'Fraudbae' victim says her ex has no remorse from stealing from her

A woman whose ex-boyfriend stole from her to pay for presents for his other girlfriend has revealed he has continued to taunt her online.
Angel Exford, 29, and Michael Fehsenfeld, 26, were dating for two months before he stopped contacting her.
On a date before the break-up he claimed he had lost his wallet so she gave him her purse to pay for their meal. 
But it soon emerged he had stolen her details and had spent £1,200 on gifts and a holiday to Paris for another woman.
Furious, Miss Exford told the police and they turned up at the airport to arrest him, where he was charged and later convicted of fraud.
The dental hygienist, of south London, was going to forget all about it - until he started taunting her online with 'smug and nasty' comments.
So she exposed him by chronicling his fraudulent activities on Twitter, where she gave him the nickname 'fraudbae' and it soon went viral.
Appearing on This Morning she told of his audacious messages - despite being landed with a criminal record.
Fehsenfeld, who splits his time between London and Milton Keynes, pleaded guilty to fraud at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court on October 22 and was later sentenced to a 26-week sentence suspended for two years, as well as 150 hours of supervised community service.
His victim said: 'When he was convicted me and my friends were like 'okay we won'.
'But then he started posting really nasty things online, especially around his court date.
'He said things like 'you think you caught me red-handed'.
'After his day in court he posted saying 'Enjoy the entertainment.'
'So I thought everyone else needs to know about this - and decided to make it into a funny story.'
Miss Exford, whose #fraudbae hashtag has gone viral with thousands of likes and shares, told hosts Phil and Rochelle that he used her money to buy likes on Instagram.
She added: 'He's quite popular on social media, so I thought if you're going to pay for likes, you obviously care what people think of you, so I'm going to break that.'
ITV presenters Rochelle and Phil branded Fehsenfeld 'shameless', to which Miss Exford replied: 'He's got no remorse.'
She also revealed he has allegedly signed a record contract, capitalising on his notoriety as 'fraudbae'. 
After he avoided jail for his scamming, he uploaded a video of him rapping about what happened, with one line of a song saying: 'I'm seeing all the s*** that's happening, it is what it is. Fraudbae…. Yeah OK.'
He has also been pictured on Instagram signing what he claims to be a record contract. 
Asked what she thinks of her ex-lover now, she said: 'I think he's always wanted to be famous.
'But now everyone knows the truth and that's what matters.
'My trust is a bit broken at the moment, but I'm staying positive.' 
Miss Exford also told of how she created a group chat with her friends, who helped her expose Fehsenfeld.
They were so dedicated to catching him out that two of them went to Gatwick Airport on October 5 to see him arrested by police - because she was working and unable to go herself.
She said: 'Two of my friends decided to go the airport, because I had to work and couldn't go.
'They were there taking pictures, saying 'It's going down!'
'He didn't notice my friends and first but then he turned around and got nervous because he recognised them.'
Asked what he was like as a person she said he lived up to his online persona of being 'flashy' and 'liking branded clothes'.
But she said they met at a party and she wasn't aware of his social media following.
She said: 'He's quite flashy, he likes the flashy life and branded clothes.
'But that's what people do on Instagram - and I like taking pictures on Instagram!
'In real life he was normal. He was really funny, we had a connection, I thought he was confident and I liked that.'   
But she said the break-up was 'salty' and he stopped contacting her after the date when he took her card details. 
Writing on a long Twitter thread, she posted: 'I was a bit hesitant about exposing Michael Fehsenfeld as I didn't want my business out like that and I just couldn't deal with the stress of it. 
'However he really took the p*** out of my life and disrespected me to a whole new level when I was nothing but kind to him.
'Now I'm like f*** this humble, be the better person c***. 
'This is why people feel the need to walk all over me! I'm so over it. I wanna make sure he doesn't do this to anyone else.' 
Mr Fehsenfeld's social media accounts are also at the centre of the scandal, facing an onslaught from angry girls fuming at his actions. 

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