Because of $ 0.05: That's why the PlayStation was thrown off the track

Therefore the PS3 appeared a year later than the Xbox 360

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PS3 vs. Xbox 360: That's why the Sony console came almost a year later (Image: Pixabay)

After the release of the Xbox 360 in the year 2005 were the expectations of the Competitors Sony high. Their console, the PlayStation 3, however, was still a year away. This was also due to a tiny component that was only about 0, 05 USD cost.

Sony released with PlayStation 2 2000 the second generation of the PlayStation. The console was such a success that it is still the leader on the rankings of the best-selling game consoles – over 150 million copies sold. While the competing product, Microsoft's Xbox, the PS2 could not keep up with the sales figures, it soon became apparent that this would change with the next generation.

The release of the Xbox 360 in year 2005 put massive pressure on Sony to release a console that could also delight gamers. But the PlayStation 3 took its time – and was only a year after the Xbox 360 released. This was due to a small component, which alone cost just under 5 cents. This was revealed by Phil Harrison, former member of the Executive Committee at Sony and current Vice President at Google, in an interview with IGN .

PS3 production slows down due to a tiny laser diode

Fans were wondering at the time why Sony would voluntarily give the competitor Microsoft a lead of a whole year. According to Harrison, however, this decision was not made entirely on his own: The production of the PS3 was inadvertently slowed down because one could not keep up with the production of a laser diode in the drive:

“Yes, it was later than we wanted it to be, I think. And what really slowed down the production of the hardware can be traced back to a small component, it was the laser diode in the Blu- ray drive. A component of about 5 cents. “

In contrast to the Xbox 360 the PS3 already put on the Blu-ray disc. However, the drives for this new disc format were not yet widely used and presented Sony with a real challenge.

Sony's PlayStation 3 was released a year later than the Xbox 360 published – not least because of a small component that slowed down production (Image: Pixabay / janeb 13)

PS3: Despite being late, she found the connection to the Xbox 360 again

Harrison continues: “In this particular case, switching from red lasers to blue lasers was quite challenging in the way the optical head on the drive worked. So it was a mix of physics and chemistry, because it was a crystal that we produced here. “

But that's not all: At the launch of the PlayStation 3, some players were initially skeptical about the console. This was partly due to the comparatively high price: For a console with 60 GByte storage capacity you had on the US market about 599 Pay US dollars, the cheaper option with 20 GByte still cost 499 dollars. The Xbox 360 on the other hand, depending on the version, only cost 299 or 399 dollars.

But Microsoft also had to struggle with some difficulties during this generation of consoles. The so-called Red Ring of Death set shortly after launch and in the next few months up to 30 Percentage of all units out of action. A recall campaign cost Microsoft nearly 1, 15 billion dollars – a real debacle for the Redmond software and hardware company.

Years later, however, the situation in both camps calmed down. Before PS3 and Xbox 360 in the year 2013, the sales figures were almost on the whole, Sony was able to use the PS3 Microsoft's Xbox 360 even overtake by a few million units sold.

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