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The best 2-in-1 tablet for the money

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Das müssen gute und günstige 2-in-1-Tablets können

Good 2-in-1 notebooks are now available at reasonable prices, on the other hand there are also expensive premium models with a lot of performance. We present our current price-performance tip as well as the test winner and an alternative in detail here. Then we give you important tips in the form of our purchase advice. In the video you can see what you should also pay attention to when buying.

Tablets and notebooks offer very different advantages and therefore differ fundamentally. While tablets rely on a large touch display and high mobility, notebooks are particularly suitable for more complex tasks and office applications thanks to the physical keyboard and an operating system designed for mouse control. The aim of the 2-in-1 tablets / notebooks is to combine the advantages of the two systems in one product. So-called convertibles are visually similar to a classic notebook, but the keyboard can be removed or turned over. The touch display can be held and operated in a similar way to a tablet. Such devices combine the mobility and usability of a tablet with the range of functions and physical input via the keyboard of a notebook.

When buying, you should still pay attention to differences between the models. In addition to a comfortable architecture, the actual performance, the quality of the display and the workmanship are also decisive for the devices. Our price-performance tip shows that you don't have to pay huge sums for a neat all-round package, while our leader on the leaderboard does not compromise. We present both in more detail below.

2-in-1 models compared

Price Tip test winner Alternative

Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX – 00003)

Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6 LTE

Price (approx.)

320 Euro

1.400 Euro

700 Euro

Overall Rating

Good (2.2)

Very good (1.5)

Good (1.8)

Power (25%)

satisfactory (2.9)

Very good (1.3)

Good (2.1)

Mobility (25%)

Very good (1.1)

Good (1.6)

Good (1.6)

Furnishing (25%)

Satisfactory (3.3)

Good (1.7)

Good (2.0)

Display (25%)

Good (1.6)

Very good (1.4)

Very Good (1.5)

display diagonal

10,1 inch

12, 3 inches

10, 6 inches

Display resolution

1.280 x 800 pixels

2. 736 x 1. 824 Pixel

1.920 x 1. 280 Pixel

Price estimate

Attractively priced



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Price-performance tip: Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM

Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM

  • IdeaPad D330-10IGM (81MD0032GE)

    Source: BestCheck

    Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM

    With the best price-performance ratio, the IdeaPad offers for its low price a satisfactory technology, which shines especially with a long battery life.

Very good battery life
Excellent price-performance ratio
Bright display with sRGB cover
Display even in bright surroundings easy to read
Housing too thick
Just 64 Gigabyte storage

Already for around 350 Euro you get with the Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM a 2-in-1 notebook, which can convince especially in terms of mobility and with a good display. The latter offers on a diagonal of 10, 1 inch a resolution of 1. 280 x 800 Pixels with a pixel density of 149 ppi and did well in the test: We measured a value of 389 cd / m² and the checkerboard contrast, the notebook beats with 127: 1 mediocre. Especially higher price ranges can of course offer more here for 350 Euro the display is fine.

Also very important and with our price tip above average mobility is, which is mainly due to the strong battery life of the test device. With continuous video playback, the IdeaPad brings it up to 13 hours, while when using the internet still 11 Hours were possible. Thanks to its high endurance, it is definitely suitable for longer trips. With a weight of 600) grams, the notebook is not too big a burden in the luggage.

Somewhat borderline, but still in a satisfactory range, are the performance and features of the savings model. Inside the Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM works an Intel Celeron N 4000 with two cores and a basic clock frequency of 1. 10 GHz, a four GB RAM and the rather tight 64 GByte large Flash memory. While in PCMark 8 (Work) there are still 3. 192 points are in it, the device brings it to 3DMark (IceStorm Unlimited) to a total of 27. 132 Points. In the 3D game “League of Legends” there are at least around 23 fps in there. In terms of performance, users have to live with restrictions. In relation to the price, the notebook-tablet hybrid can also be seen in this respect.

Shop recommendation for Lenovo IdeaPad D 330 – 10 IGM (81 MD 0032 GE)

Lenovo IdeaPad D330-10IGM (81MD0032GE)

offer from | Prices incl.VAT plus shipping

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Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM: Long power cable with USB-C connection Picture: CHIP

To test the Lenovo Ideapad D 330 – 10 IGM

Test winner: Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX – 00003)

Microsoft Surfa ce Pro 7 (VNX – 00003)

  • Surface Pro 7 (VNX-00003)

    Source: BestCheck

    Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX – 00003)

    Significantly more expensive, but with a strong equipment, the Surface Pro 7 currently ranks first on our leaderboard. If you are willing to invest more and need more power, this is the right place.

