London knife killings warning

Australians travelling to London are being urged to be vigilant amid a wave of fatal knife attacks in the city.
Hundreds of extra police are being deployed in the British capital to combat the stabbings after five people were killed in six days.
In the most recent attack on Monday, a boy, 16, was found stabbed to death in south London. The Metropolitan Police has launched a murder investigation.
The suspected murder would bring the number of homicides in London to 119 this year – a 12 percent rise compared with the previous 12 months.
Australian travel safety expert Phil Sylvester said visitors to London should be aware of the trend.
'Instances of violent crime are at a seven-year high.
'You should be aware of this trend, but not overly concerned because tourists are not being targeted,'
Mr Sylvester, of Travel Insurance Direct, pointed to research highlighting the majority of the 250 stabbing victims in the UK in 2017 were men aged under 21 who were stabbed by males of the same age group.
'Be aware that if you find yourself in an argument with a young person, encounter someone who is affected by drugs, they very well may have a knife and could use it,' he said.
'If you have a feeling you have strolled into a ‘dodgy' area trust your instincts and remove yourself.'
As many as 35,000 Australians could be in London next month, taking last year's numbers as a guide.
On Monday a 16-year-old boy died in the fifth suspected fatal stabbing in south London since last Wednesday.
Last Wednesday, 'adored' father Rocky Djelal, 38, was fatally stabbed in broad daylight in Southwark Park.
The following day, 15-year-old Jay Hughes was killed in Bellingham by a stab wound to the heart.
Malcolm Mide-Madariola, 17, was fatally knifed last Friday outside Clapham South Tube station.
On Sunday, a man believed to be aged 22, was stabbed to death in Anerley.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it could take up to 10 years to make a significant dent in knife crime levels.
Other reports suggest a surge in cocaine use is to blame.
A Home Office report leaked to the Sunday Times, found a 42 per cent increase in positive tests for cocaine and a 28 per cent increase in drug injectors using crack cocaine, and 10 per cent rise in violent crime in 2018.

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