Bing wallpapers come to Android


José María López – May 18, 2020 – 8: 01 (CET)

Bing stands out for its backgrounds, high-quality photos that you can use as a desktop background in Windows and, now, also as a background for Android.

Los fondos de pantalla de Bing llegan a Android

Although Bing is not very successful as an internet search engine, and It will be because Microsoft does not make an effort to integrate it into all of its services, its funds, high-quality, high-resolution photos of nature are very well received and are used for decorate your wallpaper .

Not long ago we mentioned that Microsoft had relaunched its app Bing Wallpaper , a small tool for Windows that is used to change wallpaper every day with a new image from Bing's gallery .

As well. In addition to Windows, Bing Wallpaper also has an Android version recently, something that will allow you to take advantage of the space available on your desktop or on your lock screen and thus squeeze the very high resolution of the screen of your smartphone .

Unlike the Windows version, which is called Bing Wallpaper, the Android version is called Bing Wallpapers . Among other things, it allows you to see the wallpapers that Bing publishes daily. In addition, you will have access to the information of said image, such as who made it, where is that place, etc.

New backgrounds for your Android

Bing Wallpapers renews its catalog every day with several photographs. But you can walk through that catalog by filtering by colors, categories and locations. Do you want images of groves or green fields? Done. Desert scenarios or summer paradises? Done. Do you prefer frozen mountains and snow? No problem.

As for the background change, you can do it manually from the Android settings or leave the work to Bing Wallpapers to enjoy new wallpaper every day.

Another of the peculiarities of Bing Wallpapers is that it shows complete information on the image you want to consult. In addition, it offers related photographs and allows you to share the image or place it in the background by hand .

Until now, to enjoy Bing's photographs on Android, there were several unofficial apps that allowed you to download and use them in the background. But with Bing Wallpapers you can already benefit from Bing funds manually or automatically and thus have new background every day on your Android smartphone.

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