These Škoda ads made using toy cars are good old-fashioned fun

The car and toy industries have always complemented each other.
Hot Wheels
, one of the most successful toys of all time.
And LEGO, of course, which not only offers small models of popular cars like this
1967 Ford Mustang
, but often also full-scale replicas like the recent
LEGO Bugatti Chiron
that showed at the Toronto Auto Show.
Now, Škoda, the Volkswagen
-owned Czech Republic automaker, is furthering the symbiotic relationship that exists between the two by photographing toy cars and using them in ads for their actual human-size vehicles.
The man paid to be behind the camera is Hungarian photographer Benedek Lampert, who specializes in creating lifelike scenes by shooting miniature models—
his portfolio
is pure fun and definitely worth checking out.
'It sounded interesting, so I accepted,' Lampert told PetaPixel
For the Škoda campaign, Lampert wanted to create as much of the scene physically, painstakingly adding in visuals like smoke, dirt, skid marks and even blurred movement by hand before and during the shoot.
He would sometimes spend up to 12 hours to set the scene, rather than adding effects post-shoot with Photoshop. One shot, says Lampert, took a full 10 days to devise, build, shoot and edit.
Check out our gallery of images from the artist's Facebook, accompanied by some behind-the-scenes pics showing how he created the effects.

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