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Content based on the test results from ÖKO-TEST

Buy children's mattress: you have to consider that

Small children sleep a large part of the day. That is why it is particularly important that they are properly bedded on children's bed mattresses. The choice of the right mattress for the cot is not just a matter of comfort, but above all of safety. In the test, almost half of the 14 tested mattresses, with four of them even choking. However, three mattresses can also get the rating “very good”. The test was carried out by ÖKO-TEST and in the issue 09 / 2019 first published.

You can read this in this article: First of all, we present five recommended children's mattresses. We will then explain what makes a mattress safe for children, what materials you choose and what you should pay attention to when buying. We also summarize tips for you on how your child can sleep peacefully.

Four mattresses are life-threatening for babies

With mattresses for babies, it is particularly important that they are not too soft to prevent the little ones from choking on their stomach. The test shows that four mattresses cannot meet this requirement and increase the risk of sudden child death. Of 15 tested mattresses fall through the six Test and two are just enough.

After all: One mattress is “good” and three are “very good”, including the cheapest of the models tested. We will introduce you to the best mattresses in detail and explain what you should pay special attention to for children's bed mattresses. The entire test including detailed test results can be found at ÖKO-TEST for the price of 2, 50 Euro.

ECO TEST result 09 / 19: Children's mattresses in the test

Product Price Ingredients practice test overall evaluation To buy

Ikea Himlavalv 3-D mattress baby bed \ (Ikea)

round 140 Euro


very good

very good

to the shop (Ikea)

Träumeland Rainbow Basic Baby Mattress \ (Träumeland)

round 75 Euro


very good

very good

to the shop (Amazon)

raccoon child mattress coconut, cotton \ (raccoon)

round 160 Euro


very good

very good

to the shop (raccoon)

Prolana baby and child mattress Ronja Plus \ (Prolana)

round 150 Euro




to the shop (Amazon)

Allnatura coconut fiber children's mattress “Coco” \ (Allnatura)

from round 110 Euro

very good



to the shop (Allnatura)

1. Ikea Himlavalv 3-D mattress baby bed (test winner)

  • Source: Ikea

    Ikea Himlavalv 3-D mattress baby bed

    The Himlavalv children's mattress has all the necessary safety precautions for your child and even has a washable core.

Hard enough for babies
Washable cover and core
Childproof zipper
Low proportion of antimony
Optical brighteners on zippers or labels

The Himlavalv 3-D -Mattress baby bed from Ikea scores in the test with the grade “very good”. The mattress has a polyethylene core that can be rinsed off with lukewarm water and a cover that is 60 degrees machine washable. It is hard enough that there is no risk of suffocation for prone babies and the zipper is childproof.

The mattress is suitable for baby beds with an inside dimension of 70 x 140 cm. The only defects found are the slightly increased antimony content and the use of optical brighteners on labels, zippers or sewing thread.

With a price of round 140 Euro the Himalavalv sorts itself in the middle of the test field.

. 2 Träumeland Regenbogen Basic Baby Mattress (Price Tip)

  • Source: Träumeland

    Träumeland Regenbogen Basic Baby Mattress

    This mattress not only scores with “very good”, but is also particularly cheap.

Great price-performance ratio
Washable cover
Meets all security requirements
Night Hurry
Antimonium portion
core not washable

The baby mattress “Rainbow” from Träumeland is the cheapest of all mattresses tested. It is all the more gratifying that it turns out to be “very good” in the test overall.

This cold foam mattress is provided with a cotton cover, which at 60 Degrees machine washable. The mattress has a baby and a toddler side, on which it starts with a child weight of 12 Kilos can be turned. It meets the safety requirements of the European DIN standard and is hard enough that a baby's head does not sink into it.

The rainbow mattress currently costs round 75 Euro.

. 3 Raccoon children's mattress coconut, cotton

  • Source: raccoon

    raccoon children's mattress coconut, cotton

    This children's mattress consists of natural coconut fibers that have been soaked in latex.

