Cigarette tamping machine: Smokers really save that much

Get away from the box and stuff yourself

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IQOS 3: Das müssen Sie über den Tabak-Erhitzer wissen

Due to the rising cigarette prices, more and more consumers are switching to cigarette stuffing using a cigarette tamping machine. Cigarette tamping machines make it easier to stuff yourself and, compared to vaping, do not do without real tobacco. You can find out in our report how much it is financially worth it and how high the prices for the accessories are. There we also present the three Amazon bestsellers.

A cigarette tamping machine enables you to make your own cigarettes. In addition to the tamping machine, only filter sleeves and tobacco are required. The filter sleeve is then inserted into the opening, tobacco is filled into the machine and the lever is pulled backwards with one pull. The cigarette is then stuffed. Find out how much you can save per month in this way below.

We also have the three best cigarette tamping machines on Amazon selected by sorting the corresponding product category according to customer reviews. Only products that are more than 50 reviews received (as of March 2019).

High savings potential when using cigarette tamping machines

The savings potential when using cigarette tamping machines is 50 to 85 percent. The reason for this are the low prices of the cigarette tubes and the large selection of tobacco in different price categories.

Cigarette boxes cost around 6, 50 up to 7 euros , which with a consumption of 10 cigarettes a day (about 300 per month) 100 to 120 euros per month. This way you can determine how much you would save per month with the stopper:

  • 100 grams loose tobacco costs between 5 and 15 Euro, depending on quality and taste
  • For 300 You need cigarettes for the 200 grams Tobacco
  • 1.00 0 filter sleeves cost 10 Euro

If all these values ​​are added together, you will get 10 to 30 euros for tobacco and 3 euros for pods. Overall, as a self-tamper, enter 13 to 33 Euros for one month.

The savings depend heavily on the tobacco used and the tamping machine. The better this is, the less tobacco is lost.

Undisputed tip: OCB 3013 Mikromatic Duo

The OCB 3013 Mikromatic Duo is with 4 , 7 stars from over 3. 00 0 ratings on Amazon the traditional number one of the tamping machines. The price for the device is around 20 Euro.

The OCB 3013 is a high quality tamping machine that are suitable for stuffing cigarettes with tubes in extra or king size format. The chrome design looks elegant and tastier than other colorful plastic products.

The ease of use and the look of the tamping machine are well received by users in reviews. The operation does take some getting used to, but once you have the trick out, it can be stuffed quickly and easily. On the other hand, the rapid wear of the plastic parts is criticized, but can be reordered.

The duo is of high quality and stylish chrome. Amazon

Top-o-Matic cigarette tamping machine: cigarettes straight out of the box

In place 2 there is a Top-o-Matic cigarette filling machine , those of around 600 Amazon customers was rated with a total of 4.6 stars. It is for about 30 Euro available on Amazon.

The design is reminiscent of the 1 Duo place, although the chrome has been dispensed with. As such, it is used in the same way and only differs in the compatible filter sleeves. Here you can fill classic sizes.

Buyers advise not to put too much tobacco in the machine when using it, since even small quantities are sufficient for a solid cigarette. Here too there is a problem with the sensitive plastic parts and is generally perceived as a shortcoming.

As effective as the Duo for normal cigarette tubes: Top-o-Matic cigarette tamping machine. Amazon

Everything included: Top-o-Matic cigarette filling machine including ZIG ZAG filter tubes

Here you will see the Duo tamping machine in a set with ZIG ZAG filter sleeves offered. The combination received 4.7 stars from approximately 60 Customer reviews and can be for a price of around 35 Euro can be ordered from Amazon.

The tamping machine is the duo already presented. There are also 1 in the scope of delivery. 00 0 filter sleeves from the manufacturer ZIG ZAG, which can be used together with the machine. These are tasteless and therefore do not change the aroma of the tobacco. You can save some money on the filter sleeves.

For many cigarettes: Duo tamping machine and ZIG ZAG tubes in a set. Amazon