Can air conditioning help fight viruses and bacteria?

The situation we are currently experiencing has made us more aware of the invisible risks that constantly lie in wait for our health. Although it has always been this way, we are increasingly aware of how viruses, bacteria and allergens travel through the air, which can greatly help the proliferation of conditions such as allergy or asthma.

One of the tools that can help us combat this threat is air conditioning. That's right: a good air conditioner regulates the temperature in our house so that we feel more comfortable, but it also can fight viruses and bacteria in the home . Specifically, the filtering mechanisms of air conditioning systems are in charge of combating the contaminating particles present in the environment.

Filters are usually made up of a grille through which air enters the room and that retains microorganisms that can be harmful to health before expelling the purified air. Its correct maintenance – it is recommended to clean the air conditioning filter at least twice a year – ensures that it will perform optimally to capture allergens , viruses and bacteria present in the environment .

A good air conditioner regulates the temperature of our house but also helps to fight viruses and bacteria in the home.

The variety of filters —and air conditioning systems, by extension— is remarkable: there are nylon filters, metallic filters, and activated carbon filters specially designed to trap microparticles. The latest technological revolution in the sector is plasma filters , which purify air considerably more efficiently than its predecessors. In this last group, the Plasma Quad Plus filter from Mitsubishi Electric stands out.

According to laboratory tests of this model, carried out by experts from the Sendai Medical Center of Japan, the technology of this filter makes it possible to neutralize 99% of the viruses in barely an hour and 99% of bacteria in less than two. In addition, removes 98% of allergenic elements such as pollen , captures the 99 % of suspended particles less than 2.5 microns – we are talking about particles up to 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair – and eliminates bad odors in the room .

The effectiveness of the Plasma Quad Plus air conditioning filter has to do with its advanced technology. This filter integrates inside a plasma electrode that creates an electric curtain that instead of just picking them up, neutralizes viruses, bacteria, allergens and other harmful particles that circulate through the air . This current inside the air conditioning generates plasma – which gives a load to the contaminating particles, which allows them to be eliminated – and ozone, which contributes to ending these microorganisms and notably improving air quality.

The Mitsubishi Electric Plasma Quad Plus filter neutralizes 99% of viruses in just one hour and 99% of bacteria in less than two.

This increase in the air quality of the home supposes an improvement in the respiratory health and helps to reduce health problems in the short and medium term. In this sense, from the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC) they endorse the Plasma Quad Plus filter from Mitsubishi Electric for its contribution in the control of the symptoms of allergies or asthmatic conditions , as it reduces exposure to viruses, bacteria and allergenic particles by up to 97%.

In the same way, the increase in air quality favors the elimination of toxins that accumulate in the body, in addition to positively influencing our mood and helping to alleviate anxiety and stress. The benefits don't end here: breathing clean air while we sleep contributes to the quality of our sleep and helps us rest better.