Circular saws in the test: Good circular saws are less than 50 euros

This is what matters with circular saws

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Xiaomi-Schraubendreher im Praxis-Test: Für wen der Edel-Schrauber genau das Richtige ist

Woodworking and home improvement quickly get you to the point where you can't go without a circular saw. When buying current hand-held circular saws, however, the following applies: expensive is not equally good. This is shown in the following test report. In the video you can also see our practical test on a small home improvement device, a screwdriver.

With circular saws there are good cheap products, but also expensive disappointments: In a test published by the magazine “Himself is the man” together with the TÜV Rhineland, each product examined showed weaknesses, but none of the twelve devices failed. Half got the grade “good”, three were “satisfactory”, three “sufficient”.

The test winner among the cheaper hand-held circular saws was the Bosch PKS 55 A for round 120 Euro with a grade of 2.3. As a “price tip”, the magazine praised Trotec PCSS – 10 – 1400 with a grade of 2.4, the round 45 Euro costs. Among the somewhat more expensive professional machines, the AEG KS 55 – 2 for round 190 Euro with the grade 1.9 best off.

Here you will find the products that were convincing in the test at Amazon:

  • Source: Amazon

    Bosch PKS 55 A

    Note 2.3 in the “Selbst ist der Mann” test

  • Source: Amazon

    Trotec PCSS – 10 – 1400

    Note 2.4 in “Himself is the man” test

  • Source: Amazon

    AEG KS 55 – 2

    Note 1.9 in “Self is the man “-Test

Cutting quality of the saws as a shortcoming

In terms of ergonomics and processing, all products achieved decent results, the testers judged. This also applied to the cutting performance, the behavior of the machine when sawing and cutting at a certain angle in softwood. If you want to saw not only straight lines, but also arches and miter cuts, we recommend the Jigsaw test .

On the other hand, the testers were not always satisfied with the cut quality – with some machines, they criticized clear tears and severe flaking. She was even more disturbed by the fact that the cutting depth for two machines was given in inches instead of centimeters – which, with further weaknesses, only led to the judgment “sufficient”.

Before sawing with a hand-held circular saw, you should always test the settings on test pieces. Himself is the man, issue 3 / 2019 / dpa-tmn

Test circular saw on residual wood

Regardless of whether it is a matter of cutting angles or a certain depth of cut: the experts always recommend trial cuts on residual wood to determine the exact setting. The preselection scales of the machines are often inaccurate or difficult to read.

Many devices whirled up considerable amounts of sawdust when cutting, despite the connected suction device. A saw with round 330 Euro purchase price was the most expensive in the test, was devalued because no suction cup could be installed there – the result was the machine only “sufficient”. The general advice to do-it-yourselfers is: Wear a dust mask and put on hearing protection when cutting.

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