We finally know when the first ‘Avengers 4' trailer will premiere

A series of fresh reports say that the first Avengers 4
trailer, the one we didn't get to see last Wednesday
or on Black Friday a week before that, is finally about to be released. And one of these new reports says the first trailer will be shown on Wednesday morning, just two days after Marvel releases a brand new Captain Marvel
trailer later today.
A few days ago, MCU Cosmic
said that the Avengers 4
trailer would not drop on Friday or during the weekend, but Jeremy Conrad hinted that the trailer's arrival was very close and that he was aware of the launch date:
I know everyone wants to know the exact date, but this time I won't spoil the surprise. I will play nice and not anger the powers that be like I have in the past with previous trailer drops. That said, you really don't have long to wait at this point. Patience is soon to be rewarded in ways you don't expect.
A few days later, the same site
told us that Jeremy Renner appeared at Tokyo Comic-Con over the weekend, where the actor teased that while he didn't have a bow right now, he does have it in Avengers 4
and we'll 'be seeing some of it actually in a few days:'
東京コミコン、ジェレミー・レナー『今日は弓を持ってきていないんだ。アベンジャーズ4では見られるはずだよ。何が起こるかは言えなけどね。数日のうちには見られるはずだ」は、え?!ええええええ?!もしやマジマジのマジで近日中にアベンジャーズ4予告くる?!?! pic.twitter.com/XMN3KIasDz
— ZEN次郎@JW2円盤待機 (@zenjiro2) December 2, 2018
Then SuperBroMovies
that Marvel has plans to release a new Captain Marvel
on Monday, followed by the very first Avengers 4
trailer on Wednesday morning. Since then, we actually saw a TV spot confirming that the new Captain Marvel
trailer is on the way, though there's nothing similar to confirm the arrival of the first Avengers 4
Ok now that it's out I CAN tweet about it…
Avengers 4 trailer on Wednesday morning. We're so close. Just a little longer.
— Daniel R (@DanielRPK) December 3, 2018
But it does look like Asad Ayaz, marketing chief for Disney and Marvel, thinks there might be something to these rumors:
Hmmmm… pic.twitter.com/95vDsiaNmr
— Daniel R (@DanielRPK) December 3, 2018
Ayaz also confirmed the new Captain Marvel
trailer on Twitter:
Our Captain arrives in our brand new poster. Watch @brielarson
as #CaptainMarvel
– all new trailer in @espn
's #MondayNightFootball
tomorrow pic.twitter.com/W1pPvvC4jB
— Asad Ayaz (@asadayaz) December 3, 2018

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