Bright display
Great Performance
Good equipment with USB-C
No Thunderbolt 3
Without keyboard Unit
Shorter battery life than the predecessor

Our test winner, on the other hand, is significantly more expensive, but it does have a strong display a very good performance and good equipment. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has a 12, 3 inch display with a particularly high Resolution of 2. 736 x 1. 824 Pixels – the resulting pixel density is 267 ppi. However, since the display has an aspect ratio of 3: 2, you have to play movies in the classic 16: 9 or the 21: 9-cinema format with thick calculate black bars. With a brightness of 422 cd / m² receives the display The bottom line is a very good rating, the checkerboard contrast of 101: 1 is rather weak.

Equipped with a quad-core Intel Core i7 – 1065 G7, 16 GByte RAM and one 256 GByte large SSD, the Surface Pro 7 is very powerful. In the benchmark, PCMark 8 Work Test 4. 113 points and in 3DMark IceStorm Unlimited even a total 111. 400 Points. The performance of 3D games is also okay; in “League of Legends” we measure on average 41 fps. Models such as the Surface Book 2 bring it here to better values, over 1. 00 0 euro higher price However, the upgrade is only justified to a limited extent.

The battery life is also impressive. With continuous video playback without a keyboard, our test winner gets a good 08: 36 hours; there are still seven hours left when using the Internet. The keyboard unit is not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately. Depending on the variant, you must at least 100 put euro on the table.

Shop recommendation for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX – 00003)

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX-00003)

Offer from | Prices incl.VAT plus shipping

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The display of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is bright but somewhat poor in contrast. Picture: Daniel Nguyen / CHIP

To test the Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Alternative: Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6 LTE

The Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6 LTE

  • Galaxy Book 10.6 SM-W627 2in1 Touch Notebook LTE (SM-W627NZKBDBT)

    Source: BestCheck

    Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6 LTE

    The middle way between the two models offers for a fair price a clearly more mature technology than the IdeaPad and convinces with LTE and a long-lasting battery.

Vo judgments
LTE (4G) on board
Great battery life
Price-performance ratio
Highly reflective display
Just 64 GByte storage space

Who is neither willing to go over 1. 500 To spend euros for a 2-in-1 notebook, still want to make excessive compromises for a cheap price, should Galaxy Book 10 .6 get a good alternative. For around 700 Euro you get a tablet-notebook hybrid here, which in the test is particularly good because of its good equipment as well as the strong display for the price range attracted attention.

His 10, 6 inch display with a resolution of 1. 920 x 1. 280 Pixel offers a pixel density of 218 ppi, a 3: 2 aspect ratio and one Brightness of 369 cd / m². However, the latter is a bit too low, especially for a glossy display, which can be annoying when used outdoors. In our checkerboard contrast measurement, the Galaxy Book also achieved a good value of 120:1. The bottom line is that it offers the best display in its price range. The same applies to the performance: With its Intel Core m3-7Y 30 CPU with two cores and a clock frequency of up to 2, 60 GHz and the four GB of RAM, the Galaxy Book is well suited for everyday office work. The benchmark scores 3. 757 points in PCMark 8 as well as a total of 51. 805 points in 3DMark IceStorm Unlimited. “League of Legends” runs here on average with still acceptable 26 fps.

The LTE mobile phone is particularly noticeable in terms of the equipment, but NFC and the keyboard unit included should also be noticed don't go unmentioned. The integrated battery can also convince with good runtimes in the test. With continuous video playback, the device lasts for almost eight hours in tablet mode. The charging time goes with 02: 47 hours still ok.

Shop recommendation for Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6 SM-W 627 2in1 Touch Notebook LTE (SM-W 627 NZKBDBT)

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 SM-W627 2in1 Touch Notebook LTE (SM-W627NZKBDBT)

Offer from | Prices incl.VAT plus shipping

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The display of the Galaxy Book reveals its weaknesses 10. 6 only on sunny days. Picture: CHIP

To test the Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6 LTE

Buying advice: 2-in-1 tablets

If you are buying another 2-in-1 tablets or notebooks, you should consider some aspects when looking for the right model. One of the most important is the implementation of the 2-in-1 concept. With hybrid devices, you have to differentiate between tablets with a Bluetooth keyboard (such as the iPad Pro) and true convertibles that come closest to the design of a notebook. You should also pay attention to good workmanship. If the change between notebook and tablet use is unnecessarily difficult or complicated, it can certainly spoil the fun factor.

Another basic question when choosing a 2-in-1 device is, of course, your own requirements. While film enthusiasts who want to stream Netflix and Amazon in high quality, especially in tablet mode, should attach particular importance to a handsome display, performance and multitasking should play a major role for office users. For diagonals, larger values ​​of are recommended for notebook use. to 15 inches while working for the priority tablet use may also be smaller in favor of mobility. The resolutions vary enormously. Particularly inexpensive models do not even offer Full HD resolution, but higher resolutions often result in a higher price. Especially with larger diagonals, you should not save on the resolution. Texts and office applications can otherwise be annoyingly out of focus.

