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The CHIP Deal Finder: The current lightning deals on Amazon

All year round Amazon & Co. pound out a lot of offers. Problem with this: You should better keep your hands off most of the deals that appear to be bargains. Because: Often people try to cheer you some shopkeepers, often the products are not good in themselves or the promising discounts turn out to be more beautiful when you take a closer look because they refer to any moon prices from the past.

This is exactly where the CHIP Deal Finder ( currently only for Amazon!): In the standard overview you can see all currently running deals compactly and with all important information summarized. If you are only interested in certain product groups, this is also not a problem. To do this, simply click on the “Show categories” section and select the appropriate filter. Alternatively, you can also search for a specific offer by typing the desired product in the search field, for example “iPhone” or “Samsung Galaxy”. Our Deal Finder will then only show you offers that match this keyword.

If you have not found an interesting deal, take a small look into the future by clicking on “Show upcoming offers”. We cannot show you a price for the future deals, but at least you can see whether something exciting will appear in the range during the day:

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