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So finden Sie den besten Bluetooth-Speaker

Bluetooth speakers play your favorite music anywhere – whether in the living room, in the bathroom or on the terrace. But the mobile speakers should not only sound good, they should also support important transmission standards, be easy to use and, above all, have a long battery life. The intended use also plays a role: splash protection ensures that the Bluetooth box does not fail during outdoor activities. Coupling loudspeakers in turn supports the surround sound at home. The differences between the speakers are big. A high price doesn't necessarily mean good quality.

The best Bluetooth speaker is the Teufel Rockster Cross model. After extensive investigations we come to this result with 50 speakers in the CHIP test center. You can get a recommended model from 50 Euro. In this post, we'll introduce you to the best Bluetooth speakers and what you need to know about before you buy.

The 5 best Bluetooth -Speaker

test winner Price Tip 2. Place 3. Place Best Mobility


Devil Rockster Cross

Anker SoundCore Flare +

JBL Xtreme 2

Dockin D FINE +

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3


approx. 250 Euro

approx. 80 Euro

approx. 175 Euro

approx. 140 Euro

approx. 110 Euro

Overall Rating

1.1 (very good)

1.6 ( Well)

1.1 (very good)

1.3 (very good)

1.7 (good)

sound quality

very good (1.0)

good (1.8)

very good (1,0)

very good (1.1)

good (1.7)

Running time

19: 37 hours

12: 11 hours

21: 12 Hours

16: 26 Hours

27: 47 hours

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To the individual tests of the best Bluetooth speakers

Our Bluetooth speaker recommendations

Place 1: Teufel Rockster Cross: First-class sound

  • Source: Teufel

    Teufel Rockster Cross

    Overall grade: very good (1,1) The Teufel Rockster Cross is a first-class Bluetooth speaker for indoors and outdoors.

Excellent sound quality
Strong equipment with aptX support
Long battery life
No multiroom function
Pretty hard
charging time a bit long

The Teufel Rockster Cross convinces with its full and warm sound. The bass is excellent, the highs are clear and lively and guitar sounds have a bite. But voices also sound natural and soft when played back. The maximum volume is great. If you want to enhance the sound experience, you can connect two copies of the Rockster Cross via app to a stereo pair. The other features of the Bluetooth box are extensive: You can pair several players and charge mobile devices using the power bank function. An AUX audio input is available.

The Bluetooth interface supports the aptX codec, so music can be transmitted in higher quality. A multiroom function is missing. The Rockster Cross is clearly designed for outdoor use, the speaker is quite heavy, but has a carrying strap and the housing of the device is robustly built. Thanks to the IPX5 protection class, the box is immune to water jets, but you cannot submerge it. The battery lasts more than 19, 5 hours through, but it takes a while to load.

To the detailed test report of the Teufel Rockster Cross

Price tip: Anker SoundCore Flare + : Small speaker with great sound

  • Source: Amazon

    Anker SoundCore Flare +

    Overall grade: good ( 1.6) Bluetooth speaker tiny with strong sound

Good 360 – degree sound
Excellent facilities
Compact and light
No aptX support
Average battery life
Long battery charging time

The Anker SoundCore Flare + achieved the top rating in the test. It is charged via micro USB and the Bluetooth speaker can be used as a power bank for smartphones. For better stereo sound, you can pair two devices, operated via app or buttons. Several mobile phones can connect to the device at the same time via Bluetooth 5. A hands-free function is on board. The bottom of the upright, cylindrical speaker contains LED lighting for the light show. An IPX7 water protection is also available.

Our testers were amazed at the good sound quality that comes from the small device. This appealed to both music and speech. Due to its construction, the language presentation is somewhat less direct. The anchor delivers clear sound with good bass in the 360 – degree range. However, the best result is only possible at medium volume. The Bluetooth box cannot quite keep up with mobility. The device is compact and light, which is why the overall rating is “good”. But the battery life of just over 12 hours and the charging time of over four hours are pretty mediocre. The very good price-performance ratio is convincing.

To the detailed test report of the Anker SoundCore Flare +

Place 2 : JBL Xtreme 2: Excellent sound

  • Source: JBL

    JBL Xtreme 2

    Overall grade: very good (1.1) beefy sound Champion among Bluetooth speakers

Clear and rich sound
Very good battery life
Powerbank function
No aptX-Support
Pretty hard
No charging via USB

In our test, the Bluetooth speaker JBL Xtreme 2 received the top grade with its sound. Overall, the sound appears crisp and balanced in every music genre. Another advantage is the extreme volume. The JBL Xtreme 2 is suitable for large rooms and even loud ambient noises outside are drowned out. If that's not enough, you can use the JBL Connect app to couple two boxes to a stereo pair. Only the aptX codec is not supported.

