Rescuers rush to rescue 'dog' stuck on roof – but it's a cuddly toy

Rescuers rushed to the aid of a dog stuck on a church roof – only to find it was a 4ft cuddly toy.
Callers who had reported seeing a 'stranded Great Dane' feared it was dying because it wasn't moving.
Intrepid RSPCA inspector Nigel Duguid used a ladder to clamber up to the flat roof of the Elim Pentecostal Church in Port Talbot, South Wales.
He said: 'I had been preparing myself for what could have been an extremely distressing and difficult job, and then I realised that it wasn't a dog at all. I must admit it was such a relief.
'We get calls to all sorts of things. But in my 37 years as an RSPCA inspector I have never been called to rescue a cuddly toy before.'

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