Cover removed- and washable
natural fibers with good strength
Contains halogenated organic compounds

This laundry mattress with a core of latexed coconut fibers and a cotton cover also convinced in the test with the rating “very good”. The latex coconut core promotes air circulation in the mattress due to its open-pore structure and offers enough strength for babies. Apart from a proportion of organic halogen compounds in the material, no defects were found on this mattress in the test.

In addition, this mattress is also hard enough so that the child's head does not sink. Currently the raccoon coconut seed mattress costs round 160 Euro.

. 4 Prolana baby and children's mattresses Ronja Plus

  • Source: Prolana

    Prolana baby and children's mattress Ronja Plus

    This coconut latex mattress from Prolana is firm and has a washable cover.

Firm enough for babies
Washable cover
Instructions for use and warnings are missing
Contain organohalogen compounds

The “Ronja” baby and children's mattress from Prolana was convincing overall with a “good” test result. It has a latex coconut core that is firm enough for baby heads and comes with a washable cover.

However, the warning and safety features are missing and organic halogen compounds could be found in the mattress, which led to a devaluation. The Prolana mattress is currently for round 130 Euro available in the stores.

5th Allnatura coconut fiber children's mattress “Coco”

  • Source: Allnatura

    Allnatura coconut fiber children's mattress “Coco”

    The “Coco” mattress is free from harmful ingredients.

No harmful ingredients
cover removable and washable
Cover too large before washing
Instructions for use and safety not fully completed

The coconut fiber children's mattress “Coco” from Allnatura convinces everyone by the lack of harmful ingredients and also knows otherwise no dangerous defects for the child.

However, before the first wash of the cover in the test, the mattress was too large for the specified dimensions and instructions for use and safety instructions are missing , which is why she receives deductions in the practical test and is only rated “satisfactory” overall. It also belongs with a price of round 180 Euro to the more expensive mattresses in the test field.

Children's bed mattress test: This is how ÖKO-TEST tests

To determine which mattresses are really safe for children, ÖKO-TEST followed the safety requirements of DIN EN 16890 . These exist since 2017 and serve the manufacturers as a guideline for their products.

ÖKO-TEST therefore examined the following properties of the children's bed mattresses: hardness, ingredients, correctness of size, cover and durability. A children's mat The claw must be sufficiently hard, as a mattress that is too soft can lead to suffocation of the child. ÖKO-TEST tests this with a heavy ball that is supposed to simulate the weight of a baby's head. If it sinks too much, the mattress is too soft.

If the actual dimensions do not match the specified dimensions, there is a risk of injury , The cover must also be washable and should not shrink when washing. Last but not least, ÖKO-TEST examines the mattresses for harmful substances in the cover, filling material and labels.

How much does a good cot mattress cost?

A cot mattress can cost as much as an adult mattress. The test field moves between 60 and 230 Euro. However, you get a very good children's mattress for 60 Euro – this is how much one of the best mattresses, the Träumeland rainbow, costs “very good” “.

What makes a mattress safe for my baby?

In their beds, small children and babies are left unattended for a long time. That is why it is important to make this place particularly safe. Even if a mattress may appear comparatively harmless, it can quickly become a source of danger. That's why there have been 2017 the European standard DIN EN 16890 for safe children's mattresses, on which manufacturers can voluntarily orient themselves.

Never choose mattresses that are too soft

The greatest danger is for babies with mattresses that are too soft. These are always associated with sudden child death. If a baby turns upside down while sleeping and his head sinks into the mattress, there is a risk of suffocation. Babies are not yet able to lift their head up by themselves to protect themselves from it. To test the correct hardness of the mattress, a metal ball is placed on it to simulate a child's head and observes how far it sinks into the material. Do not rely on advertising promises, but pay attention to test ratings on this point.

Caution! Our partners from Öko-Test explicitly warn against four mattresses Manufacturer Alvi, Aro Artländer, Dr. Lübbe and Lonsberg, which are too soft on at least one side and where there is a risk of suffocation. With two of these mattresses, the too soft side is even shown as extra for babies.

Alvi advertises with its too soft AlviWave children's mattress even with a “reduced CO² rebreathing” by special construction. However, the manufacturer cannot provide studies that prove this.

