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ANC-Kopfhörer: Das müssen Sie beim Kauf beachten

With smartphones and tablets, the jack is slowly becoming obsolete. So now is the ideal time for Bluetooth headphones. CHIP has 20 wireless headphones tested and in the areas of sound quality , Comfort and mobility, as well as equipment rating. We show you the test winner and the price-performance tip and tell you where you can get them at the best price. In the video you can also see what you need to consider with noise canceling headphones.

Bluetooth headphones in the CHIP test

You don't need an audio jack to enjoy headphones. After all, less cable clutter is beneficial for everyone. Wireless headphones are particularly popular with commuters. For the Bluetooth headphone leaderboard sent CHIP 20 Models in the test laboratory. We'll tell you which headphones sound best and have the best fit. It also evaluates which models last the longest, because the battery is an important factor for Bluetooth headphones.

The test is only about Bluetooth headphones without noise canceling function. We dealt extensively with the special field of noise suppression in a mega-test , the test winners in this area can be found in the article. However, if noise canceling is not so important to you, you will find cheaper alternatives for normal Bluetooth headphones. The test winner succeeds in the balanced mix between great sound, good wearing comfort and long battery life.

Noise-canceling headphones in the mega test

The best Bluetooth headphones in the test (selection, as of March 2020)

Bluetooth headphones test winner: Teufel Real Blue

Excellent sound quality
Convincing comfort
Good equipment with hard case
Audio cable without angled plug
No aptX support and NFC
Battery life good, but not impressive

For speakers and sound systems, the German manufacturer Teufel has been at the top for years. It is no different in the area of ​​Bluetooth headphones. The devil Real Blue like in the test with neutral mids and detailed heights that are neither too sharp nor too flat. There is also a solid bass. The clean sound is made possible by Teufel's “Linear HD drivers”, which play on a ventilated rear chamber and only have a very thin membrane.

The Teufel Real Blue is for the noise shield is relatively tight, but it does not press too hard or even annoyingly on the ears. The seat remains comfortable for a long time thanks to soft synthetic leather upholstery. With 251 grams of weight, the Bluetooth headphones are also pleasantly light. The battery life is just under 28 hours. Although this is not a top value, it is always sufficient in everyday life. The test winner of our best list you currently get (February 2020) for round 170 Euro.

Shop recommendation for Teufel Real Blue

Teufel Real Blue

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Bluetooth headphones price-performance winner: Sony MDR-ZX 330 BT

Good battery life
Very light, solid comfort
Strong price-performance ratio
Rather mediocre flat sound
No storage option
Audio cable without angled plug, no aptX support

The Sony MDR-ZX 330 BT does not compete with the top headphones in terms of sound quality, the sound is mediocre. However, the Sony does not show any real defects and due to its strong price, the Bluetooth headphones are currently at the top of our price-performance ranking. Overall, the sound sounds quite flat in the listening test. Volume is missing, neither treble nor bass can be really convincing. As a consequence, there is a grade 3 for the sound quality – it is much better, but it is enough for the irrigation through music or podcasts. Overall, the comfort of the closed on-ear headphones is good, and the equipment also fits. The best grade is for mobility, the battery life of over 41 hours neat. The loading time could be better. The Bluetooth headphones Sony MDR-ZX 330 BT you currently get (February 2020) under 50 Euro.

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Sony MDR-ZX330BT

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Best-in-class Bluetooth headphones: Marshall Major III Voice

Strong battery life
Solid sound quality
Comfortable to wear
No aptX support and NFC
No storage option
Battery pack – Loading time could be better

For wireless headphones n plays a large role in how long they can last with one battery charge. About 40 hours are already a very good value here, the Marshall Major III Voice can more than double that: About 89) the Bluetooth headphones held out in the test. The loading takes a little long: 2: 21 hours. The Marshall offers a generally good sound, but it is not completely satisfactory. In the hearing test, the sound appears less harmonious and organic. The bass is dominant and there is a lack of dynamism, which does not suit every music style. The comfort is not perfect, but the on-ear headphones feel pleasant overall. Only the equipment was saved, aptX support and NFC are not on board, there is also no storage option. You get the Marshall Major III Voice currently (February 2020) for the price of round 100 Euro.

Shop recommendation for Marshall Major III Voice wireless headphones black

Marshall Major III Voice Kabelloser Kopfhörer schwarz

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What types of Bluetooth headphones are there?

Over-Ear Headphones completely enclose the ears and signs of fatigue do not appear so quickly when worn. Closing the ear, especially in noise-canceling models, can feel a bit uncomfortable for some people. For this, the over-ear headphones have a full sound.

on-ear headphones have similar properties, but they do not completely cover the ears , but lie on them. This makes the on-ear headphones a bit more compact and lighter. However, the shielding is not complete and ambient noise can be heard in part.

