New species of flying dinosaur found in Mongolian desert

A new species of bird-like dinosaurs with a distinctive crushing jaw has been discovered in Mongolia.
Scientists found an incomplete skeleton of an oviraptorosaur in the Nemegt geological formation in the Gobi desert.
The ancient creature came from a group of feathered bird-like dinosaurs distantly related to the door-opening raptor species featured in the Jurassic Park films.
Its remains were found by an international team of palaeontologists from Seoul National University, the University of Cape Town, China's Institute of Geology and Mongolia's Institute of Paleontology and Geology.
The new species, known as Gobiraptor minutus, is thought to have lived about 70 million years ago and is distinguished by its thickened jaws.
This has led scientists to suggest it crushed its food and probably ate eggs or hard-shell mollusks.
They also believe the Gobiraptor was well suited to wet environment since the Nemegt Formation consists largely of river and lake deposits.
Its discovery was initially reported in the journal PLOS ONE.

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