Royal gamekeeper 'battered driver' with stick and called him a peasant

A royal gamekeeper reportedly attacked a British driver with a walking sticking while calling him a 'f****** peasant', close to where Prince Philip was involved in a car crash.
Patrick Panks, 43, claimed to have been left with blood trailing from his skull after being struck several times on Saturday, near the Queen's Sandringham Estate.
The incident happened just two days after Prince Philip rolled his Land Rover while driving near the estate.
Mr Panks said the man, who was wearing a tweed suit and had six dogs with him in the middle of the road, hit the front of his car with his stick as he turned a corner in Dersingham, eastern England.
Mr Panks told The Sun
when he wound down his window to talk with the man, he was met with a tirade of abusive language.
 'Before I could say anything he shouted ‘Mind my dogs you f----- peasant'.
'I couldn't believe it. 'I was so furious I leapt out and shouted ‘I'm no f----- peasant. Who are you calling a peasant?'
Mr Panks claimed the alleged attacker was holding dead pheasant game birds and accused him of nearly running his dogs over.
The alleged attacker was a gamekeeper at the royal estate.
After the motorist turned back to his car, he felt a 'heavy thud' on the back of his head.
'I turned round and he'd broken his stick on the side of my head. I could feel the blood trickling down my neck,' Mr Panks said.
'But he just kept hitting me with the remainder of his stick like a man possessed.'
Mr Panks said he sustained a large gash to his head and sought hospital treatment.
He also said he reported the episode to Norfolk Police which is currently investigating the collision involving the Duke of Edinburgh's Land Rover and a car that contained two women and a baby.

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