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TV with 55 inch screen diagonals are popular: They offer excellent quality, lots of screen space, are not huge and are inexpensive for many buyers attractive. In our test we compare numerous models and tell you which TVs in 55 inches best and which features are important.

55 – inch TV in the test 2020: Our recommendations

What was considered huge a few years ago is now standard: TV with 55 Inch screen size (140 cm) are no longer uncommon in domestic living rooms. The devices offer top quality in the test, they are large but not bulky, and the prices for many models are still limited. Manufacturing improvements contribute to the triumphal march of this class: Modern TVs hardly have any display edges, which means that the dimensions of the device are acceptable for many buyers. Certainly, we have simply got used to large TV sets.

In addition to larger formats, all top models are usually also available in 55 Inch. We mainly test 55 – inch TVs, but expect that the performance of modern TVs is largely independent of their screen size, because the manufacturers – at least in the premium area – very much use similar panels. In this respect, we also recommend you here 55 – inch devices that we tested in a larger version. According to our recommendations, we tell you which features of a 55 – may expect customs TV.

55 – inch TV- Recommendations in the test (selection, as of February 2020 )

Best TV Cheaper top alternative Top LCD TV Price-Tip


Panasonic GZW 2004


Samsung Q 90 R

LG SM 82007 LA

panel type





Price (approx.)

. 2 800 Euro

1.350 Euro

1.700 Euro

650 Euro


1.2 (very good)

1.3 (very good)

1.4 (very good)

2.2 (good)

Best price Best price Best price Best price

Test in 65 Inch

Best TV: Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004

  • TX-55GZW2004

    Source: offer

    Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004

    The Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 is an OLED TV with top picture quality. The TV is bright, is excellently calibrated, and has a fantastic color display.

Outstanding image quality
Perfect ergonomics
Rich sound with sound bar
High selling price
Something limited Smart TV OS
Average energy efficiency

The Pan asonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 impressed in Test with a great picture quality. The bottom line is that it is the best TV in the test – but at a great price, since Panasonic uses a specially adapted OLED panel. It shines brightly, is excellently calibrated, has a fantastic color display and very rich contrasts. In our subjective tests, in which we assess the display of Full HD Blu-rays and UHD-HDR films, he scored very strongly to excellent in all test sequences. At best, the detail display in very dark scenes is in need of minimal improvement: in some cases, dark gray gradations in the typical OLED black disappear. For this is the Panasonic GZW 2004 excellently equipped and still offers a decent sound quality thanks to Dolby Upfiring speaker for Dolby Atmos.

Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 in review

Panasonic TX – 55 TMI 2004 in the test

Top TV at a great price: LG C9

  • OLED55C97LA

    Source: Offer from

    LG OLED 55 C9LA

    The LG C9 scores with an equally fantastic picture quality. The equipment is great, the sound okay.

Nice pic
Chic design
HDMI 2.1
Large-area white could be lighter
Slight loss of detail in dark scenes

In terms of image quality, it is only slightly poorer, but it is much cheaper to have LG's OLED TV C9 . OLED-typical are contrast display and black value class, we also find the top brightness and color display excellent – but we do not see the LG TV quite at the level of the Panasonic GZW 2004. The LG C9 also swallowed up some details in dark scenes in the test, but the bottom line is still an impressive picture. It pleases with solid sound quality and excellent equipment. The price is also fully in order.

LG OLED 55 C9LA in the test

Strong LCD TV: Samsung GQ 55 Q 90 R

  • GQ55Q90RGT

    Que lle: Offer from

    Samsung GQ 55 Q 90 R

    The Samsung Q 90 R is a top-class LCD TV. It shines extremely brightly and has an excellent anti-reflection coating, which means that it ensures uncluttered viewing pleasure even in bright daylight.

Excellent image quality
Strong equipment
Comfortable operation
No Dolby Vision
Native contrast could be a little better

Anyone with a TV LCD technology searches, receives with the Samsung Q 90 R an excellent TV. It shines extremely brightly and hardly reflects even in bright daylight – this ensures clear viewing pleasure. The colors are full and rich, the contrast is good – here, however, it is easy to overlook compared to OLED devices in darkened rooms. It darkens black film bars and larger areas excellently, but the contrast in small details could be a bit better. The viewing angle stability is even decent for an LCD TV. The sound quality is solid, the equipment hardly gives any reason for criticism – some users might miss DTS. We had the 65 – inch version in the test, but also expect a very strong performance from the smaller model. However, this has fewer dimming zones.

