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Conclusion from .) 02. 2020

The gaming monitor AOC AG 273 QX is consistently positive in the test. The VA display is high-contrast and shines with a very high color space coverage. The equipment offers more than one connection for HDMI and display port, and functions such as pivot enable the 27 – Adjust the Zoller as required. However, it does not have a 4K resolution or a USB-C port, which can be tolerated at the very low price.

Top price-performance
Low power consumption
Super color space coverage

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Test scores from the CHIP test center (Was standing 12. 02. 2020)

AOC AG 273 QX: Test values

The round 490 Euro expensive AOC AG 273 QX sets to 27 inch screen size 2. 560 1.440 pixels – and is therefore in the middle. In practice, the resolution is fine. The VA panel has an unspectacular checkerboard contrast of 185:1. As usual for this imaging technique, you should sit in front of the monitor; because when viewed from the side, the image quickly fades. It's great that the responsive monitor has an excellent color space coverage and practically completely covers not only the standard RGB but also the Adobe RGB color space. So the screen is very colorful. In addition, AOC AG 273 QX with FreeSync and one 165 – Hertz panel).

AOC saved a USB-C port, but installed two connections for HDMI and display port. Our leaderboard shows that most models do not have double inputs. A USB 3.0 hub is integrated in the monitor; it can also be adjusted in height, rotated and rotated 90 Swivel degree in portrait mode (pivot). The average power consumption of 33, 3 watts is pleasantly low. The power supply is installed internally. Great: Despite its good performance, the AOC AG 273 QX less than comparable competitor models.

The cheap AOC AG 273 QX proves in the test that it can keep up with the expensive competition. Picture: AOC

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Alternative for a very small price

For the very small purse, the AOC G 2590 PX for approximately 220 Euro. The responsive 25 – Zoller brings it to Full HD resolution 144 Hertz refresh rate. It is nice and bright, but does not have good color space coverage and a below-average contrast. Pivot and FreeSync are also included and the power consumption is only 20, 5 watts.

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