If you have already bought one of the mattresses that failed in the test, our partner ÖKO-TEST advises you to file a complaint with a reference to the test report.

A prone mattress that is too soft can be dangerous for your baby Uwe Anspach / dpa-tmn

Buying a cot mattress: what should I pay attention to?

Pay attention to small parts, stickers and accessible materials

Babies and toddlers are known to handle everything and put what they can only find in their mouths. Therefore, you should make sure that there are as few soluble parts as possible on the mattress. The zip of the cover, for example, should best be designed without a breakable push handle and can only be opened with the help of a safety pin. This is also important so that the child cannot get to the filling of the mattress. In addition, stickers on the mattress can be easily removed and swallowed. If your mattress has label attached, you should carefully remove it before use.

The mattress should be the right size

Another important safety aspect is that the mattress also corresponds to the dimensions actually given and does not change due to washing. If there is a gap between the mattress and the bed, there is a risk that your child will wrap himself up. There should be no more than two fingers or about 3 cm space between the mattress and the frame.

Avoid pollutants

Pollutants in textiles and sleeping materials are actually out of principle for all people to avoid. Since children are generally particularly sensitive, you should make sure that your child's mattress is not contaminated with such substances. The semimetal antimony, for example, is contained in many mattresses and is considered to be hazardous to health in too large quantities. Controversial organic halogen compounds are also often found in mattresses. The good news is that according to the test by our partner Öko-Test, there is no major pollutant problem overall with the tested models and the highest small amounts of antimony were found in almost all mattresses.

What materials should I choose?

In babies, the spine is not yet S-shaped, but is straight and supplied with blood. You don't need multi-zone mattresses like adults and common types like spring mattresses are not suitable for babies. The best thing for children is a firm, elastic underlay that supports the spine and prevents later postural damage.

  • Specialist shops often Cold foam mattresses recommended . This offers a high degree of elasticity and ensures that troughs are avoided. Air ducts are often installed here to promote air circulation through the mattress. The polyethylene core of the test winner from Ikea offers the same advantages.
  • Those who prefer natural materials can use a mattress latexed coconut to grab. For this, coconut fibers are soaked in latex. The material gets a high elasticity but still behaves elastically. However, these mattresses may be less suitable for children with allergies.
  • For the Reference washable natural materials such as cotton or new wool are suitable. Make sure that this is best at 60 degrees machine washable.

Which mattress size is suitable for my child?

Which size you choose for your cot mattress naturally depends on the age, size and weight of the child. Standard sizes are 120 x 60 cm and 140 x 70cm. Most stationary cots are designed for the larger version and travel cots for the smaller one. If you 140 x 70 cm, you can use the mattress a little longer. Some models therefore have an extra page for babies and one for toddlers.

More tips and advice for a healthy sleep

  • Ventilate the children's mattress well before use.
  • Lay your baby supine on the bed to avoid the sudden death to prevent suffocation.
  • Avoid overheating your child while sleeping. A room temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius is ideal.
  • Make sure that no blankets or pillows can slip over your baby's head. A baby sleeping bag with a narrower cut at the neck is best.

Further questions on the topic

Which cot mattress is the best?

The best children's bed mattresses are the IKEA Himlavalv, the Träumeland rainbow and the raccoon children's mattress coconut. All three received the rating “very good” in the test and are therefore safe for the youngsters.

How much does a good children's mattress cost?

You do not have to rush into expenses for a good children's mattress. You get a mattress with the rating “very good”, the Träumeland rainbow, for around 60 Euro.

How hard must a cot mattress be?

A cot mattress should be relatively hard. This is mainly due to the fact that newborns still have a straight spine and therefore need good support. On the other hand, a hard mattress prevents the child's head from sinking too low in the prone position. Babies cannot lift their heads so well on their own. Especially in the prone position, there is a risk of suffocation if the mattress is too soft.

Which material should a cot mattress have?

Preferably cold foam or coconut latex mattresses for your child. These are hard enough to avoid lying troughs and yet elastic enough so that your child lies comfortably.

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