Air France announces the immediate withdrawal of its fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft


Luis Miranda – May 20, 2020 – 19: 38 (CET)

  • Air France announced the withdrawal of its fleet of Airbus A aircraft 380, one of the most expensive and luxurious aircraft ever made.
  • The airline will modernize its fleet with more efficient aircraft

Air France anuncia el retiro inmediato de su flota de aviones Airbus A380

Air France announced that will withdraw its fleet of Airbus A aircraft 380 of immediately. According to AirLive , the Air France-KLM Group will simplify its operations to stay competitive. The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic forced the company to replace its gigantic aircraft.

The gradual reduction of operations of Airbus A 380 will have an impact of 500 millions of euros. The company currently has nine aircraft, of which five are owned by Air France and the rest are under operating lease. The fleet will be replaced by Airbus A aircraft 350 and Boeing 787 which will significantly reduce the footprint environmental.

With this decision, Air France will close a story of more than 13 years flying the A 380 and almost 25 years, if we take in Account of your involvement in the development of the aircraft. Before his debut, the 23 November 2009 On a flight from Paris to New York, the company worked with airport authorities to ensure the operation of its aircraft.

Airbus A 380: one of the most expensive and luxurious aircraft ever made

La Premiere, the most luxurious section of the A 380 of Air France

The superjumbo is one of the most expensive and luxurious aircraft ever made. It is considered the main Airbus passenger plane since its launch in 2007. The aircraft was designed to replace Boeing 747 , although it is too big to be used on many routes.

Airport runways require an additional extension of 45 meters wide to receive an aircraft that carries 516 passengers . Although it is more efficient in terms of fuel consumption – 20% less than an A 330 – the current crisis changed the aviation landscape.

Air France will modernize a fleet with smaller aircraft . The A350 can hold up to 314 passengers in their variant 900 (or 350 in the model 1000). For its part, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner transports between 217 and 323 passengers, depending on the type.

Air France Airbus A380
Photo: Vincent Desjardins

The pandemic was the nail in the coffin of Airbus A 380

After quarantine was decreed in most countries of the world, a large part of the Airbus A fleet 380 that have the airlines remain on the ground . According to Simple Flying , the The only company that carries out commercial flights with this aircraft is China Southern with flights to cities such as Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Sydney and Vancouver.

Malasya Airlines airlifted its A 380 to perform ghost flights during the first week of May. The airline also made cargo flights to London and the Dominican Republic.

In addition to Air France, companies such as Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines began to transport their Airbus A 380 for storage and possible removal . The German airline sent seven of its aircraft to the Teruel Aircraft Cemetery, while Singapore did the same with 19 TO380 s sent to the Australian desert.

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