Bridge camera test: All models compared

What modern all-rounders can do

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Kamera kaufen: Kompaktkamera, Bridge, DSLR oder DSLM?

What is a good bridge camera? In the laboratory, we check current compact cameras for heart and lungs. Regardless of whether you value extensive equipment and great image quality or also want a large, optical zoom range. You can find the test winner in these categories in our test overview!

A bridge The camera has to put up with a lot in the test. The combination of a powerful zoom and a comparatively light housing should also convince in terms of image quality. Not so easy, because: Extremely long focal lengths of up to 2. 00 0 millimeter and more are sometimes not uncommon in this camera class. Another reason to take a closer look at bridge cameras: The purchase of a DSLM or DSLR including suitable lenses quickly swallows up several hundred or even thousands of euros, a solid bridge camera is already for under 300 Euro to have. Operation and variety of equipment are on a comparable level.

The best bridge cameras in the test: All models in comparison

Admittedly, not every bridge class does so well in the test. In comparison, many models weaken especially in the picture quality. Due to a smaller image sensor, photos appear less beautiful than with a DSLR and DSLM with a picture chip that is at least five times as large. But there is also a real system camera replacement, for example with a 1-inch sensor, which offers similar qualities such as subject separation, low noise and even video in modern UHD resolution.

The following, always current leaderboard shows you the ten bridge cameras with the test rating. The most important information about the current bridge cameras can be found in the table below.

Bridge camera in the test: handy housing with large zoom

If you are critical of miniaturization in compact cameras and prefer a voluminous housing, the bridge cameras are the right choice. You get a camera body with a molded handle and a sufficient number of controls. Most models have an electronic viewfinder, ideally with a high resolution of at least 920. 00 0 subpixels, and a swiveling, also high-resolution display. Ambitious photographers are also pleased with the frequently available photo shoe, on which accessories such as a system flash can be connected.

The lenses of current bridge cameras enlarge up to 125subject. That sounds impressive – it is. However, the zoom strength alone should not be the deciding factor in the purchase decision. The picture quality must also convince. The resolution decreases noticeably, especially with strongly magnifying lenses, especially at the edge and in the telephoto range. In our test reports, we inform the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

Bridge camera in the test: So much enlarged 24 zoom. Picture: CHIP

Bridge camera in the test: Suitable for snapshots

What also distinguishes a good bridge camera in the test is fast autofocus. Most of the current bridge cameras convince with a shutter lag of less than 0.5 seconds and thus meet the requirements that we require for the snapshot suitability. In many cases, however, this only applies to wide-angle focal lengths. At maximum magnification, many bridge cameras still take longer than 0.5 seconds.

Replaces the HD camcorder

You can use good bridge cameras for photo – and use video recordings. Ultra HD resolution (colloquially called 4K, so 2. 160 p) is becoming the standard. Older and therefore very cheap models only draw in 1. 080 p (Full-HD) or only in 720 p on. There are differences between the bridge cameras in terms of convenience functions during recording: Good bridge cameras spoil you with a zoom that you can also change while filming and that runs much slower than in photo mode. The autofocus also continuously sharpens and you can intervene in the exposure settings by hand. Such a video function is sufficient for many tasks and makes the purchase of an additional Camcorders superfluous.

Bridge camera for photo and video: The triggers for image and film are close together (top right). Image: Lumix