UEFA president pledges to crack down on clubs abusing the loan system

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin is determined to crack down on clubs who abuse the loan system by hoarding players.
Ceferin claimed one European club had 186 players under contract but as many as 130 of them out on loan.
have been criticised in the past for the number of players they have farmed out.
But the Blues are far from alone and 40-odd they sent out last season is blown out of the water by Atlanta's 76, a similar number to Parma a few seasons ago.
Juventus also had more than Chelsea with 47 enjoying temporary stints away from the Italian champions.
During a talk at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, Ceferin said: 'We have clubs in Europe that have 150-200 players under contract. What does it mean? If you are richer than the others, you buy all the good players, and they don't play.
'You don't use them. You just weaken the others. There we can limit the squads but there we need the leagues who are shouting about the reform every day. We have to stand together and solve those things.
'We should think or rethink about allowing or limiting or forbidding the loans. We have a club with 186 players under contract - and 130 on loan.
'I can understand when you loan a player that is 19 years old that cannot be at that level yet. but they put players of 30 or 35 years on loan. This is a problem. This is all trying to lower the gap.'

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