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Digitization also means 2020 no pause – rather it goes on rapidly . Which technological trends and topics will shape the work of the BWI, digitization partner and IT system house of the Bundeswehr, in the coming months? The innovation management looks at the most important fields of action for 2020.

No. 1 smart work

Smart Work is the working model of the future. It is about the question of which work environments are required in times of globalization and digitalization so that employees – individually and collectively – can make the best possible contribution to added value in the company.

In the future, intelligent and sustainable work environments will be based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. This means that new “sharing” concepts can be implemented. With these technologies, effective and resource-saving working environments are created, which harmonize both the situational needs of the employees and the business concerns.

In addition to opportunities for companies an important contribution to environmental protection. In combination with a purpose- and task-oriented design of rooms and buildings, the best possible effect on the performance of the entire company can develop.

“Smart Work does not begin at your own work place, but the entire way there – and back again.”

Frank Hornbach, Lead Expert Innovation Management, BWI GmbH

No. 2 Real virtuality

The use of virtual reality (VR) has long ceased to be a niche phenomenon. The virtual is an accepted part of everyday life for many people – in the private and professional environment. The virtual is already real – the real virtuality. VR can be used to prepare digitally available data for users and consumers in a situational context with the help of artificial intelligence and make it interactive and intuitive.

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Human interaction with the “system computer” expands from the screen, keyboard and Mouse on language, gestures and facial expressions. The virtual activates and takes into account more of the human senses – and thus more of his abilities. Computers are becoming omnipresent: networked sensors enable space-independent interaction. The presentation and projection of user-related content takes place multimedia on screens as before, via special glasses and in future also holograms.

The challenge is now, this and upcoming functionalities and skills as well as especially their combination useful to integrate into everyday work .

No. 3 Go Green!

Environmental protection and sustainability are among the most important issues of our time. The facts and the intense socio-political debate of the past few years show that not acting is not an option. Go Green! aims at responsible, resource-saving action and maximum efficiency with the help of new technologies. This requires cultural change and active participation by everyone involved.

Chances and effects go hand in hand: Resource reduction means cost reduction. A more efficient and effective design of processes through stronger automation and better integration not only avoids errors, but also speeds up processes.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are no longer alien to digitalization more. For example, the Green IT initiative of the federal government can already look back on important successes.

During the energy consumption of IT operation 2008 at 650 gigawatt hours (GWh), this value was halved until 2016 on only 353 GWh – and that with increasing demands.

No. 4 Processes Reloaded

Many of today's processes were developed in yesterday's world. But are they really ready for tomorrow's world? The world is global, increasingly digital and extensively networked. Data flows almost in real time. In times of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, more data also means better information. This enables better decisions and more effective action. The performance increases and scales. These added values ​​must be taken up immediately in processes and procedures, implemented and made usable for companies and organizations.

“Processes Reloaded” means a continuous digitalization of processes and procedures also across company boundaries. In a perfectly digitized world there are no longer any media breaks at the interfaces. Automation enables data and information to flow quickly and unhindered – but is still protected against unauthorized access. Useless processes are consistently replaced.

BWI is looking for digital trendsetters

Anyone looking for new challenges and opportunities in the digital space will find out on the BWI career page everything worth knowing about the digitization partner and the IT system house of the Bundeswehr: .

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