The Bluetooth speaker is quite heavy at around 2.4 kilograms, but thanks to the shoulder strap, the cylindrical speaker is still easy to use transport. In addition, it is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard, so it also withstands immersion in water. With the USB connection, mobile devices can be supplied with power on the go, but you cannot charge the battery of the box via USB, but only via the power supply. For this, the 10. 00 0 mAh monster over 21 hours through.

To the detailed test report of the JBL Xtreme 2

3rd place: Dockin D FINE +: Sound and runtime full

  • Source: Amazon

    Dockin D FINE +

    Overall grade: very good (1.3) Bluetoot h speakers with rich sound and aptX support

Balanced and rich sound
Support for aptX codec
Good battery life
Quite heavy without a shoulder strap
Long battery charging time
No hands-free function

The Dockin D Fine + offers an even richer and more voluminous sound than its predecessor. It doesn't matter whether you prefer to listen to rock, jazz or hip-hop – the speaker sounds balanced and detailed in all genres even without an equalizer. Sound lovers can also look forward to aptX support. Unlike the previous model, the Dockin D Fine + still sounds very good even at high volume. And two speakers can be connected via stereo link.

The speaker can be used as a power bank for mobile devices, but cannot be charged via USB. There is no hands-free function and multiroom support. The Dockin D Fine + keeps splash water thanks to IP 55 – Protection class down, but the speaker cannot be completely submerged. The loudspeaker, which weighs two kilograms, does not have a carrying strap, mobility suffers somewhat. The battery life, however, enables above-average 16, 5 hours of party atmosphere.

For a detailed test of the Dockin D FINE +

Best mobility: Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3: Extra long battery life

  • Source: Amazon

    Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

    Overall grade: good (1.7) The battery monster among the Bluetooth speakers

Excellent battery life
Good sound
Lush equipment
Partly thin bass
No AUX input
No aptX support

Under laboratory conditions, the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 holds whole 27: 47 hours through. That is awesome. The battery can also be charged using the power supply or USB. And of course the box is also a power bank for mobile devices that can even be charged wirelessly inductively. Add to that the compact size of the Bluetooth box and a practical carrying strap, which makes the device a top rating for mobility.

The sound quality is good, but not quite as good Top speakers. The rather thin bass and the somewhat bright and artificial-sounding voice reproduction can be criticized. If you protect the outdoor loudspeaker from splashing water with 360 – use degree sound outdoors, the result is still satisfactory. Ultimate Ears boxes can be coupled and have a multi-room function. The manufacturer does not have an AUX input and aptX support.

To the detailed test report of the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

More Bluetooth speakers in the test

We have just introduced the five best Bluetooth speakers and the price tip. In order to be able to make this selection, we tested many other models. We examined the models both in the laboratory and in practice. The results of all Bluetooth speakers can be found in the Get the best list and compare individual models.

Leaderboard: All Bluetooth speakers from 50 Euro in the test

How CHIP tests Bluetooth speakers

We carry out the comparison of the Bluetooth speakers independently and neutrally. We base our assessment on the results of the CHIP test laboratory.

  • All Bluetooth boxes must be in our listening room for evaluation. There our testers judge the subjectively perceived sound quality with the same playlist – a mixture of pop, rock, jazz and classical. Vocal reproduction, spatiality and purity in the bass range are also included in the rating. This makes in the end 50 percent of the overall grade.
  • In order to assess the equipment, we firstly test the Bluetooth range and stability of the connection from the transmitter to the loudspeaker in several scenarios. In addition, functions such as the stereo coupling of two loudspeakers, as well as a power bank or hands-free function are included in the evaluation. Overall, the equipment 30 percent of the overall grade.
  • Of course, we mainly check the runtime when measuring the battery. Our testers leave the box with a volume of 75 dB run until it goes out. The charging time is also relevant. How we determine the last 20 percent of the total.

What types of bluetooth speakers are there?

There are already particularly compact Bluetooth speakers for under 100 Euro, but these devices do not always deliver a convincing sound quality. A good sound also needs volume, so that mini boxes cannot replace adult speakers. They are often only suitable for occasional use.

