Inside Guardiola's Old Trafford speech that guided City to the title

Pep Guardiola
delivered a rallying speech inside the Old Trafford dressing room to help drive his Manchester City
team to the Premier League
title after a vital 2-0 win against their arch-rivals last season.
Billed as the make-or-break match, City headed to United back in April with Liverpool
hot on their tails in the race for the title.
Goals from Bernardo Silva and Leroy Sane earned City a huge victory to take them one step closer to a second successive league triumph.
But with Burnley up next, Guardiola urged his players to ready themselves for what he anticipated would be an unpleasant afternoon.
In previously unseen footage, the City TV mini-series 'Fight 'til the end' - which documents the final 30 days of last season - has revealed what Guardiola told his players after their victory against United. 
'We have one problem guys, we have one problem,' Guardiola says in the dressing room.
'We make an incredible victory, now people are going to talk about how beautiful you are, how handsome you are, how special you are, but you have to go to Burnley – it's a dentists, you know it's going to hurt at the dentists at Burnley, you know that.'
Guardiola's hunch proved to be correct. After a goalless first half, it looked as though City were finally going to be caught out by a banana skin.
My congratulations to everybody, I know it's not easy to come here and for the third time in a row, especially the first half, it was always in the mind what is going to happen, what is going to happen, if we lose, if we lose, if we lose. 
If we lose, we lose, but in the second half you played to win the game guys. For the first action. 
That is a victory for everybody but especially for Leroy, you know how critical I am with him, the way he can forget about it and produce in that, behind the ball and movements in the byline especially without the ball is helping a lot because in the end, in these kind of games guys, 11 players cannot be possible.
We have one problem guys, we have one problem. We make an incredible victory, now people are going to talk about how beautiful you are, how handsome you are, how special you are, but you have to go to Burnley – it's a dentists, you know it's going to hurt at the dentists at Burnley, you know that. 
Tomorrow, good regeneration, take care of yourself guys, because it was in our hands before the derby and now it's still in our hands and I'm not saying after what you have done here we cannot lose the next games – of course we can lose, unexpected. 
Even Liverpool can drop points against Newcastle or the last game against Wolves so it's in our hands. Be calm guys, in the media, in everything. Work harder than ever, we cannot lose it guys. This Sunday now, to have a long week to prepare – two finals. Now we have it here we cannot drop it guys, we cannot drop it.
But Guardiola's men came out all guns blazing for the second half and pounded Burnley into submission with Sergio Aguero's close-range effort sneaking over the line to seal the win.
The City players were reminded by their boss that the finishing line was now in sight after they held on for another vital three points.
'You make an incredible game because I know how tough it was with the sun shining, with disaster conditions in the pitch, everything is slower but in the second half you showed yourself again that you are going to win this Premier League guys. Two more games, OK? Let's go,' Guardiola said in the dressing room.
After Vincent Kompany's rocket sealed another narrow win for City against Leicester, Guardiola's men were left with a trip to Brighton to seal the title.
The TV documentary also revealed the inspirational speech from captain Kompany ahead of their final game of the season at Brighton.
Kompany addressed the players and said: 'David, myself and Kun [Aguero], we are very fortunate – this is the fourth time we've been in this situation. The thing I always say before these games is you are never going to be as good at doing something in your life. When you play this game, you were born to do this, everybody ended up here for a reason: because you were the best in France, or the best in Spain, or somewhere. 
'You ended up in this place for a reason so you can trust yourself – not 100 per cent, but 200 per cent because the selection has already been made. I don't believe for one second they can stop Raheem [Sterling], or Riyad [Mahrez] when he puts balls in the box or Kun when he puts balls in the box. The only scenario I see today is us winning this league, OK? So let's do everything we can to go and win it.'  
Glenn Murray's opener threatened to undo all of City's good work on the last day of the season but they responded quickly with Aguero equalising a minute later.
Aymeric Laporte scored to make it 2-1 before Riyad Mahrez and Ilkay Gundogan netted to put the result beyond doubt and fire City to the title.

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