Atrial fibrillation, sleep apnea, irregular pulse: Withings Scanwatch keeps an eye on your health

Withings, manufacturer of consumer health products, is showing its new scanwatch at CES in Las Vegas, USA. It is said to be an early warning system for cardiovascular health.

The scanwatch, which is currently still in the approval process, is optically in line with the previous hybrid smartwatches from Withings. Functionally, the Scanwatch brings the Move ECG and the Steel HR in one housing and provides a few more features.

Scanwatch records 1-channel ECG

Like the Move ECG, the Scanwatch is able to 30 seconds to write a single-lead ECG. To do this, the user must press the prominent crown of the watch and touch both sides of the watch with their fingers. Thanks to permanent pulse monitoring, the Scanwatch detects an irregular heart rhythm and, if necessary, prompts the user to take an EKG. This is how the watch should detect atrial fibrillation when there is a likelihood that it will actually occur.

Gesundheitsfrühwarnsystem. (Foto: Withings)

Health Early Warning System. (Image: Withings)

Detection of breathing interruptions and oxygen desaturation during sleep

In addition to heart health, the Scanwatch is dedicated to sleep quality. In addition to the monitoring of the sleep phase already integrated in Withings trackers and the smart alarm clock, which can wake the user with discrete vibration in awake sleep phases, the scanwatch also comes with a pulse oximeter. The watch thus measures the oxygen saturation during the night.

The Scanwatch wants to track down any sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) that may exist. SAS can be recognized by the desaturation phases of the blood oxygen. Because when the breath stops, the oxygen content in the blood drops. If it drops by more than three percent in a short period of time and again and again in the course of the night, there is a suspicion of SAS and the investigation in a sleep laboratory seems reasonable.

The Scanwatch algorithmically goes one step further and implements the measurement results so that the user is shown a number of sleep episodes with apnea symptoms and even their severity. This way you can directly see how high the risk is. Up to five misfires per hour are considered normal. Everything beyond that needs to be clarified.

Withings Scanwatch. (Photo: Withings)

Improved sleep rating, 30 days battery life

Withings has further improved the sleep phase monitoring and has now added a score that evaluates the quality of the sleep of the measured night as a single handy number.

According to Withings, the health features were developed with cardiologists and sleep experts and extensively clinically tested.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Withings with full activation of all these functions a runtime of up to 30 days between two charging processes. The pulse oximeter in particular draws an enormous amount of electricity from competitor devices.

Slightly larger display, proven tracking features

The functions are known to users from the manufacturer's previous models. The analog look has hardly changed. The small digital display with PMOLED technology has meanwhile grown somewhat larger. It is controlled via the crown attached to the right of the watch.

In addition to tracking steps, calories and distance, the Scanwatch can also be used for sports tracking via the GPS of the connected smartphone. In this case, the watch also calculates the fitness parameter VO2 Max. Manual activation of tracking is not necessary for common activities such as walking, running, swimming and cycling. The Scanwatch automatically records such training. If you want to see your smartphone notifications on the watch, you can configure this in the app.

As always with Withings, the free Health-Mate app, which is available for Android and iOS alike, serves as a central information interface. This is where all the data come together and from here it is also possible to share with, for example, medical professionals.

Armbandvielfalt. (Foto: Withings)

bracelet diversity. (Photo: Withings)

2 watch sizes, different bracelets

Visually, the watch is based on the look of the Steel HR. It comes in a waterproof stainless steel case with sapphire glass in two sizes. With a diameter of 38 The watch will be millimeters 249 Cost Euro. The larger version with 01 Millimeters beats with 299) euros to book. Withings will offer a variety of wristbands for the watches, but has also decided to use standard sizes so that standard wristbands with quick-release fasteners can be used.

The Withings Scanwatch should be available from Amazon and the Withings online shop from the second quarter.


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