A cheap price is not an exclusion criterion, but the Bluetooth speakers with the best sound quality cost at least 150 euros and often even over 200 Euro. But these are also suitable for providing the living room with perfect sound. Some models are also designed for outdoor use and have corresponding features.

Small, colorful and cheap is in. But for convincing sound quality we recommend a larger Bluetooth speaker. Getty Images

How do bluetooth speakers work?

Bluetooth is a standard for wireless data transmission in the 2.4 GHz band. Almost all mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets can do this. The transmitter and receiver are coupled; in the case of Bluetooth speakers, it is all about receiving data.

The range depends on the surroundings: In case of visual contact, data transmission via 25 Possible meters, through walls the range is reduced to around 10 Meter. The Bluetooth 5 standard can theoretically also 100 Sparks meters, but only a few Bluetooth boxes are equipped for it.

The cell phone and loudspeaker are connected to each other via Bluetooth radio. Getty Images

What should you watch out for with Bluetooth speakers?

  • sound quality

The most important criterion with Bluetooth speakers is definitely their sound. Here, of course, the subjective impression plays a major role when listening to music and the boxes are also differently suitable for different music genres or speech reproduction.

Other details are more objective: Is there a noticeable loss of quality or even noise at high volumes? How strong is the bass? And can the device also be used with 360 – Convincing degree surround sound? In these points, Bluetooth boxes do not differ significantly from wired speakers.

  • Weight

If the Bluetooth speaker should not only be in the room, the weight plays a major role. The smallest devices weigh under 500 grams, but offer little sound power. The heaviest devices, on the other hand, can weigh over three kilograms. Bluetooth boxes with around one kilogram can still be carried in your pocket quite well, more weight becomes uncomfortable.

A carrying strap makes it easy to take the Bluetooth speaker with you. Getty Images
  • battery life

top-of-the-range devices with a battery charge over 20 Hours through, that's the ideal case. Less is enough for the outdoor party, but it should be at least six hours. Good Bluetooth boxes usually last over ten hours, after all, the wireless speaker should not be constantly attached to the power cable. A short loading time also plays a role.

  • Outdoor suitability

Take the Bluetooth box with you into nature, minor mishaps can happen. Many of the devices have splash protection. Protection class IPX7 is ideal, so the speaker is also immune to brief immersion in water. An IPX4 class, i.e. basic protection against splash water, is the minimum for outdoor activities. There is also a general robustness.

If you use the Bluetooth speaker frequently outdoors, you should pay attention to a water-protected housing. Getty Images
  • Powerbank

Some Bluetooth speakers now offer the option of connecting the smartphone via USB cable and supplying it with power. This is especially useful when you are on the go and is transferring music via Bluetooth from your cell phone to the box, which consumes electricity. Of course, the speaker's battery drains faster, but the feature is helpful in any case.

  • Multiroom

With the multiroom function, several Bluetooth speakers can be controlled in combination and you can play music in several rooms at the same time. If you have several boxes from the same manufacturer, they are often compatible with each other.

In the past, control was often via WLAN, but today most manufacturers use an app or their own system for this. Most of the time, the product information already states whether Bluetooth speakers are multi-room capable. The alternative is to integrate and control the loudspeakers in the home network using separate smart home systems.

  • Additional equipment

Many manufacturers make it possible to pair several models and models of their Bluetooth boxes with each other and thus for an even better one Ensure sound experience from multiple sides. It is usually controlled via its own app.

Other connection options besides radio are helpful. Most Bluetooth boxes also offer an AUX input for audio cables to connect the transmitter and receiver directly. Sometimes WLAN or USB are on board. Other extras such as a hands-free function for making calls, an Internet radio or colorful lighting are encouraging.

  • Control

Almost all Bluetooth boxes have volume buttons on the device, but there are rarely more control options. Many manufacturers offer an app that can be used to control lighting, for example, or they can be linked to smart home systems such as Amazon Echo. However, this is not necessary for the basic task of the loudspeakers, namely to play music.

  • audio codec

The audio codec aptX ensures slightly better sound when playing losslessly stored music (e.g. in FLAC format), which was specially developed for the wireless transmission of music. If the Bluetooth speaker has a corresponding receiver on board, audio files can be streamed in higher quality. However, the transmitter, for example the smartphone, must also support the aptX codec. This is not always the case.