However, equipment and performance are a major cost factor for 2-in-1 devices. As the devices usually Without a dedicated graphics card, gamers should prefer to use traditional (gaming) notebooks anyway – the convertibles are primarily designed for use as work tools for work and university. The processor in particular plays an important role here, but the RAM should also not be neglected. This ultimately determines how well multitasking is possible with several open programs. While 4 GB is normally sufficient, 8 GB are still an advantage when working.

You should also note when purchasing whether the keyboard unit, if it is removable, is included in the scope of delivery. For the Surface devices, for example, manufacturer Microsoft with the 6th generation decided to only offer the keyboards separately under the name “Type Cover”. These can also cost a lot – the type cover finally costs on average between 50 and 150 Euro. Even though most models come with a keyboard included, you should pay attention to this small but possibly crucial detail before buying.

Below are ten 2-in 1 notebooks from our test with the best price-performance rating.

Our leaderboard

2-in-1 tablets according to price-performance

Lenovo Ideapad D330-10IGM (81MD0006GE) BestCheck offer

  • Performance (2.9)
  • Mobility (1.1)
  • Facilities (3.3)
  • Display (1.6)

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 LTE (SM-W627NZKB) Offer from BestCheck

  • Performance (2.1)
  • Mobility (1.6)
  • Facilities (2.0)
  • Display (1.5)

TrekStor Primetab T13B 64GB grau (99403) BestCheck offer

Overall grade



  • Performance (3.6)
  • Mobility (2.8)
  • Facilities (2.5)
  • Display (2.2)

Lenovo Tablet 10 (20L3000RGE) Offer from BestCheck

  • Performance (3.0)
  • Mobility (1.9)
  • Facilities (2.8)
  • Display (2.5)

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (KJU-00003) BestCheck offer

  • Performance (1.8)
  • Mobility (1.4)
  • Facilities (2.2)
  • Display (1,1)


Asus Transformer Mini T 103 HAF (90 NB0FT2-M 02600)

Asus Transformer Mini T103HAF (90NB0FT2-M02600) Offer from BestCheck

Overall grade



  • Performance (5.0)
  • Mobility (1.0)
  • Facilities (3.5)
  • Display (1.7)

Acer Switch 3 SW312-31-C8ZK (NT.LDREG.004) Offer from BestCheck

  • Performance (3.6)
  • Mobility (2.4)
  • Equipment (2.4)
  • Display (1.5)


HP x2 210 G2 (2TS 74 EA # ABD)

HP x2 210 G2 (2TS74EA#ABD) Offer from BestCheck

Overall grade



  • Performance (5.2)
  • Mobility (1.3)
  • Facilities (3.4)
  • Display (2.0)

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX-00003) Offer from BestCheck

  • Performance (1.3)
  • Mobility (1.6)
  • Facilities (1.7)
  • Display (1.4)

Microsoft Surface Pro (FKH-00003) Offer from BestCheck

  • Performance (1.3)
  • Mobility (2.2)
  • Facilities (1.6)
  • Display (1.0)

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What is a 2-in-1 tablet or notebook?

A 2-in-1 tablet or notebook is a hybrid of said devices. It can be used as a tablet on the touch display or as a notebook using the connected keyboard. A PC operating system like Windows is particularly advantageous for the latter use.

What does a 2-in-1 device cost?

Depending on the equipment, the price of the devices vary widely. So there are models for around 250 Euros like the Lenovo Chromebook, much higher quality versions like the Surfaces from Microsoft, on the other hand, beat for over 3. 00 0 euros to book. Here it depends entirely on your demands on the equipment of the desired device.

Which is currently the best 2-in-1 device?

The current leader of our corresponding leaderboard is that Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with i7 processor, 16 GByte RAM and one 256 GByte large SSD. The high-resolution display and the good battery life also gave him the top position. Read more about the device above or in the detailed test.

Does Apple also produce convertibles?

At the moment, Apple has not yet launched such a convertible on the market and also none announced. The closest thing to the 2-in-1 concept is the iPad Pro, which can also be used like a notebook using a Bluetooth keyboard. However, since the iPad relies on iPadOS instead of macOS or Windows, this construction is to be understood as a nice extension rather than a full convertible with a notebook variant.

What are the advantages of a 2-in-1 / convertible?

Basically, convertibles combine the best features of tablets and notebooks. Due to their often low weight, the touchscreen and the foldable keyboard, they offer a high degree of mobility, as do tablets, and are particularly suitable for use on the go. As notebooks, on the other hand, they are more suitable for longer use, for example at work and with office programs. The keyboards also make typing much easier in the long run.

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