A1 in network test Austria: The provider is really that good

Market leader takes back first place

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CHIP network test Austria 2020

The former state-owned company A1 takes victory in the Alpine Republic and overthrows Magenta, the climber of the previous year. The lead is narrow, but the victory is well deserved: You cannot surf faster in any other network.

Last year the Austrian market leader lost its top position in our ranking for the first time, but in this one Year he gets it back. However, the lead to magenta is only minimal. Both networks have reached an extremely high level, from which it is difficult to stand out from the competition. Only the introduction of 5G in the mass market gets things going again and can cause major shifts.

So A1 has only improved by 1.8 percent compared to the previous year, but that is enough to pull past magenta. A1 takes the decisive lead by optimizing the data network, because there the network operator is increasing by another 1.1 percent, while magenta stagnated compared to the previous year. But A1 also has to go back: Magenta is passing by on long-distance trains this year.

Discussions without a break: In the A1 network, the NET CHECK testers were almost always able to make calls and WhatsApp calls smoothly. CHIP

Calling without problems

When phoning this year we are not only evaluating classic calls, but also WhatsApp calls. From the network operator's point of view, WhatsApp calls are normal data traffic over the Internet, while telephone calls are assigned a higher quality of service level and are therefore generally given preferential treatment.

At this point, the differences between Austria and Germany can be shown as examples. In Germany, compared to telephone calls, we have a high value for faulty and failed WhatsApp calls. In Austria, the data networks are so reliable that the error rate for WhatsApp calls is only marginally worse than that for telephone calls.

The A1 network ran 99, 14 percent of WhatsApp calls without errors. On the phone calls it was 99, 46 Percent. Magenta is hardly worse. Three has reached more problems and only 97 17 percent for WhatsApp and 98, 14 percent for calls. But at least with WhatsApp you are even just above the German level.

While A1 makes calls and calls a bit more reliably, Magenta connects the participants faster. The distance is greater for phone calls than for WhatsApp calls. Ultimately, Magenta gets a small lead in this discipline, so A1 does not win the telephony sub-rating, but loses out to the competitor Magenta.

In the country particularly quickly

As in the previous year, the measured values ​​of the downloads in the A1 network are impressive. This applies particularly to the motorways and country roads, on which they ran even faster than in the cities. This is quite unusual compared to Germany, where we still see a strong urban-rural divide.

In the country we have a download cut of for A1 Mbit / s measured. In the cities, the network still reaches 87 Mbit / s. A1 is ahead of magenta in both scenarios, but the lead is shrinking in cities. If you only take measurements at the city's focal points such as airports, train stations, shopping centers and central locations, then A1 with an average of 75, 8 Mbit / s even overtaken by magenta, the 83, 4 Mbit / s reached. It seems that the high load at these focal points is pushing the A1 network to its limits. On the other hand, the values ​​are so high that most customers do not notice the differences in everyday surfing.

City fast – Country very fast: A1 has the fastest downloads. Remarkable: Not in the cities but in the country. CHIP

Best service for applications

In addition to the measurements for data transfer, we also examine how well the networks perform in typical application scenarios. Traditionally, accessing an HD live stream from YouTube has proven to be a difficult hurdle. Compared to Germany, Austrian customers have to wait a little longer for the stream, which is less due to the networks themselves than to the unfavorable location of the YouTube server, from which the material is retrieved.

But the networks of A1 and Magenta make extremely few mistakes when playing: This year we are evaluating for the first time how high the proportion of streams is during which Playing time at least 15 percent errors become visible. An error is when the image freezes, frames are lost or only a black image is displayed.

A1 comes to an extremely low quota of only 0, 24 percent before magenta with 0.6 percent. Three does not make a very good impression and comes to 1, 69 percent, but is still better than the German networks, among which the German Telekom with 1, 98 percent produced the fewest errors. Overall, A1 weakens only once in the application scenarios: when uploading a 1 MB photo to Facebook. It took a little longer on the highways and country roads than in the networks of the competition.

The results of A1 in detail:

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