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5 easy steps to a better web experience

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If you want to change the Internet provider, you will be faced with some questions. But actually the change is very easy and also done quickly. Together with Vodafone we show how to switch to better internet in 5 easy steps.

There are many reasons to change your internet provider. Be it the price, the desire for a higher bandwidth, the service or, for example, the reorientation after a move. We show how the change of provider takes place and is done in five easy steps.


1. Note the contract period and notice period

If you intend to switch, you should first look at your current contract. How long does the contract run and what are the notice periods? There are no fixed rules here – and notice periods of between four weeks and three months are common, depending on the provider and contract. Important here: If you miss the notice period, the contract is usually automatically extended by 12 months. It is therefore worth checking the documents in good time or asking the provider about the last possible cancellation date.


2. Carry out an availability check

One of the top reasons for changing internet providers is the desire for faster internet at the same or lower costs. Just the Vodafone technology cable-glass fiber offers great potential here. But first it has to be clarified which speed and which technology is technically possible at your address. Some providers therefore have an availability check that shows the Internet speeds that the provider can provide at this location after entering the address. These checks, such as those from Vodafone, are of course completely non-binding and free of charge, but offer the customer a good first orientation.


3. Select a new offer

After the availability check, the offer selection comes. It is worth taking a closer look here. Because depending on the motivation to switch (faster internet, lower costs, better service, etc.), the market offers a wide range. Customers should ask themselves at the latest what exactly they expect from their new contract in addition to the initial reason for the change. In principle, it is worthwhile to look not only at the contract term, but also at flexibility. If usage behavior changes, flexible contracts can be easily adapted. Nevertheless, you should already have an idea of ​​your current data consumption before concluding the contract. Helpful to find this out, for example, is the Vodafone bandwidth Speed ​​consultant . Based on some information, this little helper extracts the monthly consumption and shows the recommended tariff directly.


Are even more comfortable On-site consultations like them are also offered by Vodafone. Here the employees come to your home and clarify with you what requirements your usage behavior places on the Internet connection.


4. Order a new offer

If the offer is selected, the hardest part of the change is already done. Now the offer only has to be ordered. This can be done directly online, over the phone or in a branch of the desired provider. Most companies also offer a Carefree exchange service . It is only necessary to have the customer data of the previous provider ready when ordering the new contract. The new provider does the rest. Of course, the previous landline number can still be used in the new contract. The days when such requirements posed problems for suppliers and caused additional costs are definitely over.


5. Install new hardware

As a rule, the customer receives a package with new internet hardware shortly after the contract is concluded. The actual switch to the new WLAN router is then no longer a problem. Hardware and software can now be installed as easily as one could not imagine a few years ago. Basically, the installation is already done by plugging in the devices and a few settings according to the instructions. Time required: under 10 minutes.

Enjoy the fastest internet via cable fiber

Too slow? Too expensive? Too susceptible to failure? No matter what the reason for your change intentions, with Vodafone you benefit from the latest cable fiber optic technology, which speeds up your internet up to 1 gigabit / s and thus 10 – times faster than the fastest DSL and 4 times faster than VDSL. You will also receive attractive conditions, an award-winning WiFi router and a All-round carefree change helper who will take over the complete changeover for you. Simply check availability and choose one of the cheap and flexible offers. Vodafone will take care of the rest for you.

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