Avira Software Updater: Manual updates are a thing of the past

With one click up to date

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Avira Software Updater: One-click updates (Image: Pixabay / Tumisu)

With the Avira Software Updater you can carry out software updates on your computer with just one click. Driver updates are also possible so that your system is always up to date. The program is promising, but shows some shortcomings.

Easy to use interface
Update any programs and drivers with just one click
Automatic updates possible in the background
Allows direct installation of updates from within the program
Free version does not offer an update function
Pro version is expensive
Only a limited number of programs are recognized and updated

One-click updates with Avira Software Updater

Programs and drivers should always be up to date. On the one hand, because you always have the latest version with new functions, and on the other hand for security reasons. Every program and system contains security gaps that are repaired with an update and protect your computer.

The Avira Software Updater is offered in a free version and a paid pro version.

With the Avira Software Updater you get an overview of outdated software and can update it with one click (Image: screenshot)

Avira Software Updater: That brings the Pro version

You can update your programs with minimal effort. To do this, start the Avira Software Updater and click on “Check now”. Avira now analyzes all installed programs and compares them in an online database to determine whether there is a more current version.

Device drivers can also analyze the program and update it if necessary. To do this, you can either display all updates on the dashboard, or select the “Driver” item on the left and specifically only search for driver updates.

You can also choose which programs should be automatically updated regularly. So you can have your programs updated in the future without interaction with the updater.

Although Avira gradually integrates further program updates into the Software Updater, it currently only recognizes approximately 150 different programs. Accordingly, many who are somewhat unknown are not recognized and are therefore not updated.

Avira Software Updater Pro costs just under one year for one device 25 €.

The Pro version is required for the actual update function, which costs differently depending on the number of devices and the runtime (Image: screenshot)

Avira Software Updater: The free version can

With the free version, access to all functions seems to be unlocked at first, but the functions that were actually promised are only available in the pro version. In the free model, you can search for programs and drivers that are out of date, but you cannot update them. This only gives you an overview of outdated programs. With a click on “Update” you will only get advertising for the Pro version.

Nevertheless, the free version of the updater can be helpful. For example, if you want to find out which programs need to be updated, you can start the tool and use the list to manually update the outdated programs and drivers later.

Conclusion: is the software updater worth it?

Avira's Software Updater can be of great help if the Pro version has been purchased. However, the purchase is only worthwhile if you have a large number of programs on your computer that should be updated regularly.

The free version only offers you a list of outdated programs. However, this could be helpful to update programs manually.

The Avira Software Updater is integrated in other Avira programs

If you have already purchased the Pro version of other Avira programs, you may also have a license for the Avira Software Updater.

Avira Software Updater is subscribed to Avira Internet Security and Avira Prime included. If you have already purchased one of these programs, you already have the license and do not have to buy it separately.

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