Samsung Q 90 R 4K QLED TV in review

Samsung GQ 65 Q 90 R in the test

Price tip: LG 55 SM 82007 LA

  • SM82007LA

    Source: Offered by BestChe

    LG 55 SM 82007 LA

    The LG SM 82007 LA offers a lot of picture area with good picture quality for Money. You may not expect an HDR experience, but the performance is strong for the price.

Strong price-performance ratio
Good picture
Very good energy efficiency
Equipment and sound could be better
Limited HDR Pleasure

If you are looking for a cheap device that offers a lot of picture space for the money with good quality, then we recommend you the LG SM 82007 LA . Apart from the only satisfactory sound quality, the SM 82007 in all categories with at least good performance. You may not expect any miracles, but the display is rock solid, especially for classic TV and Blu-ray shows. Due to the mediocre contrast and the not too high peak brightness, HDR films lack pizzazz. Price-conscious buyers are still well served here. In the test was the 65 – inch version – but the smaller model should perform similarly.

LG 65 SM 82007 LA in the test

55 – Inch TV: Ideal for many living rooms

55 – Inch TVs are in no way inferior to their bigger siblings: they are allowed here expect the same features and the same image quality. The devices have a screen diagonal of 1.4 meters, so they offer a lot of screen space, but can still be easily accommodated in many living rooms. As a rule, we measure the 55 – inch TVs round 123 x 71 to 123 x 79 centimeters in width and height – depending on whether there is still an integrated soundbar or not. Your weight is 20 to 30 kilograms, wall mounting according to VESA bracket is easily possible. Here, however, you should pay attention to the appropriate spacing of the holes in individual cases, there are differences.

In terms of resolution, 4K or Ultra HD with 3. 840 x 2. 160 Pixel the measure of things. A lower resolution is no longer to be found in this size, but more does not pay off. You will see the difference to an 8K screen on 55 – Do not notice inch size with normal seat spacing. You can choose between OLED TVs and LCD TVs and many devices support HDR for higher brightness, better contrast and stronger colors.

OLED vs. QLED-TV: Which television technology to buy?

OLED TV test: The best OLED TVs

Image quality: a question of price

The main distinguishing feature between the models is the image quality. Premium TVs show off their skills here and shine with impressive color painting – especially if you play an HDR film via Blu-ray or video streaming service. If you want to spend less, you have to cut back here. In the middle class and mostly also in the entry-level class, the devices are still good enough to have a lot of fun on normal Full HD Blu-rays and standard TV. Compared to top models, there is less maximum brightness, a poorer black value and slightly paler colors.

LG C9 against Samsung Q 90 R in the top duel

Equipment: You can count on that

A smart TV system is now commonplace, in our opinion it can be used with all common systems – Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. are almost always on board here; some of them are only missing from the very affordable entry-level devices. There are also not too big differences in the equipment: All 55 – Inch TVs have at least the bare essentials on board. If you are watching a certain program and want to record another at the same time, you should look for a double tuner and USB recording function (PVR).

The ten best TVs with 55 inch screen size that we had in the test can be found in the following current list.

TV in the test

Panasonic TX-55GZW2004 BestCheck offer

  • Sound quality (1.4)
  • Image quality (1.0)
  • Facilities (1.1)
  • Energy efficiency (2.8)

LG OLED 55C97LA Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.9)
  • Image quality (1.3)
  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Energy efficiency (2.3)

Sony KD-55AG9 BestCheck offer

  • Sound quality (1.3)
  • Image quality (1.3)
  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Energy efficiency (2.3)

Sony KD-55AF9 Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1,1)
  • Image quality (1.3)
  • Facilities (1.4)
  • Energy efficiency (2.6)

Philips 55OLED934 Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1,2)
  • Image quality (1.4)
  • Facilities (1.1)
  • Energy efficiency (3.1)

Panasonic TX-55GZW954 BestCheck offer

  • Sound quality (1.5)
  • Image quality (1.4)
  • Facilities (1.8)
  • Energy efficiency (2.2)

LG OLED 55E8L Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.4)
  • Image quality (1.5)
  • Facilities (1.4)
  • Energy efficiency (2.4)

Panasonic TX-55FZW954 Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.4)
  • Image quality (1.6)
  • Facilities (1.4)
  • Energy efficiency (2.2)

Samsung GQ55Q9FN Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.4)
  • Image quality (1.6)
  • Facilities (1.5)
  • Energy efficiency (2.6)

Philips 55OLED804 Offer from BestCheck

  • Sound quality (1.7)
  • Image quality (1.7)
  • Facilities (1.1)
  • Energy efficiency (3.2)

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