  • Bluetooth standard

The Bluetooth standard d is regularly developed. The jump to Bluetooth 4.0 was accompanied by a significantly lower power consumption in corresponding applications. However, almost all Bluetooth boxes now use the standard and that is enough. With Bluetooth 5.0, the range and data rate increased, which is less important for the speakers.

  • Design

The pure functionality of the Bluetooth speaker is of course essential, but the design is not unimportant. After all, the box shouldn't be like an ugly box in the middle of the room. Many manufacturers therefore rely on round construction, retro radio designs or very extravagant shapes. Some of the speakers are available with LED lighting or in several colors.

With the right design, the Bluetooth speaker becomes an eye-catcher in the home. Getty Images

Well-known manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers

  • JBL

The loudspeaker manufacturer from the USA not only produces audio technology for home use, but also professional equipment for cinemas, concert halls and stadiums. JBL devices played a major role in the development of the THX cinema sound system. The company belongs to the US group Harman, which in turn 2017 was taken over by Samsung. In the field of Bluetooth boxes, JBL with its different models is one of the most popular brands.

  • Dockin

The Bluetooth speaker brand belongs to the German company Ströer Products, in turn part of the Cologne Ströer Group, which is mainly on the market outdoor and digital advertising is active. Dockin, based in Berlin, sells several models of Bluetooth boxes for indoor and outdoor.

  • Marshall

The British company is inseparable from the rock scene of the 20. Century and a number of legendary musicians connected. And Marshall remains the world's leading manufacturer of guitar amps. The Bluetooth boxes in the Marshall amplifier design are manufactured in cooperation with the Swedish company Zound Industries and distributed by the license partner. Marshall nevertheless promises the “unique Marshall sound” and is a minority shareholder.

  • Ultimate Ears

The US company originally only produced in-ear monitoring systems for bands with which the musicians communicate and perform live check the sound. After the takeover by the US company Logitech, the product range was expanded to include Bluetooth speakers.

  • Anker Soundcore

Under the brand name Soundcore, the Chinese company Anker Innovations sells headphones and Bluetooth speakers. However, Anker itself is primarily known in the field of chargers, power banks and batteries. The company founded by ex-Google employees originally only sold its products on Amazon, but has since expanded into many other markets.

  • Libratone

The manufacturer from Denmark stands out due to the unusual design of its Bluetooth speakers: colorful and with a fabric look. The majority owner of the company is now a group of investors from Asia, which means that Libratone is also represented in the local markets.

  • LG Electronics

The global subsidiary of the South Korean conglomerate LG Group manufactures a wide range of electrical devices, from cell phones to mobile phones TVs to home appliances. LG also sells large devices in the professional sector, for example in the energy technology division. In addition to hi-fi systems and sound bars, the Bluetooth boxes are a part of LG audio technology.

  • Angry

The audio technology of the US manufacturer is used both at home and for professional purposes – this is how Bose supplies the U.S. space agency NASA and the U.S. military. In the headphone area, the company experimented early with active noise cancellation (ANC), sometimes with models for pilots. Bose manufactures Bluetooth boxes with the SoundLink product range.

  • Bang & Olufsen

The Danish electrical appliance manufacturer excited in the second half of the 20. Century with its legendary designs for sensation and even temporarily sold their own cell phones. However, economic pressure has recently forced Bang & Olufsen to focus on core areas such as audio and video technology, including Bluetooth speakers in various price ranges.

  • Harman Kardon

Under the original brand name the US company sells Harman since 50 years of audio technology for home users and supplies customers such as the automotive industry. The South Korean company Samsung took over the US manufacturer in the year 2017. In addition to the loudspeaker brand JBL, Harman sells a parallel series of Bluetooth boxes under the name Harman Kardon.

  • Devil

The German company was founded in 1979 founded as Teufel loudspeaker in Berlin and has since sold various audio systems and accessories such as Bluetooth Headphone. The wired speakers for Hi-Fi, home theater and computers were finally expanded to include Bluetooth boxes.

  • Sony

As one of the largest electronics companies in the world, Sony also has Bluetooth speakers on offer. The spectrum ranges from inexpensive entry-level devices to wireless audio systems for over 600 Euro. Sony also relies on connectivity between its various products.

