Hero saves dozens after smashing window with bar stool in California

Dozens of lives were saved during Wednesday night'sCalifornia bar shooting thanks to a hero who smashed a window to help people escape.
As soon as the first round of bullets rang out at the Borderline Bar and Grill, Matt Wennerstrom sprung into action, grabbing a bar stool and throwing it through a window to free people to safety.
'We probably pushed 30 or 35 people through that window,' Wennerstrom, who visits the bar weekly, told KABC.
'All I wanted to do was get as many people out as possible,' he said while wearing a bloodstained t-shirt. 'I know where I'm going when I die, so I wasn't worried to sacrifice myself.'
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'As soon as I heard the shots I knew exactly what was going on,' Wennerstrom said.'I turned and saw a dark figure, and decided to get out of there as soon as I could.'
'All I did was grab as many people as I could and pull them underneath the table until I heard a break in the shots, and then we got people out of there, as much as we could,' he added.
Once he helped get people down the street to safety, Wennerstrom said he and others went back to help anyone remaining.
'We ran back in and we were just pulling stragglers who were still in the parking lot calling people and we were like, 'You need to get out of here right now,' he said.
Asked what made him decide to go back and help others, he added: 'Instinct, that's all that I could do. I had to protect my friends and family, my fellow humans.' 
A reporter then pointed to blood on his sleeve, which he said 'isn't mine' and came from a man with a chest wound who they helped drag over to paramedics. 
'It's all we could do. The only thing I that could have wished for is to have something better than a bar stool,' he said.
A women who was one of the people who went through the window tearfully credited Wennerstrom for saving her as she broke down describing the event.
'That's how we were able to get out,' she said with her face in her hands. 'They broke the window.'  
Ex-Marine Ian Long, 29, has been identified as the gunman who massacred 12 people before turning the gun on himself.  
Long had been cleared by mental health experts after an incident in his home in April, sheriffs revealed on Thursday morning.
He killed 11 people inside the bar and one of the first cops on the scene before taking his own life.
Survivors from the shooting said he looked 'like he knew what he was doing' as he repeatedly fired his legally purchased Glock .45 handgun.
As dozens ran for their lives, hid beneath pool tables and escaped through Wennerstrom's broken window, Long continued firing and also threw smoke grenades to confuse the crowds.
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