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Amazon brings hundreds of lightning deals every day. However, the offer pages of the online retailer are not particularly clear. So that you don't miss a deal and can browse through the offers more easily, we have built the Deal Finder for you. This not only lists all offers, but also calculates the real discount and savings – so you are guaranteed to save.

The CHIP Deal Finder for Amazon

Every day Amazon shows hundreds of deals that suggest that you have to access quickly before the super special offer is no longer valid. In addition, the Amazon customer only gets a rough overview of apparently randomly merged products on the deals pages. You can filter by categories, prices and discounts – but these selection criteria are hardly really helpful simply because of the sheer volume of offers.

This is where the CHIP deal comes in Finder for Amazon: In the standard overview, you can see all currently running deals compactly and with all the important information sorted by discount and exciting categories – so you can see the really strong deals at a glance.

If you are only interested in certain product groups, this is also not a problem. To do this, simply click on the “Show categories” section and select the appropriate filter. Alternatively, you can use the slider to sort by price limits or search for a specific offer by typing the desired product in the search field, for example “iPhone” or “Samsung Galaxy”. Our Deal Finder will then only show you offers that match this keyword.

If you haven't found an interesting deal, take a little look into the future by clicking on “Show upcoming offers”. We cannot show you a price for the future deals, but at least you can see whether something exciting will appear in the range during the day.

Advantage for Prime members

Prime members have a decisive advantage when hunting for bargains on Amazon, because subscribers get 30 minutes earlier Access to the temporary deals. Especially in the case of particularly popular offers, it can happen that the product is already sold out as soon as non-Prime members are also likely to strike.

You should not have one yet You can now be a Prime member for 30 days complete a free trial membership and use all Prime benefits for free. Stay with Prime, pay 7 after the free period ends 99 euros per month. You can cancel the Prime subscription at any time – if you do so during the trial phase, you will not incur any costs.

The Prime – Subscription includes the following services:

  • Preferred Free shipping for “Prime” deliveries
  • 30 minutes earlier access to offers
  • Amazon Fresh and Prime Now: Grocery deliveries to your door
  • Movies and series in free stream
  • More than 2 Millions of songs in the stream
  • Monthly free games in connection with Twitch
  • Selected books and magazines

More information about Amazon Prime can be found here:

  • Source: Amazon

    Action: Test Free Prime Membership

    Not a not a Prime member yet? Now close for 30 days a free trial membership.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday week

Very special offer days take place in November, because this is where Black Friday – the traditional, original American bargain day – on Cyber ​​Monday launched by Amazon and the associated Cyber ​​Monday week. During this period there are not hundreds of deals, but thousands. There are also many well-known brand names and highly coveted products, some of which are full discounts. You can find out more about Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in our article “ Black Friday: The best offers at a glance “.

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