Chrome will block ads that eat up your laptop or smartphone battery


Ebenizer Pinedo – May 20, 2020 – 2: 53 (CET)

Starting in August Google Chrome will begin to block ads that consume a large amount of resources from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Chrome bloqueará los anuncios que devoran la batería de tu portátil o smartphone

Web browsers, despite the constant changes they introduce, have also become a problem for the autonomy of laptops or smartphones. In fact, you can verify for yourself that these applications have no mercy whatsoever with the resources of your device , including the battery. In such a situation, Chrome aims to tackle one of the causes of the problem: the advertisements.

“We recently discovered that a percentage of the ads consume disproportionately the resources of the device , such as battery and network data, without the user knowing. These ads (such as those that mine cryptocurrencies, are poorly programmed or are not optimized for network use) may drain battery life , saturate the networks and cost money, “said the company through a statement shared on its website.

Those of Mountain View promise that with the arrival of Chrome 86 , which is scheduled to launch August , the browser will start blocking those ads that consume a lot of resources . It should be noted that the measure will apply to laptops, tablets and mobiles. In addition, the blocking will not go unnoticed by the user , since the advertising space will be occupied by a static image with the message “Ad removed.” You can see it in the following image shared by Google:

Chrome's conditions for blocking an ad

Now, the company has defined a series of parameters in order to determine that an ad is causing problems . Advertising that consumes 4 MB —or more— of network data, 15 seconds of CPU usage in periods of 30 seconds or 60 seconds of total CPU usage, will automatically block. According to their data, only 0.3% of internet ads reach those figures. However, if we consider that millions of ads are shown daily, then the percentage is still significant.

Will we notice greater autonomy in our team when using Chrome? That It will depend on the way we use the browser. If you are one of the users who usually have dozens of tabs open, even those that will not return, then you will hardly notice an improvement. Perhaps the biggest benefit will be the smartphones for avoiding the disproportionate consumption of mobile data.

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