisfactory” mark. We show you the test winners available online in our table. You can read all test results and the complete ranking in the complete ÖKO-TEST article, which you can also call Single item (2, 00 Euro) ) .

Clinical thermometer in the test: winner of the ÖKO-TEST

Surname type Price To buy

A EG ear thermometer FT 4919

infrared ear thermometer

around 5 euros

to Amazon

Aponorm ear thermometer Comfort 3

infrared ear thermometer

round 35 Euro

to Amazon

Braun Thermoscan 7 ear thermometer

infrared ear thermometer

round 40 Euro

to Amazon

Domotherm Junior digital clinical thermometer

digital contact thermometer

around 8 euros

to Amazon

Geratherm Classic

Analog contact thermometer made of glass

around 8 euros

to Amazon

Reer Skin Temp 3 in 1 infrared thermometer

infrared ear and forehead thermometer

round 18 Euro

to Amazon

Sanitas multifunction thermometer SFT 65

infrared ear and forehead thermometer

round 18 Euro

to Amazon

This is how ÖKO-TEST evaluates the clinical thermometer

13 of 16 Thermometers cut off with “very good” or “good”. However, a brand thermometer failed in practice: This is “poor”. While contact thermometers are between 3, 50 Euro and 6 euros are available, many infrared thermometers cost around 30 Euros or more. You don't have to put them in your mouth or butt and they work a few seconds faster than digital contact thermometers.

In practice, ÖKO-TEST left the ear-forehead thermometer in the Examine ear mode, which is also used in clinics. The two pacifier thermometers in the test have no replaceable batteries and have to stay in baby's mouth for over a minute. The glass thermometer

Geratherm Classic showed in the laboratory after 30 seconds the temperature, but according to the provider should measure for at least four minutes.

Most clinical thermometers work exactly. Image: Pixabay

The Aponorm ear thermometer Comfort 3 and the Braun Thermoscan 7 ear thermometer have a practical display lighting. But the temperature can also be read easily on the other digital thermometers – even if some displays are significantly smaller than those of the competition. Some models warn both acoustically and optically from a certain temperature. The tiny font of the instructions of the

is not consumer-friendly. Chicco digital thermometer Digi Baby .

All products reached in the precision measurement in an exactly tempered water bath at 36, 40 and 42 degrees Celsius each have a measuring accuracy of less than 0.3 degrees deviation. The method used in the laboratory checks whether a thermometer can precisely reproduce a specified temperature value. Ear-forehead thermometers were tested with ear tips. With the Nuk baby thermometer 2 in 1 the subjects did not succeed to achieve repeatable results under practical conditions.

Bromine was detected by the laboratory on every board examined, it plays an inglorious, environmentally harmful role in electronic devices as a brominated flame retardant. ÖKO-TEST evaluates this under “Other defects” just as much as environmentally harmful chlorinated compounds in the packaging. Apart from these two, ÖKO-TEST did not have to complain about any questionable or controversial substances. No product therefore scores ingredients worse than “good” in the test result.

The most important questions about clinical thermometers at a glance

What is the best clinical thermometer?

In the test, a total of 13 the 16 tested models the ratings “very good” or “good”. This includes branded products, such as the AEG ear thermometer FT 4919 or Braun Thermoscan 7 ear thermometer, but also cheaper devices.

How much does a good clinical thermometer cost?

Our test devices cost from cheap 4 euros to over 40 Euro. In this price range you will also find consistently good products. Therefore, the price when buying a clinical thermometer is unfortunately not an indicator of good quality. You can find good goods in our test .

What kind of clinical thermometer are there?

In Clinical thermometers are now of several types. The original thermometers are made of glass and measure the temperature with a mercury reservoir . These still work today. Before round 30 years became the first infrared ear thermometer that exists especially in households with children under six years of age. According to Stiftung Warentest, however, the most popular are digital contact thermometers.

Where are the fever measurements most accurate?

The most reliable are rectal temperature measurements, i.e. the measurement in the anus. You should choose this method, especially for children under 3 years of age. Fever can develop very quickly in small children, which is why accurate measurements are essential. Adults prefer to measure their temperature in the ear, mouth or under the armpit. Here the values ​​are approximately 0.5 degrees lower. Fever is therefore over 38, 5 degrees Celsius before.

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