With a Bluetooth speaker, the music is always there. Getty Images

Tips for setting up the Bluetooth speaker

In order to get the best sound with one or more Bluetooth speakers, it also depends on where the speakers are installed indoors. Since each room is cut differently and filled with furniture, you usually have to experiment. Our testers are constantly finding that in their own four walls. There are of course some general statements: The Speakers should be open and uncovered stand. If the boxes are placed closer to the wall, there is more bass and less surround sound – here it depends on your preferences. You get the best mix of surround sound and bass at medium room height.

Since the speakers vibrate, they should not be placed on a surface that resonates. For example, there is a fixed window sill , but a metal shelf is not. Professionals rely on “decoupling” the speakers from the ground: they place the speakers on rubber feet or thin spikes. Some Bluetooth speakers have such feet, otherwise you can buy them. There is a big distinguishing feature in the sound output: The boxes either shine forward and must be aligned so that they fill the room with sound. Or you give the sound in 360-Degree- Angle like some cylindrical Bluetooth speakers do. For example, these can be placed in the middle of the room at a party.

If you multiple Bluetooth Couple speakers together , which is possible with many devices, of course you have significantly more options. You can set up the speakers so that the sound comes from several sides or from one side, but with a powerful stereo sound. However, you should not place the speakers in corners, here the walls reflect too strongly and swallow the surround sound. You just hear the bass. The best solution remains: Try it out.

The most important questions about Bluetooth speakers

What is the best bluetooth speaker?

The best Bluetooth box in the test is the Teufel Rockster Cross. The loudspeaker achieved the rating “very good” (1.1) in the CHIP test and thus made it past the JBL Xtreme 2 and Dockin D Fine + to the top of the ranking. The Teufel Rockster Cross scores with its clear, rich sound and a very good battery life

How much does a good Bluetooth speaker cost?

are in our leaderboard Bluetooth boxes between good 50 Euro and 230 Euro. Even the cheapest speaker, the Dockin D Mate Direct, achieved an overall rating of “good” (1.9). Even the worst model in the CHIP leaderboard is still rated “satisfactory” (3.5).

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth -Loudspeakers are mobile loudspeakers that can receive and play audio signals wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is a standard for wireless data transmission in the 2.4 GHz band. Most mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets master this standard.

Can Bluetooth speakers also be used with a cable?

Many Bluetooth speakers have a so-called 3.5 mm jack connection. These devices can then be connected to a smartphone, tablet or other device via cable. The wired transmission is much more energy efficient than the transmission of audio signals via Bluetooth.

Does data transmission via Bluetooth deteriorate the playback quality?

The transmission of audio signals via cable is in generally higher quality and less prone to interference than transmission via Bluetooth. However, whether you actually hear a deterioration in the sound quality depends on several factors: the quality of the Bluetooth speaker, the quality of the sound data and the individual hearing ability.

How do I connect my smartphone to my Bluetooth speaker?

Before you can transfer your music from your smartphone or tablet to a Bluetooth speaker, you must first pair the devices. To do this, switch on the Bluetooth speaker and press the Bluetooth button on the device until you hear an acoustic signal. Then go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone or tablet and select the speaker. After a few seconds the speaker will be connected to your mobile device.

Is Bluetooth radiation dangerous?

Bluetooth is high-frequency radiation that is officially not represents a direct health hazard. The Bluetooth standard is approved worldwide and the radiation values ​​are in the accepted range. Bluetooth is divided into three performance classes. Classes 3 and 2 are the most common and are considered safe. If you make a phone call with a headset or a hands-free device, the radiation exposure is significantly lower than when using the cell phone directly on the ear.

The best Bluetooth speakers in the test

Bluetooth speaker test winner 2019

Place Product overall grade Weight Running time Water protection Offer


Teufel Rockster Cross

very good (1.1)

2. 400 g

19: 37 Hours.

IPX5 (water jet)

260 Euro at Amazon

Price Tip

Anker SoundCore Flare +

good (1.9)

790 g

12: 11 Hours.

IPX7 (immersion)

80 Euro at Amazon


JBL Xtreme 2

very good (1.1)

2. 360 g

21: 12 Hours.

IPX7 (immersion)

175 Euro at Amazon


Dockin D Fine +

very good (1.3)

1.930 g

16: 26 Hours.

IP 55 (jet water)

145 Euro at Amazon

Mobility tip

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

good (1.7)

925 g

27: 47 Hours.

IP 67 (immersion)

110 Euro at Amazon