Apple TV + will premiere ‘Greyhound’, the new film by Tom Hanks

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Luis Miranda – May 19 , 2020 – 22: 20 (CET)

– Apple made the exclusive rights to 'Greyhound', the new Tom Hanks movie that will be released exclusively on Apple TV +.

– This would be the biggest movie release on the Apple platform.

Apple TV+ estrenará ‘Greyhound’, la nueva película de Tom Hanks

Apple has acquired the rights to Greyhound , the new Tom Hanks movie that will be released exclusively on Apple TV + . According to Deadline , the drama of the World War II, written and directed by Hanks, will be the first feature film to be released on the streaming video platform.

Sony Pictures' original plan was The film will be released in theaters on May 7 , although it later moved to the third week of June. The pandemic of coronavirus came to change the strategy of all distributors and now the ball is on Apple's court.

With theaters closed and release dates being postponed until the end of the year, the rights to Greyhound were offered at auction to the main streaming video companies. It is rumored that Apple paid close to 70 Millions of dollars to ensure the Tom Hanks movie debuted on Apple TV +.

The story of Greyhound is centers on Ernest Krause, a marine officer played by Hanks who is in charge of the USS Keeling. Krause leads a convoy of 37 ships through the North Atlantic while being chased by German submarines during World War II.

According to the production, the character of Hanks is far from being the prototype of hero . Krause has to deal with his demons and doubts as he tries to deal with the German U-boats. The tape is located during the beginning of the participation of the USA. in the war.

The film is based on the novel “El Buen Pastor” by author C.S. Forester. Tom Hanks was in charge of writing the adaptation and the direction is in charge of Aaron Schneider. In addition to Hanks, the cast includes other actors such as Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, Karl Glusman, and Elizabeth Shue, as Commander Krause's wife.

Although there is no definite date for the premiere from Greyhound on Apple TV +, this would be the biggest movie launch on the platform . Apple does not want to give up a space of land to competitors and has bet heavily on the Hanks film, which also becomes the first to debut in a video service before in theaters.

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