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Test winner e-travel book from Lexware the right tax aid for everyone

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Drive a company car and save taxes. This is very easy and convenient without much writing effort. Provided you use the right software. The test winner, Lexware's electronic logbook, does this so well that it is even recommended by the tax advisor association. Find out more here how it works and how you can 15% discount can secure.

Guaranteed tax savings with the logbook

Whether employee or entrepreneur: Nobody wants to pay more taxes than absolutely necessary. But what saves the most is those who have well-organized records – and keep a logbook for the company car. The software manufacturer Lexware proves that this does not have to be a bureaucratic effort, despite high tax office requirements. .

Whoever drives a company or company car has a choice : Either with the so-called 1% method pay extremely high taxes for private use of the car. Or with a logbook taxes in the average of 2 Save euros per year. To do this, however, business trips have to be recorded meticulously and the proportion of private trips determined just as precisely.

Many people decide with a heavy heart for the more expensive alternative. Because the requirements of the tax office on a logbook are high: it must be prompt, complete and tamper-proof. Few handwritten log books fulfill this, and the tax office does not accept an Excel list anyway.

But hand on heart: Do you really want to give the Treasury thousands of euros, if it does is different? Tax office safe records of your business and personal trips are easier than you might think: with Lexware's electronic logbook. And for all insecure – You can use Lexware's offer for free Test for days.

Now Save % to the test winner from Lexware

Foolproof operation and recommended by tax consultants

Lexware makes it particularly easy for you to save taxes when driving a car: you simply load the associated app on your smartphone and you also receive a plug for the vehicle data (the associated one Interface has been 2004 standard in all vehicles). Start, destination, route and mileage are recorded automatically with every trip, as is the date and time. You only need to assign whether the trip is for business or pleasure.


For business trips, enter the purpose and the business partner you are visiting. The way is already clear for substantial tax savings. The nice thing is: If you go to a destination several times, this is already saved as a template and can be adopted with just a few clicks. In this way, you do not waste valuable time.

The Lexware logbook was created in collaboration with the German Association of Tax Advisors and is recommended by tax consultants. Not a single complaint has been reported there by the tax office. It couldn't be easier to save thousands of euros in taxes.

Test the Lexware e-logbook recommended by tax advisors

Accounting for everyone thanks to the Lexoffice smartphone app

Suppose you receive an invoice that you could actually deduct from tax. What do you do after you pay them? For many taxpayers, the document ends up in a shoe box at best and in the trash at worst. In terms of taxation, it is worth cash.


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Make it easy for yourself by entering such documents. This is no problem with the accounting software Lexoffice from the market leader Lexware. It guarantees you great time savings. Because a smartphone app enables the scanning of individual receipts with the camera. Thanks to the interface to online banking, the assignment to the payment made is child's play. And this is just one example of how smart and fast your bookkeeping can be done – even on the go.

Whether you are employed or self-employed: with Lexoffice you can Create the right templates, enter important data on the go (for example, necessary information for invoicing), scan receipts and access what you have stored in the cloud from anywhere. It couldn't be more convenient.


Incidentally, Lexoffice fully meets the high requirements of the legislator: The bookkeeping it creates corresponds to the legally prescribed GoBD, the principles of proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form. You no longer have to worry about it.

No carefully examined Lexoffice auditor will complain about carefully managed Lexoffice accounting. The requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation DSGV are also taken into account in the system – you are not at risk from this side. And save both time and taxes?

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