In ear headphones are pressed into the ear canal and are better suited for sports , especially true wireless types that do completely without cables. Earplugs with a neck band are not quite as free, but they offer a longer battery life. However, the earplugs also get dirty more easily.

Leaderboard: True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

What are the most important criteria for Bluetooth headsets?

Sound quality: The most important point is also their sound with Bluetooth headphones. With pleasant highs and lows and a solid bass, listening to music is fun. You get a good sound quality in the price range 150 Euro, if you want to experience the best possible sound, you should go a little deeper into that Grab your bag and possibly use tuning features.

Mobility: Good battery life is key. Since with most Bluetooth headphones the battery cannot be replaced or can only be replaced as a service, the runtime should be good from the start, because the maximum battery capacity wears off over time. Active noise cancellation also costs more electricity. Weight and compactness also play a role.

Comfort: The design has an impact on the comfort. Seat, pressure, heat build-up and weight as well as the possibilities for adaptation are relevant. In on-ear and over-ear models, the ear pads should fit snugly and should fit snugly enough for noise shielding, but at the same time not press too hard on the ears. The material is less important.

Active noise cancellation: We treat Bluetooth headphones with “Active Noise Canceling” in a separate purchase advice, you will find all information there . ANC headsets are equipped with microphones that pick up the ambient noise and generate sound waves in opposite phases.

With Bluetooth headphones, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Picture: CHIP

18 Noise-canceling headphones in the mega test

What should you watch out for with Bluetooth headphones?

Weight: For in-ear headsets the weight ranges from 14 to 70 grams. With on-ear headphones, the weight starts at around 140 grams, but really good sound quality needs volume. Noise suppression also affects weight, under 200 Gram does not work here.

Foldability: The weight of the Bluetooth headphones is usually negligible. Compactness is more important. Many wireless headsets are foldable, so that they take up less space in your pocket or case, for example.

Scope of delivery: Many manufacturers place the Bluetooth Headphones come with a travel case, either a hard case or a fabric bag in which the wireless headset can be stowed away comfortably. Especially with higher-priced devices, this can be expected as a permanent accessory.

Cable operation: With an audio cable plugged in, the Bluetooth device becomes a “normal ” Headphone. However, with some wireless headsets, cable operation is only possible when the battery is charged. This is of course quite impractical.

Bluetooth specifications: The majority of wireless headphones have the Bluetooth 4 standard. That's enough. The Bluetooth 3 standard in older devices mainly uses more electricity. An NFC module can simplify the pairing of headset and mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Control: All Bluetooth headphones have buttons for the on and turn off and volume control. The other functions are controlled differently. Some wireless headsets have sensor surfaces and can be controlled with certain finger movements.

Codec: The audio codec aptX was used for the wireless transmission of music developed. If the Bluetooth headphones have a receiver on board, audio files can be streamed in higher quality. The benefits are assessed differently, some manufacturers do without the codec.

Design: Especially in the area of ​​headphones there are some traditional or trend brands, who want to stand out from each other with their looks. Many Bluetooth headsets are available in different colors. But of course, the design of the wireless headphones should not be about quality and comfort.

Bluetooth without ANC in the test

Teufel Real Blue Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.0)
  • Comfort (1.3)
  • Mobility (2.2)
  • Facilities (1.9)

Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.3)
  • Comfort (1.1)
  • Mobility (2.1)
  • Facilities (1.3)

JBL Everest 710 BestCheck offer

  • Sound quality (1.6)
  • Comfort (1.5)
  • Mobility (1.3)
  • Facilities (1.9)

Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.3)
  • Comfort (1.0)
  • Mobility (2.0)
  • Facilities (2.2)

AKG Y50BT Offer by BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.3)
  • Comfort (1.1)
  • Mobility (2.3)
  • Facilities (1.6)

To the complete leaderboard

The best Bluetooth headphones with ANC

The most important questions about Bluetooth headphones at a glance

Which Bluetooth -Headphones is the best?

In our test, the Teufel Real Blue performs best, the sound quality is great and the Bluetooth headphones are also comfortable to wear. The price of around 170 Euro is fair. However, it is much cheaper, our current price tip is the Sony MDR-ZX 330 BT for under 50 Euro.

Can to use two Bluetooth headphones at the same time?

Connecting two Bluetooth headphones to the same player is a bit more complex. The simplest is a Bluetooth splitter for around 30 Euro that the Signal divides. The alternative is an app like SoundSeeder, which enables the synchronous streaming of music on two smartphones.

Are Bluetooth headphones in the Airplane allowed?

It depends on the airline whether the use of Bluetooth is permitted on the plane. If the mobile device has to be switched to flight mode at take-off and landing, this partly includes Bluetooth. During the flight, however, the flight mode can often be switched off and sometimes there is even WiFi on board.

You can also use Bluetooth headphones use with cable?

Most Bluetooth headphones come with an audio cable. This allows the headphones to be connected directly to the player. With some Bluetooth headsets, however, cable operation is only possible when the battery is charged. This is impractical.

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