17-hour runtime: The new HP Specter x360 15 is designed to show endurance

17 Stunden Laufzeit: Das neue HP Spectre x360 15 soll Ausdauer zeigen

The new HP Specter x 360 15. (Photo: HP)

The new edition of the premium notebook HP Specter x 360 15 comes with a shrunk display edge and shrunk display energy consumption.

And again HP updates its premium model Specter x 360 With 15, 6-inch screen. The manufacturer shows at the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) in Las Vegas, USA the new version, which is particularly characterized by its more compact dimensions and a more energy-efficient display.

Compact device, better display ratio

Due to the further reduced frame area around the display, HP was able to round 13 Save percent on the floor space. The screen-to-body ratio thus improves from 80 round 90 percent. In order to accommodate a webcam in the upper part of the border, HP decided to use the x 360 With 13 – inch display to use.

A very remarkable runtime of up to 17 hours should also be achieved by using a 4K screen, which with a power consumption of two watts works significantly more energy-efficiently than previous IPS or OLED displays. Alternatively, customers can opt for a particularly colorful 4K screen with OLED technology, which is less energy-efficient but works with full coverage of the DCI-P3 color space.

Der neue HP Spectre x360 15. (Foto: HP)

The new HP Specter x 360 15. (Photo: HP)

Strong processors, otherwise unclear specs

The Specter x is driven 360 15 of the current model year 2020 of Intel processors tenth generation up to the Core i7 – 10710 U. At the side is the processor GPU of the brand Nvidia, whose specifications are still unknown. In terms of RAM, the x 360 15 on DDR4 -RAM with 2. 666 megahertz. NVMe SSDs in M.2 format are used as storage media.

The webcam can be used to log in via Windows Hello. There is a mechanical switch to de-energize the camera. A new function key should also deactivate the microphone. This does not offer a physical shutdown.

The battery configuration of the device is unclear. What is clear, on the other hand, is that there will be a rapid charge function that will fully charge the battery to be specified in half in thirty minutes.

Prices and availability

From March the HP Specter x 360 15 available in the United States. Prices start at 1. 600 US Dollar. Apparently, the notebooks are equipped with an Nvidia GPU, which has yet to be introduced, which is why there are no concrete technical data on the equipment details and model variants.


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